Easter decorations made from natural materials: 20 last-minute craft ideas for adults

Welcome spring to your own home! We will show you 25 creative last-minute craft ideas for adults, with which you can create a happy atmosphere in your own home despite the corona crisis. From natural table decorations for the party to the door wreath: These ideas for motley Easter decorations made from natural materials are suitable even for complete beginners. Perfect also for all those who attach great importance to sustainability.

Easter decoration made of natural materials: tinker Easter tree

Osterbaum himself make instructions for puristic spring decorations

If the classic Easter tree is interpreted in a modern way, the purists can look forward to it. Because instead of shining in bright colors, the Easter tree inspires with a natural look. Tree branches with flowers or fresh leaves, small bird nests and blown out We show you first an idea for natural table decoration with tree branches, bird nest made of wood and moss. And it perfectly fits quail eggs, which come naturally with their attractive grain. This is how the Easter tree is made: arrange tree branches with flowers or green leaves in a puristic ceramic vase, put moss in bird's nest and lay quail eggs. Glue the nests to the tree branches with hot glue or hang them with twine.

Easter tree from tree branches themselves make ideas for adults

Flowering quince branches and colorful Easter eggs play the main role in the next arrangement. They come into their own in a simple ceramic vase and can be staged anywhere in the room. In addition to a bowl full of colorful Easter eggs, the Easter tree looks particularly sweet. A table decoration in light sand colors can also round off the ensemble effectively. This is how the Easter tree is made: arrange quince twigs in a vase, blow out and dye chicken eggs, hang on the twigs with satin ribbon.

Easter tree made of moss and blown out Easter eggs

The table decoration in vintage style features soft blue shades, classic ceramic vase and a touch of romance with fresh flowers. The vintage look works with little effort: just blow out the eggs and color them in light blue tones. Then cover the floral foam in the shape of a cone with moss from your own garden. Fix the moss with hot glue. Then attach the colored eggs. Put everything in a flower pot or ceramic vase in an old look. Arrange fresh seasonal flowers around the vintage Easter tree and place on a table runner with patterns from the same color family. Finished!

Easter decorations made of natural materials: ideas for adults

Easter decorations made from natural materials Plant ideas for adults Plant eggshell

The puristic Easter table comes along with an arrangement in an eggshell, very tender and spring-like. If it is too complicated for you to blow out a white egg and cut out the shell, you can instead buy a small ceramic vase that mimics the look. Natural materials such as moss, feathers and small seasonal flowers such as lily of the valley can be arranged inside. Mix the mini vase with other ceramic decorations. The material forms the perfect background for a purist table decoration for Easter and proves to be the perfect connecting element between the individual decorative pieces on the table. Optionally, you can place the mini vases in the guests' plates and use them as strange place cards.

Easter decorations made of natural materials: craft ideas with Easter eggs for adults

Easter decorations made from natural materials Fill the Easter basket with Easter eggs and arrange flowers in a vase

Not only children look forward to the opportunity to creatively design the Easter eggs at Easter. Adults will also love the next idea: decorate the Easter eggs with natural motifs. The artistic motif eggs are a real eye-catcher. You can either decorate it with suitable stickers, or you can glue fresh flowers, grasses and ferns to the eggs with decoupage glue. There are also perfectly modern and vintage candle holders in zinc, gold or brass.

Spring table decoration with Easter eggs and fresh flowers

The colorful Easter eggs clearly play the main role on the Easter table. Noble companions for lovingly colored Easter eggs are dishes with natural motifs, fabric napkins in grass green and a tablecloth with natural motifs. Fresh grass or herbs adorn the plates and give the natural ensemble the finishing touches. If this Easter table is too colorful for you, you can opt for a coarsely woven tablecloth in nude instead. Table linen runners made of linen also fit perfectly and will effectively showcase the homemade decoration.

Bird nest with Easter eggs themselves make ideas for table decorations for Easter

A touch of glamor and luxury gives the next wonderful arrangement. The Easter basket is made from tree branches and decorated with wool. Dry lily of the valley and quail eggs in a golden robe adorn the porcelain plates of the guests. The puristic Easter table can be designed with animal figures made of felt. Birds, rabbits and egg croissants give it a “magic forest” look and bring nature into your own four walls. It is the perfect Easter decoration made from natural materials, as it not only looks beautiful, but is also very long-lasting.

Easter decorating ideas with Easter eggs for crafting adults

An Easter decoration made of natural materials is quickly finished. You can use the available materials from your own garden. Moss, tree bark, tree branches are real classics, while ferns, ornamental grasses and white tulips appear modern and exotic. Ensembles0 are particularly popular, in which the flowers and leaf green are not arranged in a vase or decorative bowl, but are simply draped in the middle of the table. This festive table decoration succeeds even for complete beginners and is therefore a last-minute alternative to elaborate flower arrangements.

Easter decoration made of natural materials in pastel colors

Table decorating ideas with Easter eggs in a basket with pussy willow

Not only children love colorful Easter decorations, adults also look forward to it. But while the children's table glows in rainbow colors, the festive Easter table is sublime and noble for the adults. Delicate purple and pink nuances dominate and give the arrangement a touch of nostalgia. The focus is on the large Easter basket made of pussy willow and the ombre Easter eggs, which are colored in pink and lavender. The matching ombre tableware also complements the color scheme. Golden cutlery and a golden Easter egg bring metallic nuances into play without disturbing the natural look of the Easter table.

