Make bobble garland to decorate with these 5 simple ideas

Everyone knows them – the small likeable pompoms that adorned our hats as a child. But nowadays they also decorate other items of clothing and home accessories with their bright colors. They are the perfect accent for playful decorations and delight young and old. We have already shown you how to decorate gift packaging with bobbles and today we offer you some creative ideas for a pretty bobble garland. Whether for a party or simply as a room decoration in everyday life – the cute garlands fit every situation!

Make pompom garland yourself - simple instructions for crafting

Pompom garland in the form of lemons

Pompom garland in yellow - lemons with felt flowers

This striking bobble garland with its strong yellow is perfect as a summer decoration. The small pompoms are supposed to represent lemons and immediately put everyone in a summer mood. You need:

  • yellow pompons
  • yellow wool
  • yellow embroidery thread
  • Felt in white and green
  • hot glue
  • White paper
  • scissors

Draw leaf shapes on the green felt and cut them out. To make them the same, you can first draw a sheet on white paper, cut it out and then use this sheet as a template by transferring the outline to the felt. Then you need the flowers. Prepare a template for this: Draw a semicircle and divide half of it into five petals. Cut out this semicircle with petals and transfer the shape to the white felt several times.

Make lemon pompom garland - pretty DIY summer decoration

After cutting out these shapes, glue the ends together and you will get a flower. Tie small loops out of the yellow embroidery thread. Glue the knot of these loops in the middle of the flower, after which you cut off the other end of the yarn. In this way the stamens are created. Glue the flowers and leaves to the bobbles and finally the bobbles to a long piece of wool yarn to complete the bobble garland.

Pompom garland with tassels

Pompom garland with tassels - colorful decoration for inside and outside

  • colorful pompoms in any color
  • Tassels in any color
  • Embroidery needle with a blunt tip
  • Embroidery thread
  • scissors

Pompom garland with tassels made of wool - simple instructions for tinkering

Combine the bobbles with pretty tassels! Cut approximately 20 cm long pieces out of the embroidery thread. Thread one of these pieces into the needle and then insert the thread with the help of the needle first under the outer thread of the tassel and then under the inner thread of the pompom. Pull on both ends of the thread to fix the tassel and pompom well together and tie a knot. Finally, cut another piece of cord from the embroidery thread, this time with the desired length of the bobble garland. Thread it back through the needle and with your help through the individual pompom tassels to connect them together. Finished!

Make ice cream garland with pompons

Crafts with egg boxes and pompoms - ice cream cones create a decorative garland

  • Egg boxes
  • Bobbles
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • light brown acrylic paint and brush
  • hot glue
  • sharp knife

Cut out the long tips of the egg cartons and paint them with the acrylic paint. As soon as the paint has dried, you can continue tinkering. If you made the bobbles yourself, you can use the two threads to tie the bobbles to the thread for the garland. Purchased pompoms no longer have these protruding threads. In this case, you can use a blunt embroidery needle to thread the ribbon through the pompoms as described in the instructions above. Finally, glue the ice cream cones from the egg cartons to the bobbles with hot glue and you can decorate the apartment with a bobble garland for a party.

Cute fairy garland

Cute fairies made of wooden figures and pompoms to decorate the children's room

  • Wooden figures
  • Bobbles
  • felt
  • Acrylics
  • hot glue
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • White paper

Make fairies with pompoms and wings made of felt

You can buy such wooden figures already painted, but also unpainted and then design them yourself with acrylic paints. Draw wings on the white paper and cut them out to get a template. Using this template, you then transfer the shape to the felt. The finished homemade fairy wings you provide on one side with a piece of yarn or ribbon in the form of a loop. Then glue the wings on the back of a doll and the doll on a pompom. At the end, you can thread a long piece of yarn or ribbon through the loops and your pretty bobble garland with fairies is ready.

Bobble fairy lights

Playful fairy lights with colorful pompoms as decorative lighting

  • LED fairy lights
  • Pompons of wool
  • yarn
  • blunt embroidery needle

If you want to make such a nice garland with pompoms, cut smaller pieces of yarn into pieces. These should only be long enough so that you can easily knot them later. Thread the first piece through the needle and then, as in the example, with the tassels under the inner thread of the pompom. Then tie the bobble to the string of lights. Repeat this with the other pompoms until you are satisfied with the design.

Decorate the Christmas tree with bobble garlands and imitate snowballs

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