Ideas for the home office – creative suggestions for a relaxed working day

Everyone is not only talking about home office at the moment. After all, many companies see the effects of the corona pandemic as an opportunity to develop. The focus should be on comfort for employees. With access to regular home offices, not only travel time can be saved. Rather, employees can set up comfortably at home and spend more time at work. If you are currently in the home office, have been able to access this work model for a long time or will do so in the future, you are surely asking yourself a question: How can the home office be made as pleasant as possible? Which creative suggestions help to make the work work on its own?

No heat build-up: Sun protection film against hot work rooms

With a sun protection film, the sun no longer shines in your eyes or on the screen in the home office

An advantage that many workers will miss is the air conditioning in the office. Many people have only limited ability to lower the temperature at home. It is helpful to set up a fan for this. However, make sure that the resulting draft does not come from behind under any circumstances. This can cause the neck muscles to cramp. The result is a stiff neck that makes working unbearable. You can also opt for a sun protection film on the windows.

Sun protection film against hot work rooms

Sun protection film from Folienmarkt can be purchased as a cut, by the meter or as a roll. So you get exactly the foils that can be attached to your windows. The effect is effective and practical: if the panes are covered with film, the room temperature drops significantly in summer. Because the heating infrared and bleaching UV rays can no longer penetrate through the windows into the interior. You also have the advantage of glare protection. The sun is no longer shining in your eyes or on the screen.

Lockable cupboards and drawers

Working in the home office is a challenge for parents

For parents in the home office there is another way to make working and especially the breaks and after work more relaxing. You also always have to worry that the youngsters in your home office will cause clutter. If files and documents get into the hands of children, this can lead to immense damage. Also, you are often obliged by the employer to keep the documents in a safe place so that no one outside the company can see them. A lockable cabinet or drawers with locking function are recommended.

Sort and label folders in the home office

Locking the compartments allows you to start your day off more relaxed. Because you know that all files are kept safe. If you choose a free-standing drawer cabinet, you should make sure that the edges of the cabinet do not pose a risk of injury to small children. Mask off the edges with a soft edge protector.

Plants for the atmosphere

Plants in the home office create more mood and atmosphere

Finally, you can set up a small, tropical paradise. Plants are not only beautiful to look at, they also improve indoor air. You can benefit from this increased oxygen concentration. Because the oxygen ensures an excited brain, which is certainly an advantage when working. Unfortunately, if you do not have a green thumb, this does not have to mean the end of the plant dream. Use cacti. These can also do without sufficient water for several weeks and are insensitive to strong sunlight.

modern home office with furniture in white and wood and green plants as decoration

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