Garden table DIY instructions with inspiring ideas for your outdoor area

If you want to organize cozy barbecues outdoors, the DIY garden table can be a loyal and inexpensive companion. You may think that garden furniture is not that easy to build, and that is true in most cases. With a little skill and inspiration, however, you can successfully realize your own garden table DIY project. So there are several reasons to enjoy a meal outside with friends or family on a piece of furniture you made yourself. Also, tidying up in the garden can be a lot easier if you have children or pets. Just take a look at our examples to discover the right idea for you.

Tips for the garden table DIY project

Comfortably designed garden with picnic table under pergola surrounded by lawn and plants

Adding a chic coffee table, an elegant side table or a rustic dining table to your terrace or veranda is a must if you want to expand your garden space for the summer. If you build a DIY outdoor garden table yourself, either from scratch or from upcycling materials that you already own, the project will save your wallet twice. Get inspired by this selection of adorable and durable patio tables, then turn the tables on your outdoor living space by making your own. By assembling the purchased parts you save 30-50% of the costs. If it is possible to use materials left over from construction or repair remains, the cost is limited to the purchase of fittings.

round lamps over outdoor dining table in rustic country style

So building such a table can be a great DIY project that you can also customize to your needs. Create your table for entertaining evenings or reserve it for yourself if you just want to get some fresh air. There are several ways to build a DIY garden table – from using wooden pallets to adding a polished concrete slab or tile. You will surely find a number of designs that will draw your attention. Regardless of whether you want to create a side table or a dining table, the following ideas can help you.

Simple do-it-yourself picnic table

simple picnic table to make yourself from wooden crab legs with benches

If you're looking for an outdoor DIY table with a country feel, consider a country style picnic table. You can easily build it from scratch with wood, screws and various tools. It is recommended to finish the whole thing with a varnish, as this improves the beauty of the wood and holds well even in bad weather conditions. In addition, you also create enough space for several people and give your outdoor area a touch of cosiness. In addition, each meal can feel like your own picnic in your own garden. This garden table DIY in country style is perfect for eating and entertaining on a terrace. X-shaped legs are usually made of boards that are at least 50 mm thick.

Garden table DIY instructions with wood

Fasten wooden slats diy garden table with bolts and screws

  • On the inside of the worktop you can first fix two screws on each side.
  • To make the table look good, you must first cut the edges of the planks at a 52 ° angle with a saw.
  • Attach paired slats so that the legs fit together by making 2-3 mm overlaps on each side.
  • Then place the boards on a flat surface and cross them at the desired angle. Measure the distance between the ends of the boards. This should correspond to the width of the table.
  • Mark the intersection with chalk. At this point you need to choose half the thickness of the boards so that after assembly they will be in the same plane.
  • Coat the notches with glue and place the parts to dry outdoors for 1 to 3 days. For greater reliability, you can reinforce the connection with screws.
  • Paint the legs.
  • Finally, it remains to attach the legs to the worktop by placing them in the grooves of the slats.
  • To connect the parts of the structure, prepare bolts (length 160 mm), nuts and washers – the required amount.

plan drawing with dimensions for garden table diy wood in millimeters and degrees

  • For other joints, use screws or nails of a suitable length. With a drill, you need to prepare all the holes for the fasteners.
  • According to the drawing, which serves only as an example, assemble the worktop and the upper parts of the benches.
  • Then cut the cross rails along the edges, the angle should be 45.
  • Secure all the legs and the sawn parts at an angle with the screws.
  • Finally, you can polish and varnish the table top to make your garden table DIY more weatherproof.

Tile table for the garden

flower pots with succulents and candles on a round tile table on a balcony

If you lay DIY tiles on the plate for a patio table or garden table, this can lead to a unique result. In addition, such a table is easy to manufacture, but constructed so that it can withstand any weather. All materials are available in hardware stores, unless you prefer to use old scraps. You don't need any special tools to manufacture, but you save a lot of money by doing the project yourself. These tables are also a nice addition to any patio area or garden. So you can create this table with simple tools and basic knowledge.

make tile table modern yourself as terrace table or garden table diy tiles

Get wood and steel from a hardware store or just use an old table. Then look for interesting tiles from a local supplier if you don't have them. However, choose porcelain or stone tiles that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The table top from the example consists of a plywood core that was wrapped in a cement board, sealed with a membrane, and then covered with ceramic tiles and grout. The base of the table legs is made of sturdy steel rods that you can bend into attractive curves using a homemade template. Then drill and assemble them and finally screw them to the table top. The process takes into account the waiting time for the glue, mortar and sealer to dry so that you can complete the project efficiently.

Use DIY concrete for garden table

stylish garden table diy concrete with flowers in the middle and wooden legs

If you are looking for a table top that is elegant and robust enough for outdoor spaces to withstand the weather outdoors, you can consider concrete as a material. Similar tables can be quite expensive in the store. However, you can do one yourself for much less money. Such a project is simple enough to tackle even aspiring woodworkers. Most people consider concrete a practical material, but it is also one of the most versatile decorative materials out there. It can take on almost any color or shape. The possibilities of surface treatment are almost endless. For example, you can cast fossil prints with leaves, ferns, or shells. For a completely different look, you can permanently pour glass or turn tiles into the surface.

pour concrete into a melamine mold as a table top for a garden table diy

You don't need any special skills or tools, although a table saw could speed up the build of the mold. For example, take half a day to build the mold and pour the concrete. An hour should be enough to build the table base. A few days after pouring the top, you spend a few hours removing the mold, chipping the edges, and applying a sealer. Build the mold out of melamine coated chipboard to give the concrete a smooth finish and easy to remove the mold. Chipboard coated with melamine is the perfect molding material for this project because it is smooth, water-resistant and inexpensive.

Ideas for outdoor tables made from recycled materials

Make a side table from plant pots yourself with a glass top as a table top

The creative and economical ideas for handmade tables can also be very inspiring. Use common things you find in the garage or at the flea market to make beautiful pieces for your garden. For example, you can use old large planters or flower pots to make a side table. Paint them with a color of your choice to give them a new look and reuse them. Then place the parts on top of each other and use a large metal plate or glass plate to use them as a table top. You can also use the space of the upper plant container for storage.

make your own euro pallets painted in white on rolls as a garden table

If you are looking for ideas with your own Euro pallets, you can use them to make a DIY outdoor garden table or for your patio. Outside tables made of wooden pallets are very easy to build and offer numerous design options. Paint the palettes after making the table to give your handmade project a lively look. Glass plates or wooden planks are also suitable in this case as table tops for a more elegant look. What a table lacks in stature, it makes up for with its extensive surface and the beautiful frame. Start with a stack of two pallets and then glue boards on top for a professional polish. The combination of the table top with glass and frame ensures a rustic yet modern look.

rustic wooden table with table runner dishes and cutlery decoration in the garden

You can then enjoy a drink in the garden area or simply lean your back to rest. When your guests come by, they will enjoy a unique piece of furniture in the garden with you, which includes a selection of summer dishes and drinks.

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