Make grass head with stocking or other materials – simple ideas and instructions

If you not only want to make something interesting with your children, but also encourage your sense of responsibility a little, then a grass head is the right choice. Grass grows on the funny looking head and needs regular maintenance. The children not only have to water it, they also have to cut it every now and then, and they can always come up with new hairstyles. If you make a grass head, you get a fun alternative to the classic houseplant.

Small grass heads in yogurt cups and with loose eyes

Added to this is the fun of crafting itself. And since you can use a wide variety of head shapes and accessories if you want to make grass heads, you can also make several different ones at once and either set them up in groups or give them away. Nowadays you can buy everything you need as a set. However, the individual materials can also be collated separately to create a very individual head. We'll show you how to easily make a grass head with children.

Tinker grass head – Instructions

Make the grass head, put it on a saucepan and cut regularly

  • old tights or socks
  • Compost or potting soil
  • Grass seeds
  • thin elastic bands or string / twine
  • Decorations (e.g. loose eyes, pipe cleaners or felt for the mouth, wire for glasses etc.)
  • Pot, lid or other container on which the head can sit

Very easy grass head instructions – make grass head with earth

Make grass head with stocking, soil and grass seeds

You only need the foot section of the tights. As a precaution, cut off a larger piece. You can always shorten it later. Place the sock you have received on the table with the opening facing up and fill it with a layer of grass seed. Then fill the sock with soil. Make sure that the seeds do not slip. If you are satisfied with the quantity and size, tighten the sock well and tie a knot so that no more earth can fall out.

Tinker the grass head - fill your tights with seeds and soil and shape them with loose eyes

To get a nose, take a piece of soil and socks between your fingers and turn them around a few times. So that the nose does not turn apart again, it is best to tie it with cord or a rubber. You have thus created the basis for grass heads, which you can now design as you like.

Use loose eyes or paint them with an edding. You can use felt or pipe cleaners to make a mouth for the grass head, for example. Glasses can also be wonderfully made from wire. Or maybe you want to make a grass head monster or different animals? Be creative and come up with interesting things!

Make grass head with cotton wool

Make grass heads with cotton instead of with earth

If you want to make a grass head male spontaneously and just don't have potting soil at home, you can use cotton wool instead. The steps are the same as with earth. However, assume that the cotton will change color over time and will not look as beautiful as it did at the beginning.

Which container and how is poured?

Tinker grass head with children - simple instructions to imitate

If you make the grass head, of course, it is not enough. Moisture is needed for the hair to grow. The children have to learn to care for the grass after making the grass heads themselves.

Make grass head in a pot - make hairstyles out of the grass and paint the pots

The finished head should be placed in a container so that the head always has water available later and the water can be collected when it flows away. A flower pot without holes, a planter, but also a simple lid or bowl is suitable for this. The variant in a glass vase is also modern and interesting. The grass heads are on the bottle neck and not in direct contact with the water. Instead, you are provided with a piece of rope that absorbs the moisture and passes it on to the seeds.

It is not poured from above. Instead, pour some water into the container that the earth or cotton wool then absorbs itself. Make sure the soil never gets too dry, but don't overdo it with irrigation. A soaking wet grass head causes the roots of the grass to rot over time.

Numerous variants for grass heads

Funny planters for grass heads with pre-painted faces

You can't just make a grass head with a stocking. There are also special planters in which the seeds are planted directly after you fill them with soil. The face is then already shown on the pot, so all you have to do is plant the grass seeds and then take care of them.

Make grass heads with children with things from the household

You can also improvise instead of such pots and use household items. How about, for example, cans, which you can then rearrange as you like, or plastic bottles, old jugs, etc. Egg shells as containers are also a great idea if you prefer to make a small grass head yourself. You can fill the bowls with both soil and water and then sprinkle the seeds over them.

Let the grass, cress or other seedlings grow in a can or in egg shells

Make cress heads

If you like to snack on fresh seedlings, you can use any herb instead of grass. For example, you can make a cress head. This variant is particularly suitable if you want to plant the seeds directly in a pot instead of using a stocking. The seedlings can then be easily harvested by cutting them off and pruning them a little.

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