Employment at home – Many ideas on how you can use the quarantine time wisely!

The situation with the Corona Virus is getting more serious every day and many adults and families are forced to stay at home and avoid social contacts. Schools, kindergartens, cafes, gyms are closed and visits and excursions are out of the question. Most people start wondering what to do with all the time. Leisure time is very different for all of us – travel, theater, walks or vacations, but unfortunately the risk of infection during such a crisis is too great. So how about trying to make the most of it and making good use of the quarantine time? Whether spring cleaning, fun games with the kids or learning something new – in this article you will find many great ideas for employment at home.

Employment at home for adults and children Tips for boredom Use quarantine time

Arguing, moaning and racking our brains don't do anything – the Corona Virus has changed the lives of all of us. Until we can return to normal everyday life, we have to overcome fear, change our activities and habits and adapt them to the current situation. In addition to playing games on the television or on the cell phone, you can try to deal with the time in a much more meaningful way and devote yourself to different things and activities that are often neglected.

Employment at home – series and films watch boredom

Employment at home with children what to do against boredom during quarantine

No matter whether you live alone or are locked up at home with your family and children – watching series and films is the ultimate tip against boredom at home. If you still don't have an account with one of the many streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., now is the right time to sign up. Watch all seasons of your favorite series without feeling guilty? Now make yourself comfortable on the sofa and do it. Or how about a Harry Pother marathon with the kids? Another great alternative to the streaming services are YouTube videos. From documentaries to funny videos with dogs – you can find absolutely everything on Youtube.

Tips against boredom – Many museums offer an online visit

Museums visit online employment at home during quarantine

Unfortunately, things are not looking good for many who are interested in culture and art – numerous museums and theaters are closed and most events have been canceled. Have you always dreamed of visiting the Louvre in Paris? Then we have good news for you! Some of the most famous museums in the world not only offer guided tours, but also free online tours. In addition to the Louvre, this also includes the NASA Space Center in Houston, the British Museum in London and the MOMA in New York City.

Read books or learn something new

Employment at home Adult tips against boredom Quarantine

Everyone has them – all those books that have been in the closet for years waiting to be read. Reading is a very popular activity at home for which you don't even have to leave your bed. If you want to use the quarantine time even more effectively, you can learn a new language, for example. There are numerous free mobile apps that can help you with this. Or read some useful articles on an exciting topic that interests you.

More ideas and tips against boredom during quarantine

Spring cleaning tips against boredom employment at home

  • Clean and muck the apartment – There is hardly a better time to get the apartment in shape and do the annual spring cleaning. Use your free time and make all rooms shine. Cleaning windows, washing curtains, tidying up the basement or mucking out the wardrobe – a great and sensible pastime that also has a totally satisfying and relaxing effect.
  • Handcraft is another great activity for home that is a lot of fun. The possibilities here are literally endless and there is something for everyone. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that handicraft promotes our endurance, ability to concentrate and creativity. Get creative and make your spring decoration yourself or bring the old furniture to life by sprucing it up and refreshing it a little.

Handicrafts for adults Tips against boredom during quarantine

  • Wellness at home – How many times have you planned to treat yourself to a relaxing wellness day, but unfortunately you have never been able to? Such pampering is good not only for the body, but also for the soul and is a great way to pass the time at home, especially during quarantine. Taking in bath water, turning on music, lighting scented candles and enjoying a glass of wine – doesn't that sound like a dream?
  • Home workout – For those who are used to exercising regularly in the gym or outdoors, it will be difficult to do without it. However, a well-planned home workout can be as effective and exhausting as a visit to the gym. There are countless fitness exercises at home for which you don't even need special equipment.

what to do at home against bored ideas for adults

  • Cook – You also have to eat during quarantine. If you are a hobby cook, you should take advantage of the current situation and dedicate yourself to your passion. Unleash your creativity and spoil your family with new and delicious dishes. Have the children peel the vegetables and cut them into small pieces – so you will teach them something useful and at the same time spend good time together.
  • Try new hairstyles and makeup looks – Just because you have to work from home doesn't mean you have to stay in your pajamas all the time. Try new make-up looks or finally learn how to braid your hair and conjure up great hairstyles. A suitable home office outfit also increases our productivity and ensures that we also look good in our own four walls.

Tips against boredom during quarantine employment at home

  • Make a tax return – Yes, it is actually not fun and it is always put off because there are nicer or more important things to do. Even if the tax return does not have to be submitted until July 31, why not use your time at home and just get this tedious task behind you?
  • Maintain contacts – How long have you not been on the phone with your grandma and a friend who lives abroad? In stressful everyday life we ​​often do not have time to keep in touch with our loved ones and now you can do it in peace.
  • Help the neighbors – Especially in crises, it is very important to stick together and help each other. If you have neighbors who are old or can't get out of the house for any of the following reasons, suggest you go shopping for them or do something else.

Use the quarantine time wisely

what to do at home fun activities for adults ideas against boredom

Are you not particularly interested in all of our suggestions or do you need some cool and creative ideas to combat boredom? Below we have put together a list of other tips for you.

  • Make a list of all the concerts, soccer games, and events you want to attend once the quarantine period is over.
  • Plan your next vacation in peace.
  • Organize your books or spices alphabetically.
  • Learn origami.
  • Try to do things with your non-dominant hand. Be it brushing your teeth, writing or eating – it's incredibly fun.
  • Make a list of things you are thankful for and take your time to think. What have you achieved in the past year? Or what goals are you setting yourself this year?

what to do in quarantine Tips against boredom at home

  • Update your resume.
  • Organize a happy hour at home and mix different cocktails.
  • Take turns reading the Harry Potter books with your children and then watch the film for each book.
  • Write a book with your family. Each Mitlich writes a chapter about his character's adventures and finally reads it out.
  • Take a deep breath and just enjoy the boredom for a short moment. Who says we have to do something all the time to feel good and useful?

Great ideas for employment at home with the kids

Funny activities with children for home what to do against boredom

Schools and kindergartens are currently also closed. Because of this, many parents need to get creative and keep their kids busy at home. Since only playing on the computer is out of the question, we have some great tips for you against boredom for the whole family!

  • Play hide and seek is a great home activity for families living in a large house.
  • Treasure hunt – Hide an item and let the child find it.
  • Handcraft is a great way to keep the kids busy for a few hours.
  • Organize concert – Everyone dresses up as their favorite singer and starts singing and dancing. The good mood is simply guaranteed!
  • The floor is playing lava – Everyone has to move so that they don't touch the ground. Although this game will cause a little mess in the apartment, it is still funny.
  • Play role change – If your kids are big enough, try changing roles for a day or a few hours. In other words – you are the children who cause disorder etc. and the children take on their tasks and have to prepare lunch or dinner. A great activity at home to show children that being a parent is not an easy task.

fun family games with children for home what to do against boredom

  • Taste Game – Blindfold the kids, cut different foods into small pieces and let them guess what they're eating.
  • Organize movie night
  • Handcraft
  • To paint
  • Color eggs – Easter will be around soon
  • Bake the cake and cookies together
  • to play board games
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Make a puzzle
  • Have the children's room tidied up

Board games for adults employment at home for the whole family ideas

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