Constellation nails are the latest nail trend: 20+ ideas and inspirations to imitate!

A fresh new manicure not only ensures a good mood, but is also the perfect way to add the finishing touch to our outfit. The nail polish trends are so versatile that there is something for every taste. From colorful neon nails to timeless and elegant baby boomer nails, everything is there! But at the moment there is a whole new trend in the spotlight that is conquering social media – constellation nails, also known as constellation nails. Filigree and delicate star constellations are painted on the nails and the interpretations range from very simple designs to complicated galaxy patterns. You can find out how you can easily make your own constellation nails and many breathtaking ideas and inspirations in our article!

paint short nails ideas nail trends constellation nails

Whether as jewelry or as a tattoo – star constellations and zodiac signs have been in vogue for several years. Now the galactic details adorn our nails and give our look a personal touch. Regardless of whether you are a fan of simple and simple nail designs or are interested in astronomy – the nail trend just looks stunning. The designs are filigree, decorated with tiny details or with pearls and stones, which makes the nail trend all the more impressive.

Constellation nails look magical

Nails in almond shape long nail design ideas constellation nails

From delicate nude shades to purple to black and gray – the color palette of Constellation Nails is incredibly versatile and everything is possible. Some designs even combine two nail trends in one by including a crescent manicure. Others are totally inspired by the cosmos and have a sparkling element that reminds us of the clear night sky.

Make your own constellation of nails – it's that easy to get the look at home

Astrology nail design short gel nails black nail polish

One of the biggest advantages of constellation nails is that you can easily get the look yourself at home. However, the lines are very delicate and a little bit of tact is required. So if you have a steady hand and a little patience, follow our DIY instructions and conjure up beautiful constellations on your nails.

You will need the following utensils for this:

  • Base and top coat
  • White or nude nail polish
  • Black or other dark nail polish of your choice
  • Small dotting pen
  • A fine brush

Constellation Nails Trend – Detailed step by step instructions

Almond-shaped nails Nail trends spring constellation nails

  • First, get the nails into the desired shape. For example, nails in almond shape are particularly popular and feminine.
  • Next, apply the base coat and let it dry out completely.
  • Now the base color is applied to the nails. For a more subtle look, grab nude shades. With darker shades such as black, gray or blue, however, the constellation nails come into their own.

Nude nail polish short nails varnish Constellation Nails nail trends

  • Find a constellation template on the Internet.
  • Now apply small dots to the nails with a contrasting nail polish color and the dotting pen and shape them like little stars.
  • Then slowly connect the lines between the dots with the fine brush. Let the nails dry out completely.

Constellation nails short gel nails nail design ideas

  • For a magical and striking look, you can decorate the constellation nails with fine glitter, stones or pearls.
  • Finally, the top coat is applied. Here you have the choice between a matt and a normal top coat. The normal one really makes your manicure shine, while the matt top coat gives the nails a futuristic and modern touch.

With nail foils or stickers you can get the sky on your nails in no time

Black manicure nails in almond shape Spring nail trends

You are rather clumsy, but you still feel artistic and would like to approach the new nail trend? Then you can count yourself lucky because star constellations of nail stickers are now available online and in all well-stocked drugstores. All you have to do is stick them on the nails and fix them with a top coat.

Constellation Nails – more fascinating ideas and inspirations to imitate

Constellation Nails Trend Purple Nail Polish Nail Trends

Whether your personal star sign or that of your partner – anything is possible with Constellation Nails.

Constellation Nails Trend nails in almond shape constellation manicure

The Constellation Nails nail trend is mostly held in colors such as black and white

make short gel nails nail design constellation nails yourself

No matter which color shades you choose – the constellation nails are a great addition to any look

paint short nails nail trends spring constellation nails

The color of the year “Classis Blue” fits just as well with the nail trend and looks incredibly noble

Long almond-shaped nails Blue nail design Manicure constellation

Play with colors and achieve a futuristic look that attracts the eye

Nail trends spring constellation nails constellation nails nail design

Incredibly beautiful are elegant constellation nails with fine glittering details and subtle pastel colors

Nude gel nails design nail trends spring constellation nails

Give your nails a matt finish for more individuality

Black matte nail polish almond shaped long nail trends spring

Only through the great contrast that black and white form do the star constellations really come into their own

Black nails nail design ideas gel nails nail trends

Glitter particles or pebbles make your nails sparkle and create a good mood in spring

Constellation Nails constellation nails nail trend pastel colors nail polish

The simplicity and the filigree lines are what make the constellation nails so impressive

Constellation Nails Trends constellations

A dark blue nail polish reminds us even more of the night sky and gives our look a touch of magic

Constellation nails constellation nails nail trends spring

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