Dressing table DIY: 30+ great design ideas and furnishing tips for the perfect make-up corner at a glance!

Every woman wants to look beautiful and have a few wonderful and relaxing moments that guarantee her a good start to the day. But morning is the most hectic time of the day, and all those lipsticks and eyeshadows lying all over the place don’t make it easier. A beautifully decorated dressing table is the dream of every beauty queen. If your make-up supply has grown recently and you don’t have a suitable place to store it or put on your make-up in peace, then it’s high time to think about setting up your own make-up corner. Whether in the bedroom, in the dressing room or in the study – there is always a place for a make-up place. From minimalist-modern to small and practical to playful-romantic – in this article you will find lots of great decorating ideas and design tips as well as simple dressing table DIY instructions!

Dressing table ideas make up makeup corner Upcycling ideas old furniture

The dressing table is a practical way to keep our favorite products and keep the clutter at bay. In order to create a harmonious overall picture, it is important to adapt the style and decorations to the rest of the furnishings in the room. Even if you don’t have a lot of space or money, you can still create your unique and functional oasis that you will love. A make-up corner is perfect for a small bedroom – it is not only space-saving, it also makes a lot of looks. Of course, there is a large selection of ready-made models in the large furniture stores. But building the dressing table yourself is not only fun, but also your wallet and gives the room a personal character.

Dressing table DIY instructions – so quickly you can build your own oasis yourself

Dressing table Ikea Malm make-up corner in the bedroom set up tips

Putting on make-up in peace without having to get all of your make-up out of your handbag or drawers every time – wouldn’t that be a dream? If you like to tinker and feel creative, then our Malm dressing table DIY instructions are just right for you! Minimalist, practical and yet elegant – with the right decoration, the “Malm” dressing table from Ikea is perfect for your new make-up corner! Since the piece of furniture is available in white, you can always repaint it with any color of your choice.

Required materials:

  • “Malm” Ikea dressing table
  • Drawer handles
  • Wooden plate as back wall
  • mirror
  • Mirror tape
  • Screws, wooden dowels
  • Saw and cordless screwdriver

DIY dressing table ideas easy make-up corner in the bedroom tips

DIY dressing table Ikea – step by step instructions:

  • Of course, every dressing table needs a mirror. In the first step, the carrier plate is assembled for this. First drill four dowel holes in the edge that should stand on the table.
  • Then drill another four dowel holes in the table top.
  • Then put the wooden plate on the dowels and attach them to the table. For even more hold, you can also screw the plate to the table from below.
  • Attach the mirror to the wooden plate with the adhesive tape.
  • Mark the holes for the drawer handles and drill from the front using the drill. To make sure nothing breaks out, hold a small piece of wood against the back. Finally, attach the handles and voilà! Add the right decoration and your new dressing table is ready to use!

The Ikea Alex dressing table is becoming increasingly popular

Make-up table Ikea Alex make little makeup corner themselves

Do you know that 2 Ikea “Alex” shelving systems and a simple wooden board can be used to build a very practical and contemporary desk in no time at all? Depending on the model, the “Alex” shelf has several drawers that are wonderful for storing all your make-up products. The clean look can be perfectly adapted to any furnishing style and the narrow design makes it possible to set up the dressing table in absolutely every corner of the room.

Setting up the makeup corner – helpful ideas for DIY dressing table storage

Vintage furniture bedroom makeup corner dressing table DIY

Order is half life and that applies with full force to your make-up corner. Let’s be honest – whenever we look for the perfect lipstick or eye shadow, the makeup corner will end up looking like a bomb has exploded. That is why it is important to invest in many small storage boxes. Keep your makeup and hair products separate and use small jars to store your makeup brushes. Try to organize everything according to how often and what you use it for. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it and it makes preparation much easier and more enjoyable.

Dressing table storage DIY instructions Mason jars Make your own brush container

So that you always have everything at hand quickly, we have made ourselves smart for you and provide you with some simple dressing table storage DIY ideas. For example, you could sort your lipsticks and individual eyeshadows in the small plastic cutlery tray. Or how about some upcycling ideas? This is how toilet paper rolls make the perfect make-up brush holder! To get the most out of the drawers, the boxes can collect packaging of different sizes and then arrange them in them.

  • Mason jars are an excellent way to present your brushes nicely on the dressing table. The best thing about it is that you can design it individually according to your own taste and to match the rest of the interior. This DIY idea does not only work with mason jars – with a little creativity you can convert every glass and mug in the house into a cool and modern brush holder.
  • DIY dressing table storage for lipsticks – The following idea ensures that you always have a good overview of your entire collection of lipsticks and can quickly choose the right color. All you need is a large box with a lid, a ruler and scissors. First cut the corners and sides and then cut strips from the rest of the lid. Make small incisions so that the strips can be nested. Finally, put the whole thing together and you’re done!

Set up make-up corner – what shouldn’t be missing under any circumstances?

