Fighting bed bugs: 3 simple and effective methods

If you need to fight bed bugs, you should first know that these parasitic insects belong to the Cimicidae family and could transmit diseases. They hide mostly around the edges of the mattress and use the night to bite the skin and suck blood. This little brown species of insect recognizes people thanks to the heat emitted by their bodies and stings on average once a week. But how can humans recognize these pests and get rid of them? In this post, discover some pointers and three natural home remedies for bug control.

Fight unwanted bed bugs

Bed bugs fight simple methods in the house

First of all, you should know that these little brown insects hate light and are therefore only active at night. During the day they hide in the dark corners and around the edge of the mattress or in the head of the bed. Upholstered furniture and carpets are also her favorite places.

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Itching and bites on the skin are the first signs of the presence of bedbugs. Another note to consider is the appearance of small black dots on the wall or the structure of the bed. However, traces of blood on the sheets or mattress also indicate that you have such an unwelcome company in bed and are actually due to the squashing of insects during sleep.

It is also important to act as soon as you see the little insects to get rid of them faster. So let's decipher three ideas if you want to fight bed bugs and try these methods at home.

Effective home remedies for bedbugs

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The vacuum cleaner can become your best ally in the fight against bedbugs. You only have to vacuum them with a powerful hose. Note that you should vacuum every few days, especially on the mattress, bedding, and upholstered furniture. Pay special attention to carpets, floors and cracks in the walls. Don't forget to check electrical devices and even your laptop. When you're done, throw the vacuum bag as far away from your home as possible.

Another very effective option is steam cleaning, in which bugs and their eggs are killed at temperatures above 60 ° C. However, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid damaging your furniture.

Cleaning with baking soda is also a common way to treat different areas of the house. Thanks to its versatility, baking soda can also be used to treat bedbugs. Sprinkle a generous amount on the affected areas, let them act and finally vacuum them off. Do this every few days.

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