Handicrafts with children in spring: templates for colorful window pictures and window decorations

Ring in spring with a creative window decoration! Crafts with children is a lot of fun, especially in spring. We show you some DIY ideas for colorful window pictures and window decorations and provide you with free templates to express. Easter and spring are welcome to come with the patterns of chicks, Easter bunnies, butterflies, birds etc. We will show you how to make a garland from fresh rose petals yourself. The window pictures can now decorate the window and the windowsill in the children's room and living room.

Crafts with children in spring: Instructions for colorful window decorations

Window pictures tinker with children for spring rainbow and sun

Finally it is pleasantly warm outside. When the sun's rays brighten up the room early in the morning and the twittering of birds announces the coming spring, then it's time to tinker with children. Cheerful spring colors brighten the mood in corona times and ensure that the whole family starts the day in a good mood. Crafts are not just a hobby that arouses children's imagination. It offers employment for children whose parents set up a home office during the corona crisis and work at home. We'll show you some ideas on how to keep the kids at home on rainy days with cardboard, contact paper and water colors. Because window pictures and window decorations with children in spring is a lot of fun.

Window pictures Easter bunny with the children make instructions

Window pictures are perfect for little artists. Cutting, pasting and painting are among the most popular activities for children of kindergarten age. And in the photo gallery below we offer you numerous templates for window pictures with spring-like motifs. You need the following materials for a window picture: A template, which you can either produce yourself, or you can choose a suitable motif from our suggestions, print it out and cut it out. Then you need tracing paper and pencil so that you can transfer the pattern onto construction paper. You will also need white cardboard, colored pencils or watercolors for painting, as well as loose eyes, cotton wool, rhinestones, washi tape, decorative tapes and felt to decorate. If it is faster, you can use packaging paper. The necessary accessories include scissors, glue and paper tape.

Window pictures with children for spring make flowers out of contact paper

This is how the window pictures are made:

1. First print out the template and then pause it using the tracing paper. Then transfer the motif to white cardboard and cut it out. If your children are in elementary school, you can instruct them to do this. Otherwise, parents and children can divide up the tasks accordingly. It is particularly important to assess at the beginning what skills the children already have. If the little artists find it too easy to tinker, they will quickly lose interest. And vice versa – if you feel overwhelmed, that leads to frustration. Children who like to be on the move will not find joy in handicrafts. Those who like to build and play with Lego, for example, are guaranteed to be happy.

Easter bunny window picture tinker with children from cardboard and paper plates

2. Draw the dividing lines after the template with a black pen and let the children paint the window picture with watercolors. Colored pencils are an alternative for toddlers. Basically, children like to paint with finger paints up to two years old. The back and forth between water glass, water colors and cardboard is quite difficult. But you can paint with finger paints and brushes, because finger paints do not need to be diluted with water. They are also much easier to apply to the cardboard with a flat brush. There is also no danger that the small children can soak the cardboard and possibly destroy it. From the age of three, the little artists have already mastered painting with water colors. They know the correct order and they enjoy mixing the colors.

3. Glue the single parts together and decorate the window pictures with details made of cotton, felt or packaging paper. You can also stick on loose eyes or rhinestones. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with the children. This crafting step can be omitted if you have not yet practiced the correct handling of the adhesive with the children. There is a risk of suffocation in children under 3 years of age, as they can swallow small parts such as loose eyes or rhinestones. And no matter what age: Children should not be left unattended when doing handicrafts.

Crafts with children in spring: Decorate the window with a garland made of fabric and packaging paper

Window decorations for spring make ideas for children make garland from paper birds yourself

Another idea for children from the age of 10: teach them the napkin technique and create colorful window pictures out of white cardboard and colorful napkins with spring motifs. You can also use wrapping paper to make a garland. For the window decoration you need several decorative ribbons, for example made of lace and satin, as well as twine. Simply pause the template on tracing paper and then transfer it to white cardboard using the tracing paper. Cut out the birds and the wings together with the children and glue them with packaging paper. Let dry and then glue the wings to each bird. Hang the finished bird silhouettes on the decorative ribbons with the twine and then display the garland as a window decoration. A garland has the advantage that you can use it again next year.

Making window decorations with children: usher in spring flowers

Window decorations made of flowers and egg shells make instructions yourself

Handicrafts with children in spring are also fun for parents. We will soon show you several craft ideas for window decorations made from natural materials. The first idea is for small vases. You can display seasonal flowers in these vases. You need the following materials:

  • White chicken eggs
  • Seasonal flowers of your choice (tulips, roses, daisies, daisies, etc.)
  • Flat decorative tape and adhesive

Many eggs are traditionally eaten, especially in spring, because there are many recipes for Easter for which the hobby cooks need eggs. So the next time you bake a cake with the kids, don't throw the egg shells away. You can use them to make pretty window decorations. This is how the charming vases are made:

Window decorations with children make instructions for garland with flowers in eggshell

1. Open the eggshells on the edge of a cup so that they have a large and a small half of the eggs. You will be using the larger egg half, so wash them thoroughly with water and dish soap. It is best to use white egg shells because they make the flowers stand out particularly well.