Reuse old furniture DIY dressing table decorating make-up corner

You have followed our dressing table DIY instructions and now you need some ideas for make-up corner inspiration? So that your little oasis is properly staged, the right decoration must of course be found! That may sound logical, but without a matching mirror it is nothing more than a normal desk in the bedroom.

  • Provide good lighting – We all know it – good light and adequate lighting are essential for a flawless make-up look. It would be best to place your dressing table near a window. If this is not possible, you should illuminate your mirror with several lights – this always guarantees the best results and is also a real eye-catcher.
  • The right color for the bedroom make-up corner – The choice of color should never be neglected. To create a harmonious overall picture and so that the room does not appear overloaded, the nuances should complement each other. Colors like white, cream and light pink give the room a refreshing touch and have a calming effect. Set up a black or gray flower vase to create great contrasts and accents.

DIY dressing table Idea make-up corner Inspiration Bedroom set up

  • Make up ideas with flowers – Bring a little color and fragrance into the room by putting gorgeous blooming flowers on the dressing table. The fresh scent brightens the mood and creates a cozy atmosphere. It looks particularly exquisite when you stage it in an elegant ceramic or wooden vase. Even home-made artificial flowers decoration or decorative succulents can be staged in different ways and are another excellent option to beautify the make-up area.
  • Aroma therapy – It has been scientifically proven that some scents can have a positive effect on our psyche. Aroma candles or incense sticks are therefore an absolute must for the dressing table DIY decoration.

Make-up corner little space – creative dressing table ideas for smaller areas

Make-up corner little space Dressing table DIY ideas to design a small bedroom

In a small room, finding the right place for a make-up corner can quickly become a challenge. In order to create a harmonious overall picture and so that the room does not appear overloaded, the dressing table must above all be practical and space-saving. Here are some great makeup ideas for smaller spaces:

  • Instead of a bedside table – Functionality meets design – placing the dressing table right next to the bed is a great option to make the most of the available space without having to compromise on furnishing.
  • Convert the dresser into a dressing table – This is not a perfect replacement, but you have to show a little creativity when you set up a small room. All you have to do is hang a mirror over it. Add a few fresh flowers as decoration and your bedroom’s make-up corner is ready!
  • In the corner – A small corner in the bedroom is free and you don’t know what to do with it? Then this is exactly the right place for your new dressing table.

Dressing table DIY – an overview of other great and creative make-up ideas

Reuse old furniture Make-up table DIY cheap Make-up corner

DIY dressing table decoration and storage is an inexpensive way to organize your makeup items

DIY dressing table storage makeup corner inspiration

Flawless make-up is only possible with the right lighting

DIY dressing table storage bedroom make-up corner little space

Soothing colors and fresh flowers transform the make-up area into a real eye-catcher

DIY dressing table decorating small bedroom tips make-up area

Do you prefer something more rustic? Wooden furniture radiate a special warmth and appear incredibly puristic and elegant

Small bedroom set up DIY dressing table cheap upcycling ideas

An armchair or a comfortable chair should not be missing when setting up a make-up corner

Bedroom lighting dressing table DIY makeup corner Inspiratio

Floating shelves attached to the wall are wonderful for a simple dressing table DIY project

small bedroom set up make-up corner dressing table DIY

Spice up old pieces of furniture to give the make-up space a personal touch

Bedroom make-up corner little space dressing table ideas

The make-up corner is your personal realm, where you can prepare yourself and relax for a short moment

Bedroom makeup corner set up dressing table DIY

Bright, natural colors such as white and beige illuminate the entire room and create a cozy atmosphere

Make-up corner dressing table DIY small bedroom furnishing tips

The bedroom should be our little oasis of wellbeing and white furniture gives the make-up area the finishing touch

Make up corner dressing table DIY small bedroom set up ideas

Looking for nice and simple dressing table DIY ideas for small bedrooms? Then this practical and contemporary design is just right for you!

Make-up corner little space DIY dressing table decoration small bedroom furnishing tips

Wooden furniture has a special retro charm

Make-up corner little space DIY dressing table cheap

Even in the smallest rooms there is always room for a chic make-up corner

Dressing table storage DIY small bedroom set up make-up area

Drawers and DIY dressing table storage are practical to store your treasures and at the same time put them in the limelight

Dressing table storage DIY bedroom interior trends

Comfortable seating that matches the rest of the interior completes the overall picture

Dressing table DIY instructions upcycling ideas old furniture bedroom furnishings trends

Or why not turn your grandma’s old “Singer” sewing machine into a cool vintage dressing table?

Dressing table DIY instructions Make-up corner little space to set up a small bedroom

A small table, a mirror and a stool – that’s all you need for the make-up corner in the bedroom!

Dressing table Idea set up small bedroom Make-up corner Inspiration

Make-up corner dressing table DIY – implement your own ideas and don’t be afraid to play with colors

Dressing table set up DIY bedroom makeup corner

Dressing table kids DIY ideas – even the little princesses deserve to have their own make-up area

Dressing table kids DIY makeup corner inspiration nursery decorating ideas

Gentle pastel shades ensure a harmonious overall picture

Dressing table kids DIY kids room set up ideas dressing table DIY

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