Scandinavian Easter decorating ideas for do-it-yourself adults

A different Easter wreath: In the Scandinavian countries, stylishly decorated tree branches adorn the doors and walls for Easter. Blown out eggs and blue feathers colored in sky blue, dusky pink and pink create attractive contrasts and automatically draw attention to the wall decoration. The pussy willow branches form the perfect neutral background. They still have a decisive advantage, because they can do without water for a very long time, as well as defy rain and sun. That is why the pima decoration is suitable as a door decoration and is sure to create a cheerful atmosphere on the front door.

Use eggshell as a vase for planting ideas

The next proposal for Easter decorations made from natural materials is one of the absolute classics. Every craft enthusiast is now aware that Easter bowls are planted and that they can be used as vases. But in order for the natural decoration to look good in the end, the details play a major role. If you want to continue using your egg vases, you will color them in soft pastel shades. Violets and lily-of-the-valley feel particularly comfortable in a small-format vase. It is best to place only one type of flower in each eggshell and then group the vases in groups of three or five.

Easter decoration made of natural materials: tinker the door wreath

Make Easter wreath from natural materials such as blown out Easter eggs and feathers

A door wreath should not only create a happy atmosphere, but also be long-lasting. The next last minute DIY idea meets all requirements. You need a straw wreath, puffed-up chicken eggs in pastel colors, brown egg shells, quail eggs, and numerous dried grasses. Who would think that drumsticks, spinsters in the countryside, wheat stalks, flax and ball thistle have what it takes to be such a creative door decoration? So that the ensemble does not appear boring, blue colored feathers add a splash of color. A blue satin ribbon sets accents and creates exciting contrasts.

Easter decorations made of natural materials: make flower decorations yourself

Spring decoration with fresh flowers in vases

Flowers are among the most charming harbingers of spring. That's why you traditionally decorate the table for Easter and help usher in spring into your own four walls. We show you numerous ideas for Easter decorations with spring flowers. The first table decoration is for everyone who does not have a large vase or who does not want to cut all blooming flowers from the garden. Arranged in several vases of different heights, the flowers of the spring flowers form an attractive, harmonious ensemble.

Easter decorating ideas adults make instructions

If you don't like cut flowers, you can plant spring flowers in small flower pots and then put them in vintage cans, teapots or old porcelain vases. If you don't have matching cans or teapots at home, you can fool the old look. Simply remove the label from a new can, spray the can with color spray (metallic shades such as copper or old brass are great) and let it dry. Then embellish with napkin technology or pause a picture and transfer it to the box using a template.

Easter decorations made from natural materials make table decorations for purists

If you choose cut flowers, it is best to arrange flowers of one variety in a vase or in a glass. This ensures that the flowers get along well. It is also much easier to arrange flowers with stems of the same length and with the same flower shape. The purists show it off and like to combine white hyacinths, white carnations or white tulips in a glass vase. Because of their attractive flower shape, they are a particularly impressive decoration on the Easter table.

Easter decorations made from natural materials Fill the Easter basket with Easter eggs and arrange flowers in a vase

In order for the arrangement to succeed, flowers with opened ones can be combined with flowers with flower buds. This way the bouquet stays fresh longer and you don't have to constantly replace the withered flowers with fresh ones. It is sufficient if you remove the withered flowers two or three times a week.

fresh flowers in perfume bottles Easter decoration ideas for handicrafts by adults

Lily of the valley are the absolute eye-catchers for Easter. The delicate flowers can not only be used to conjure up wonderful arrangements for the Spring Festival, they also attract attention as soloists. Provided, of course, that they are staged correctly. They look particularly stylish in small glass vases. But what if there aren't enough glass vases at home, or if they just seem too boring? Then creativity is required. Arranged stylishly in perfume glasses, the spring messengers cut a fine figure.

Easter baskets plant ideas and instructions

The next arrangement also includes a beautiful Easter decoration made of natural materials for adults. Field flowers, herbs and grasses make up the country house charm of the floral arrangement. The homemade bird nest made of willow branches gives the ensemble a rustic touch and makes it look natural. Anyone who decides on the flower arrangement should preferably have some experience. Because imitating the casual look of the bouquet can prove to be a difficult task.

Easter gifts pack homemade cookies with fresh flowers

And if flowers or blossoms are left after handicrafts and arranging, then they can decorate Easter gifts. Surprise the family with homemade cookies, which they have lovingly packed in small cardboard boxes. Decorate the boxes with fresh flowers and display them on the plates.

Easter decoration ideas with homemade bird's nest and tulips in a vase with colorful Easter eggs

There is hardly an uncomplicated decoration idea than the next: If you only have fresh cut flowers and colorful Easter eggs for Easter, you can arrange them effectively in a glass vase. Place a jam jar in the glass vase and arrange the flowers inside. Then fill in the free space between the jam jar and the edge of the vase with the colorful Easter eggs. The lovingly made Easter decoration is ready. Optionally, you can also put bird nests with Easter eggs in the plates. Write the first letter of each family member's name on each egg.

Make Easter decorations with grass and Easter eggs yourself

Another super simple idea for those who like to go looking for Easter eggs, but have to do without it this year due to the corona virus. Plant grass in a flower pot and color Easter eggs. Spread the colorful Easter eggs on the grass and put the flowerpot on the table. It is the perfect Easter decoration made of natural materials for adults who like to bring nature into the house.

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