Lose weight at 50: These tips help on the way to the dream figure

With increasing age it becomes difficult for many people to achieve and keep their dream figure. Losing weight at 50 is a particularly big challenge for women, because with menopause there are also numerous hormonal complaints. Due to the decreasing hormone production, fat deposits begin to shift not only on the hips and buttocks, but also on the arms and stomach. In addition, there is the fact that from 50 the optimal number of calories per day is 1100 calories. Actually too low to ru ru it. But that in no way means giving up and losing hope. If diet plans and healthy eating no longer help, other strategies help.

Lose weight at 50: New rules apply after menopause

Losing weight at 50 is the way to a dream figure

Losing weight at 50 is a challenge. But if you already set some rules in your 40s and stick to them, you can stay slim for life. Here are some tips that can speed up weight loss:

1. Sports from 50 should be an inseparable part of everyday life. It is important to stay active. Usually longer walks in nature are enough to lose weight. If you want to try a new sport, you can't do anything wrong with swimming or yoga. They stimulate the metabolism. On the other hand, jogging proves to be unfavorable for beginners, because then the knee joints are put under greater strain.

Losing weight from 50 for women Tips for dream figure

2. Low carb nutrition is for everyone who wants to achieve and keep their dream figure. Women aged 50 and over can start the day with a carbohydrate-rich and filling breakfast and then lower the protein content throughout the day. The goal is clear: a low insulin level.

3. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Statistically speaking, seasonal fruits and vegetables contain fewer pesticides. They also taste delicious and you can use them to prepare both seasonal dishes and salads.

4. Massages help with tension and back pain and have a positive effect on the whole body. This is important because you can only start your daily training if you feel comfortable.

Lose weight with 50 more sports

5. Dancing is fun and keeps you fit from the age of 50. Dancing offers yet another advantage: it trains the correct posture and also helps to straighten the body in everyday life. This way you can avoid back and neck pain, among other things.

6. The 16: 8 diet helps against food cravings. Stars like Jennifer Anniston swear by it and find that longer breaks between meals have a positive effect on the body and help against flatulence.

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