Coronavirus vaccine from Russia soon in the final testing phase

Russia continues to advance human trials with coronavirus vaccine. The country was recently the worst affected by Covid-19. After being the first emerging market to test drive a potential vaccination at Oxford University, Brazil is the first country to complete human studies. According to Russian researchers, the trials on humans would soon be completed and the test patients would be released accordingly.

Final phase in the test of coronavirus vaccine

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The scientists have completed the research and proven that the vaccine is safe. The volunteers will be released on July 15th and 20th. However, there is as yet no further information about when this vaccine would go into commercial production. Russia has approved clinical trials with two forms of a potential coronavirus vaccine. About 20 people volunteered for the injection. After the shot, the volunteers were asked to quarantine in the hospital for 28 days. Previously, the results of the Covid-19 vaccine tests conducted on a group of volunteers in Russia showed that they developed immunity to the coronavirus. However, the article does not state which active ingredient is actually contained in the medication.

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According to the World Health Organization, researchers are currently testing at least 21 vaccines worldwide. Each country and laboratory takes a different approach to find the right solution. The scientists want to prevent Covid-19 from conquering the world at this time. Meanwhile, public health officials in Moscow have lifted the requirement to wear face masks outdoors. Protective masks and gloves are mandatory when people use public transportation, go to a medical center, or shop. Of 19 experimental vaccines in human studies worldwide, only two are in the last Phase III study. One is China’s Sinopharm and the other comes from AstraZeneca in collaboration with Oxford University. China’s Sinovac Biotech is expected to be third this month.

research results

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Early results of the first small study by the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow on humans have shown that the vaccine is safe. This will correspond to a phase III trial as individuals receiving the coronavirus vaccine will need to be kept under supervision. In Phase I and Phase II of the studies, researchers typically test the safety of a drug before it enters Phase III. In the final test phase, they test its effectiveness with a larger group of volunteers. In addition, the test group had no significant side effects and is expected to come out of the hospital soon. Results currently available show that the volunteers have developed an immune response to the coronavirus vaccine.

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