Fingers crack unhealthy? – Does the habit of the finger joints harm?

We all know this moment when we want to crack our fingers. Some find this annoying and unhealthy, others more relaxing. In addition, the majority of people believe that cracking the fingers can cause diseases such as rheumatism and wear and tear on the joints. But what does science say about it?

Stop cracking fingers

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In fact, scientists still cannot determine why people crack their fingers. However, some do this to hear the crackle, others to relax their tense joints. The explanation for the noise that occurs is very simple. The synovial fluid that is between our finger joints is filled with small gas bubbles. And when we crack the knuckles, they explode, creating the famous sound. However, it then takes 30 minutes for them to recover.

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As already indicated, a large number of people fear the development of certain joint diseases due to cracks in the fingers. To check whether there is such a connection, researchers from the University of Southern California examined the hand bones of 28 patients in a nursing home. Scientists Robert L. Sweezy and Stuart E. Sweezy divided the subjects into two groups: the first group consisted of people who never or rarely crack their fingers, while the participants in the second group did this often or even daily.

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The results of the study showed that there were five patients with rheumatism in the first group. However, only one participant in the second group suffered from osteoarthritis regularly. No changes were found in the bones of the other participants in his group. After thorough analyzes, no connection between crack formation of the fingers and joint disease could be demonstrated.

While cracking your fingers doesn't have any serious consequences for your joints, medical experts at Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital in Detroit, Michigan have found that this habit can cause restricted finger movement.

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