Gender equality increases life expectancy

Before International Women's Day (March 8), new research shows that in countries with high gender equality, both men and women live longer. Particularly in the field of education, higher life expectancy for men and women and significantly fewer maternal deaths per 100,000 births could be expected. A separate but related measure of female labor force participation also suggests that increased gender equality in the workplace is also associated with lower mortality rates and a significant increase in women's life expectancy.

Gender equality for a better future

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This study is an important step in improving the social image of women. Access to secure livelihoods is therefore not at the expense of men. So the research suggests that both men and women can benefit from such shifts. That said Jody Heymann, who is a respected professor of public health, public order, and medicine. In addition, equality in education may prolong men's life expectancy.

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The study is due to be published online in March. The study authors found that the results are correct in terms of education and gender equality. However, these are defined as the total proportion of girls or women participating in the total age-appropriate population of women in each area at national level. This is compared to those for boys or men in the same country.

Study results

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Regardless of the results, there is a 10% increase in female labor force participation. This is associated with 15 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births and an almost one year extension of life expectancy. However, the results do not affect the life expectancy data for men. The index is defined as a specific country with average ratios of professional, technical and overall female labor force participation.

The researchers said work to date suggests that increasing gender equality beyond education and work can pay off.

“Improving gender equality through politics and other programmatic interventions is mutually beneficial,” said Gadoth. “Our research in the study shows that greater participation by women in society as a whole can have far-reaching positive effects on the health of the population. This also contributes to reducing poverty, promoting human rights and strengthening personal freedom of choice. ”

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