Growing a full beard – simple steps and care tips for men

If you want to grow a full beard, this can sometimes be a real challenge. This includes not only the process of growing, but also proper beard care. So this kind of beard requires serious commitment. In most cases, the facial hair consists of mustache and whiskers that grow together on the cheeks and cover the neck. However, this beard style is suitable for almost any face shape.

Let an advantageous full beard grow

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Once you've decided to do so, you can grow a full beard by adjusting it to any length, shaping it into different shapes and changing its density. This style makes you look more masculine and sympathetic to some women, which can also increase your self-confidence at the same time. If you want to be a well-groomed, bearded guy, with the right beard care from Schwarzbart you can achieve the desired effect even more easily.

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The selection of quality care products is an important step in the whole process. A beard care set from Switzerland, for example, would be a good start for your future full beard. According to some studies, facial hair can even be good for your health. For example, an Australian study found that a bearded male face is protected from 90 to 95 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun that can cause skin cancer.

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Facial hair can also be beneficial for men with asthma because the dust sticks to the beard rather than their airways. Furthermore, a full beard retains large amounts of moisture, which makes it an “ally” against cold wind and sunburn. Less frequent shaving is also associated with a reduced risk of hair ingrowth and, accordingly, bacterial infections. So here are some simple steps you can follow if you want to grow a full beard.

Practical tips

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First of all, take a few weeks to grow. Waiting for this male look will definitely be worth it. However, a full beard does not mean looking like a homeless person. For this reason, keep your hair in shape at the neck and cheeks with a regular shave. However, don't shave too smoothly, as the difference between the hair on your neck and the growing vegetation on your face will oddly not appear synchronous.

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After a few weeks of growth, your beard will likely look pretty scruffy. In such cases, men's grooming is also associated with a beard trimmer. It is best to use this at level 3 or 4 to properly shorten the length and remove protruding hair. Once your beard is full, you can style it by using the longer comb setting for your look. This gives you full and reliable control over the length settings. However, if you want to achieve a smooth transition, you'll need to change the setting and gradually shave from your cheeks to your chin.

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First, cut your facial hair so that you can remove excess hair from your cheeks and neck, as well as areas like the one under your mouth. So you can achieve an accented shape. For example, use a rotary razor with careful circular motions on your cheeks and neck. For smaller and narrow areas, you can first work with a fine trimmer and then remove the rest with a razor blade.

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If you want to look really good, you should have some accessories. Keep a hair trimmer in your bathroom, including a beard trimmer and precision trimmer, a mini shaver and a rotary razor. Some devices have different features that allow you to do more than one activity on the same device.

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Wear your beard and mustache with pride. Try not to touch it or pull it too tight to avoid making it dirty or greasy. Cut the hair around your lips and try to eat and drink without soiling your beard.

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