Decorate tree in the garden with lights, garlands and flowers – Beautiful DIY ideas

That the trees are decorated with Easter eggs for Easter is nothing new. But why not continue to use these natural shade providers afterwards to make the garden even more attractive for the summer. Would you like to decorate a tree in the garden, we can help you with some nice ideas. Whether for normal summer evenings or for a garden party – the suggestions are super suitable with and without an occasion. And you can also decorate tree stumps.

Decorate a tree in the garden - lanterns, windows and lanterns to hang

Decorate tree in the garden with lights

Decorate the tree in the garden - wrap fairy lights around the tree trunk

With a little light for the evening hours, you can achieve a really romantic atmosphere that makes the time in the garden even more beautiful. Trees are perfect for hanging different light sources on branches and twigs. If you want to decorate a tree in the garden in this way, you can not only use lanterns as a garden decoration for hanging, but also fairy lights that look particularly pretty when they hang down and look like a rain shower. But you can also wrap them around the tree trunks.

Decorate tree in the garden with hanging fairy lights above a table

Decorate tree in the garden with gnome doors

Design trees and stumps with a fairy door and flowers

If you want to decorate the tree trunk in the garden, you can also use such a gnome door. She looks really nice. Since this decoration is so popular, there are numerous ready-made models that you can attach and complement with ground cover and other elements. If you would rather make a gnome door yourself, you can use our instructions. By the way, it can also be used to decorate a tree stump in the garden.

Design a staircase along the tree trunk from wooden discs

Build stairs

You can also add such a pleasant staircase to the gnome door and also decorate the tree in the garden. From wooden slices, which you can simply cut from branches, you build the steps, which you then fix to the tree trunk.

Hanging flower pots

Decorate the tree in the garden with hanging pots and green plants or flowers

Everyone has come up with the idea of ​​hanging flower pots on the wall, on a roof or on an arch. But why not use the tree branches for this purpose and decorate a tree in the garden? In this way you create a nice seating area in the shade, which at the same time looks natural. It is up to you whether you use green plants or flowering plants for this purpose.

Hang up vases

Hang vases in the garden under the tree and decorate with fresh cut flowers

If you are one of those people who always want to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table, you will definitely like this alternative. Hang bottles, glasses or mason jars on a tree, fill them with water and put fresh cut flowers in them whenever you want. Especially if you have plenty of flowers in your garden throughout the season, this tree decoration can prove to be just the thing. Instead of real flowers, you can of course also use artificial ones if you decorate the tree in the garden.

Decorate the tree in the garden with homemade mirror garlands

Decorate tree with mirror garlands in the garden - quick and easy DIY decoration

A really simple project that will effectively stage the area under the tree is a garland of small mirrors in any shape. It’s best to hang up several of them, because they work even better in groups. Especially under trees that do not have a too dense crown and still let sunlight shine through the leaves, beautiful lighting effects are created.

Instructions for crafting garlands with mirrors as a sun catcher

If you want to make such garlands yourself and use it to decorate the tree in the garden, simply get small mirrors. You need two pieces of each shape. Put a little hot glue on a mirror, put the thread on it and glue the other mirror on top to hide the thread. Keep in mind that this variant can be quite difficult, which is why it is more suitable for shorter garlands. If you want to make longer ones instead, only stick one mirror to the thread at a time or use smaller and thin mirrors. In strong winds, you should remove this garden decoration from the tree.

Suncatcher tinker as garlands to hang

Suncatcher with pearls

Such garlands can also be made from glass beads and transform every tree into a real gem. They not only look great as party decorations, but can decorate the garden all summer.

Decorate trees with wind chimes

Hang wind chimes in trees for pleasant sounds outside

If you want to enjoy beautiful sounds under your tree, then wind chimes should not be missing. It is best to hang up several at the same time and enjoy pleasant music from nature. Of course, both purchased and homemade wind chimes are suitable, the sounds of which vary depending on the material. Metal and bamboo are particularly popular, but you can also use the shells from your last beach vacation for this purpose. A nice idea for decorating your tree in the garden!

Plant tree stump

Idea for tree stumps - plant flowers as decoration

If you still have a tree stump in the garden, you can use it wonderfully for decorating. On the one hand flower pots and figures can be arranged on it, on the other hand they can also be planted directly and thus take on the role of a planter. For this, the stump should be hollowed out and lined with foil. Then plant any flowers in it with sufficient potting soil.

More ideas for garden decorations on trees

Rustic lighting with a wooden wheel above a dining table under the tree

Door and window on a tree trunk imitate a fairy house

Decorate tree in the garden with a gnome door and windows

Useful decoration with bird house hanging on the tree

Tree decoration with bird house - colorful design of the trees

Many birdhouses on a tree

Hang bird houses on trees as a useful garden decoration

Colorful ribbons, fairy lights and hanging vases for a party decoration

Decorate tree in the garden for a party with colorful ribbons and fairy lights

Nice lighting for the dining area in the garden

Nice garden idea with mason jars and fairy lights over a dining table

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