Crafting at home: creative ideas for the whole family

Spring not only brings sun and warm temperatures, but also the desire for new decorations, fresher colors and more lightness for your own home. The desire for change and a change of scenery is particularly evident in the times of Corona, as the whole family is now together more and more often in their own four walls. So it makes sense to use the time together and implement new handicraft ideas and DIY ideas together with the children. Tinkering with the whole family is fun and fun for children and their parents. We have put together creative DIY ideas and tips for self-made decorations as well as simple handicraft tips for children.

Practical storage: creative craft ideas

Tinker decorations for home collect craft supplies

Who does not know it: a total mess of keys that are on the sideboard in the hallway or forgotten in bags and satchels? No matter whether house or cellar keys or for the bike – a key is always gone when you need it. How about a self-made key storage? Everyone in the family has their own place here. Thanks to this great do-it-yourself key board, the problem of misplaced keys is a thing of the past and ensures order at home. And the instructions are very simple. All you need are a wooden slat and various wooden beads, skewers, key rings, acrylic paint and ribbons, preferably made of leather. Last but not least, a saw. The simple key board is now very easy. Mark the spaces for the keys on the board and use the saw to cut slots 1 cm deep. It is best to sand down thoroughly. In the meantime, the children can put the wooden beads on skewers and paint them with color. After drying, the pearls can be pulled on leather cord. It is knotted on one side and the key ring is attached on the other side. Finished! This project is a nice family craft project and a great activity for children.

Craft ideas for home key storage key board DIY

Another nice decoration idea that children can make for their mom is a homemade jewelry shelf. These instructions for the jewelry holder are also simple and, with a little help from the parents, a great craft idea for children. Different round wooden sticks, chalk paint and spray paint, cords, wooden beads, a drill and a saw are required for this. First, holes are drilled in the bars. If you feel like it and what of course looks nicer, you can paint the rods. The wooden beads are now threaded on the cord and the end knotted. Then the cords are threaded through the holes on one side in the rods and knotted at 8 cm intervals. Leave about 25 cm of the cord as a suspension, then it goes back through the other holes. The even distances are important. At the end, thread on the beads again and knot.

Make a jewelry shelf yourself at home

Tidying up with the kids is a great way to learn together as a family with fun. What helps: Painted boxes to store toys or nice shelves to present your favorite cuddly toy. Or also this chic type case to make yourself. A brilliant craft idea that can be easily and easily implemented with children and used to store and store all kinds of bells and whistles in the children's room. Place boxes of different sizes on an underlay with the open side up and spray it with paint. If you want, you can stick gift or construction paper on the floor. Then arrange the boxes and glue them together using hot glue.

Craft ideas at home Shelves made of cardboard for the children's room

Nice decorating ideas to make yourself

Nice decorating ideas to make yourself and craft ideas with children for home

This chic bowl helps against the chaos on the table. This is a creative craft idea that is also great as a decoration. All you need is solid cardboard and design papers in the colors of your choice. You or your children cut the cardboard into eight strips, each 1.5 cm wide, and lay six of the strips on top of each other like a star. Fix in the middle with glue. You can use the remaining strips as a border for the bowl by gluing them together and folding up the ends of the strips in a star. The whole thing then looks like a basket. Cut approx. 40 feathers from the design paper. Now overlap the feathers and glue them lengthwise to the top of the bowl with hot glue, and work your way down row by row.

Paint a pillow with children

You can also paint a pillow together. If you like it cozy as a family, you can label your own upholstery. A great DIY idea that is simple and makes a big impact. Everyone in the family has their own pillow to paint on. For your own pillows, the motif is drawn on a photo cardboard and cut out. Now stick a cardboard in the cover as a base and place the cut motif on the outside. Spray the motif with a textile spray and let it dry. After removing the template, the iron can be used to fix the color between two layers of baking paper.

Parents and children also paint their own plates and cups

If the whole family already has their own pillows, it is not far when parents and children also paint their own plates and cups or even glasses. Making these beautiful plates and cups with the family is not only fun, but the utensils are very individual objects for all family members. To paint the cups, simply follow these instructions: Write the selected text, for example the names of parents and children, on the cups and bowls. You can also practice on paper beforehand. Then paint the lettering with acrylic markers. Once the writing has dried, further decorations such as feathers, arrows or banners can be added.

Handicraft tips for children: world of unicorns

Handicraft tips for children World of unicorns in the children's room

Unicorns will never be out. No matter what people say and no matter which other animal is now at the top: The cute animals, which are reminiscent of frosting and fairy dust, will always be present in the dreams of little girls (or boys) and as the first “trend animal” keep coming back. This can also be seen in many birthday decorating and craft ideas. For example, this great unicorn flower pot. All you need is a plastic bottle, sharp scissors, acrylic paint (of course in pink), air-drying modeling clay “Super Fluffy” in pink and white, glue and animal eyes. Cut off the lower third of the bottle with scissors. Children should be helped by the parents. Now paint the outside. Now form two ears and nose and two nostrils from the modeling clay and don't forget the horn. Then glue the parts to the painted bottle. Only the eyes are missing and the pot can be planted.

Unicorn flower pot and glitter glass craft ideas for children

This fairytale glitter glass is the eye-catcher in the children's or living room. All you have to do is arrange bow beads on a pegboard to form a unicorn head or rainbow. Note that you make the bottom rows again in duplicate in order to stick the motif well later. Place a piece of baking paper over the ironing beads and iron them now. Let cool well. Then stick the two extra rows under the motif for more stability. Clean an old jam or honey jar and roughen the inside with some sandpaper. The motif is now glued to the lid and then the glass is filled with water and glycerin. Then add glitter and scatter stars to the water and close the glass.

Father's Day gift with kids making cell phone charging station for the desk

And how about this cute cell phone charger on Papa's desk? Solid cardboard is required, a cutter knife with a cutting surface and a pencil, craft glue. The strips are painted on colorful cardboard and cut out. Place the cell phone on top of two of the arches. Trace the outline of the cell phone in pencil. Then draw a 2 cm rectangle underneath. This will be the opening for the charging cable later. Cut out the cut-out for the mobile phone on both rainbows on the pencil lines. Now glue the rainbows on top of each other as follows: First three whole rainbows, then the two arches with the recess and above the three remaining whole arches. Now paint four times a cloud on white paper and always two rainbow rays in one color and size on the colorful photo cardboard. Cut out everything. Now cut out two strips of white photo cardboard for the upper and lower edge. Transfer the cut-out at the bottom for the cable to the small strip and the cut-out at the top for the mobile phone to the large strip and cut them out. Glue the individual parts of the rainbow in the correct order. Then stick the white stripes on the top and bottom of the sheet. Finally stick the clouds on.

These simple craft ideas for the whole family are great craft tips and instructions for creative hours for parents and children. So there is nothing standing in the way of handicraft fun and new decorations for the home.

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