Gastronomy To Go: What needs to be considered when ordering catering?

Family celebrations, birthday parties, business lunches: in corona times, most delicatessens and organizers literally break new ground in order to satisfy customers. Gastronomy To Go offers a solution for everyone who is planning an event in the near future. Enjoying delicious food and drink, decorations and music with guests in a safe and familiar environment has never been easier. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when ordering catering services.

Gastronomy To Go: How will events be organized in the future?

Order catering to go what to look for when catering

Most delicatessens have used the forced break during the corona crisis to adjust their business to the new challenges. The reorganization of the industry led to a new delivery service and management that better meet customer needs. Now that the first wave of corona is over, the question arises for many: How will large and small events be organized in the future? Many business events, family celebrations and weddings have now been postponed to summer and autumn. What should be considered when ordering catering?

Order catering delicious food tips for family celebration

1. Standardized processes: Experienced catering providers have standardized their processes in the event area. In the sense of social distancing, video conferences are carried out, in which the location, the decoration, the music and the catering can be discussed in detail. For example, most organizers do not recommend serving a buffet and instead offer tables and chairs for the party. So you can celebrate without crowding.

High quality commercial kitchen equipment catering needs

2. Rationalization of the catering service: Catering poses a great challenge for every provider. Experienced delicatessens, however, have a high quality commercial kitchen equipment from renowned catering supply providers. In a professionally designed kitchen, the work can be divided into several stations. This means that even large orders can be prepared and delivered quickly.

3. Fast delivery of furniture and dishes: No matter whether an anniversary or a wedding is celebrated, tables should be delivered, set up and set up quickly. It depends on good organization, because it can not only save time and nerves, but also money.

4. Decoration from local flowers and plants: Gone are the days of magnificent floral decorations with orchids and Co. Nowadays, most organizers rely on seasonal flowers and plants. This saves transport costs and time.

Catering staff train important when ordering

5. Trained personnel: Especially in corona times, the personnel must be specially trained. Because the employees play an important role in the well-being of the guests. They receive them at the entrance, assign the tables and prevent many people from gathering at the buffet or in front of the toilet, for example.

Gastronomy To Go: Take away food for family celebrations

Order catering service for family celebrations after corona times

If you are celebrating in a narrow family circle, then there is an alternative to the catering service: Many restaurants and inns now offer “takeaway”. Orders are placed either by phone or via a mobile app, then everything is prepared in the restaurant kitchen and picked up by the customer during the day. In many cases, delivery is also possible, the decorating and arranging the buffet is done by the host.

Organize events after the Corona crisis with Gastronomy To Go

The takeaway offers many advantages for the host. For example, the wishes of all guests can be taken into account and meals with meat from one restaurant and vegan dishes from another restaurant can be ordered accordingly. A freshly prepared meal, modern ordering systems and fast service: this is what the future of catering establishments looks like.

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