Crafts with bobbles for creative and playful DIY gift packaging ideas

Large bobbles, small bobbles, bobbles made of wool and felt – the variety of these likeable accessories, which have long been more than just clothing, stimulates a wide range of craft ideas. A pom pom garland as a party decoration or as a decoration for pillows and blankets are just two of the many possible uses. Today we would like to give you a few ideas on how to decorate a gift box nicely with them. Are you ready to tinker with pompons? Well, let’s get started now!

Handicrafts with pompons – colorful gift packaging ideas

Handicrafts with pompoms - gift wrapping with dot patterns made of colorful pompoms

Probably the easiest way to design the gift wrap is to spread such tiny felt bobbles of different colors on the wrapping paper after you pack the gift. These are fixed with hot or other glue. You are also welcome to make a pompom out of wool instead of the classic bow and wrap it around the package with pretty yarn.

Packaging tinker with pompons in bright colors for carnival and birthday

Choose the colors according to the occasion (e.g. motley for a birthday and in white, green and red for Christmas) and create a suitable gift packaging in this way.

With pom pom ribbons

Crafts with pompoms and pompon ribbons for pretty gift packaging

Instead of normal thread or ribbon, you can also use pom pom ribbon and kill two birds with one stone – you tie the package together and also use pompoms for it!

Colorful accent on the gift

Handicrafts with pompoms in different sizes and colorful yarn - Instructions

This pretty arrangement of colorful pompoms in different sizes is reminiscent of flowers. You can put them together according to your taste. For the example above, many wool threads were first put together in bright colors and glued to the gift packaging. The pompoms were then arranged over this. Do not stick them in place straight away, but experiment with the positions first. Then use glue to fix the pompoms in place.

Tinker with motifs – animals and fruits

Animals tinker with pompoms - sheep in white and pink flamingo with pipe cleaner

Even small motifs and figures can be tinkered with the small pompoms. These cute sheep, for example, consist of three rows of white pompoms – first three pompoms, then four and then again three, which are then provided with a head and legs made of black edding. They are a great motif for a baby shower.

If you make bobble animals you can also use other materials. For this purpose, a pink pipe cleaner was used for the flamingo, which forms the long neck. A pink wool bobble shapes the body and the legs are made from the hanging ends of the wool thread that was used to tie the package.

Fruit tinkering with pompoms - cherries, lemons and limes with sheets of paper

Small pomegranate fruits also look beautiful summery, which can be obtained quickly and easily by combining the appropriate color (e.g. red for cherries and apples, yellow for lemons, green for limes) with a few sheets of felt or paper. First glue the leaves to the wrapping paper and then the pompoms that overlap the leaves a little.

Tinker with pompons and branches

Crafts with pompons and branches for happy or minimalistic gift decorations

Especially for a winter event, no matter if birthday, normal party or Christmas, simple branches are a great basis for decorating gifts. By simply sticking small pompoms on the branches, it appears as if they were berries. In this way you can create a chic and simple gift packaging. However, if you want it to be happier and more colorful, take the second idea as inspiration: a thick branch has been provided with colorful and large pompoms.

Making decorations for gifts with pompoms – ideas

Simple gift packaging with colorful pompoms

Do you really feel like making gift packaging with pompoms? Then we would like to give you some creative suggestions with the following examples that you can use for your purposes. No matter whether you make your bobbles yourself or buy them ready for a faster DIY project – the result will definitely look original and unique and make a special impression.

Decorate gift wrapping with bobble

Red pompoms on a branch imitate berries

Nice gift with white packaging and branch with berries made of red pompoms

Simple, pink decoration with wool on wrapping paper

Pink pompom with yarn for wrapping birthday presents

Combine white pompoms with golden bells

Modern gift in white and silver with a golden bell and white pompom

Nice idea in white and mustard color with dried orange slices

Nice idea in white and mustard color with dried orange slices

Red pompom for Rudolph for Christmas

Idea for tinkering with pompoms for Christmas - red pompom as a nose for Rudolph

Decorate great gift with big pompom and evergreen

Decorate a large package with a large pompom and evergreen

Fingerprints and felt pompoms for reindeer on the gift

Felt bobbles as red noses for reindeer from fingerprints

Cute fir tree made of fluffy pompoms in green and white

Fluffy bobbles in green and white for a Christmas fir tree

Wrap a gift like an Easter bunny with ears and bobble as tail

Wrap a gift as a rabbit for Easter with a pink bobble

Cute idea with cacti

Make additional wrapping paper with cactus with pink pompons

Snowflakes made of glittering pompons in Christmas colors

Glitter bobbles for making your own snowflakes in red, white and green

Pretty, wintry flowers with pipe cleaner in silver

Glittering pompom with silver pipe cleaner for winter flowers as decoration

Red felt balls for a white gift box

Big pompom instead of bow and dot pattern made of red felt pompons

Handicrafts with pompoms – large pompom as an accent on a small gift

Large, fluffy pompom for a small gift

Christmas decoration for gifts with bobble and evergreen branches

Crafts with pompoms and evergreen for Christmas decorations on the gifts

Mistletoe with wool and felt

Crafts with pompoms and felt - mistletoe accent on Christmas presents

Make ice cream balls out of pompons

Handicrafts with pompoms - create an ice cream cone on gifts

Heart for valentine’s day

Craft idea for Valentine's Day - make a heart out of bobbles

Christmas ideas

Craft ideas for Christmas presents in winter - wreath of pompoms, pom pom ribbons and mistletoe

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