2. Fill the eggshell with a little water. Make sure that the eggshell is not too heavy. Alternatively, you can buy floral foam from the florist shop, cut it into small pieces and use it to fill the egg shell.

3. Choose cut flowers that like strong sun and that have similar demands on water. Cut the flowers 3 cm – 4 cm below the flowers. Cut the flower stems diagonally with a sharp knife. Make sure that the flower does not protrude over the edge of the eggshell. Then arrange the selected flowers in the egg shells. Beginners can choose a flower with a large bloom, experienced hobby gardeners know which cut flowers are well tolerated.

4. Glue a flat ribbon to the eggshell and hang the vase in front of the window. This craft idea is well suited for children in primary school. In this way, the little florists can learn which flowers bloom in spring and what demands they have on the soil and location. Perhaps you can also tell the children which types of flowers are native and which have been brought to Germany from other countries.

Crafts with children in spring: window – make decoration for Mother's Day yourself

Instructions garland made of flowers as window decoration

Mother's Day is celebrated in Germany on Sunday 20.05. On this day, the mothers are celebrated nationwide and the children try to surprise the mom with homemade gifts. This year, in the Corona period, it is particularly important that everyone stays at home to protect the elderly. What can the fathers then do with the children to say a big “thank you” to mom? We offer you a DIY idea that is sure to cause a sensation. It is also very inexpensive and you don't have to go shopping for it. Even if there is a curfew on May 20, the craft idea can still be realized. Make a garland of rose petals and display them as window decorations on Sunday mornings. You need nutrient thread and rose petals, but you can also use other flowers of your choice. The garland looks particularly attractive when you combine dark and light flowers. You can also choose the flowers so that they create a color gradient from white to burgundy. Tie the flowers to the sewing thread at a distance of 10 cm from each other and hang them up as a vertical garland.

Make window decorations out of paper: fold 3D flowers with the children

Window decorations made of paper flowers make instructions for garland

Origami is a folding art that has recently gained popularity in Germany. With a little skill and, of course, theoretical preparation, you can make imaginative origami window decorations with the children for spring. Cut leaves out of green cardboard and then fold origami flowers out of tissue paper with the children. Of course, you can also make 3D flowers out of cardboard by first cutting out the individual flower parts and then gluing them together. For this you not only need a template, but also a step-by-step folding or handicraft instructions. You can find numerous ideas on YouTube that you can implement with your own children.

Make window decorations out of paper flowers with toddlers

So take your time on a weekend and make four – five different variants of paper flowers. Then make a garland from it, which you can hang up as window decorations. You will need the following materials for this crafting guide: glue, string, buttons and cardboard (you can buy cardboard in pastel colors). In addition, you can make voluminous flowers out of crepe paper. Children aged 9-10 can help, but toddlers will find it difficult to make origami flowers.

Whether made of paper or natural materials: you need a template so that you can create cheerful window pictures and decorations with the children. In the photo gallery below, we offer you numerous templates with different spring motifs, which you can download and print free of charge. Cut out the templates and transfer them to cardboard or felt using tracing paper or contact paper. Let the children paint the motifs in bright spring colors and stick them on the window pane or hang them as a garland in front of the window. When creating window pictures, you should choose the tape carefully. There should be no stains on the window pane and it should be easy to remove.

Handicraft templates for window pictures: flowers

handicrafts window pictures spring free flowers

Cut out the flowers and attach them to the window as window pictures

handicrafts window pictures spring free

Download spring window patterns for free

handicrafts window pictures for Easter Easter eggs to paint

Glue crafting templates for spring to the window

handicraft templates spring pictures to paint and cut out with children Vogel

Craft templates for window pictures for spring – mood: tulips

craft templates spring tulip free to print and cut

Other floral motifs for the window pictures

handicrafts for window pictures as window decoration for spring painting flower with children

Crafts with children in spring: make window pictures with butterflies for Mother's Day yourself

Window pictures with butterflies tinker free template

Paint Easter eggs and use them as templates for window pictures for Easter

Crafts with children in spring Easter eggs Print template for window pictures for free

Cute Easter bunny templates for crafting with children in spring

Print out the Easter bunny template for free and make window pictures

Paint the Easter baskets and use them as window decorations

Print Easter basket template for free and use it as a window picture

Craft templates for children in elementary school

Free template for window picture with butterfly

Sweet nature motif: Birds handicraft template for spring

Print out the Birds template for free and use as a window decoration

Easter bunny silhouette as a template for spring – use window pictures

Print out and cut out templates for window pictures for the Easter Easter Bunny for free

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