Combine black dress - that's how the classic is worn in the fall!

Autumn outfits black dress round sunglasses for any face shape

A black dress belongs in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious woman. Surprisingly, this is not the case - the timeless classic has a stunning look for absolutely every pleasure and creates a wonderful and elegant look. Whether for festive and official looks, sporty and casual for the everyday or for the office - how best to combine a black dress and many great fall outfit ideas you'll find in our article right away!

Combine black dress for autumn


The fashionable classic has been among the most popular women's clothing items for almost 100 years and we owe it to French fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. The American magazine "Vogue" in 1926 designed the design of a beautiful, black pencil case. The design was also Chinese silk, knee-covered, narrow-cut and with a long sleeves.

Find the appropriate model for your figure


It offers infinitely many different models and cuts of the "little black" and if you can combine it successfully, it is important not only in your own style, but also your figure.

  • If you need to cushion the padding around the paw and the hips, then you are best advised with a A-line dress that is lightly displayed from the waist.
  • Short and straight-cut black dresses are attractive for beautiful and small women. Since the long models visually stun the body a little, you would be scratching them off.
  • Elegant wrap or shirt blouse sets in a beautiful way the female figure in the scene and are the perfect choice for all women who have luscious curves.

Leather jacket and black dress combine for everyday life

Black dress combines elegant leather jacket with high heels outfit ideas

The combination of a black dress and a leather jacket is one of the most popular autumn outfits of all time and creates a light rocky note. Wear this pair of chic high heels and a noble leather bag and have the perfect autumn outfit with a black dress for the office. Or can it be more delicate? Then simply replace the replacement shoes against cool leather boots and complete your look!

Combine black dress with denim jacket

Oversized Jean jacket outfit Minikleid im Herbst wear fashion trends

Whether in oversized looks or slim cut - those denim jackets are also lying this fall in total! So it is no wonder that they put a black dress optimally in the scene. A pair of trendy sneakers or boots make the classic super everyday and round out your fall outfit perfectly!

Chic blazers and cardigans for the perfect autumn outfit

Combine black dress with blazer and leo pattern boots in autumn

In the morning it is very fresh and then it becomes even hotter but it was warmer - in the autumn you had at least no idea who you should look at best. Because of this, elegant blazers or knit jackets are a real all-rounder this season. Combining the beauty of the black dress is that the piece of clothing leaves plenty of room for your creativity and individuality. So you can calmly grab a blazer in another color - from red to yellow - is allowed, was please! This look is for the office as well as for the everyday.

Combine black dress with a trench coat or coat

Winter Coat in Leomuster Fashion Trends Autumn Outfits with Overknee Boots

An elegant, black dress reads beautifully with a long wool coat or a trench coat. Totally stated at the tops for this season are the animal patterns and lend your autumn outfit a colorful accent. Ask your feminine site for a look and make sure you get a little excitement by wearing those cool overknee boots. They keep your legs warm and look stylish at the same time.

The "little black" in the Layer Look

Oversized knit sweater outfit ideas elegant autumn fashion trends for women

A cuddly knit sweater in the oversized look is easily heard in the fall and then lets you create gorgeous outfits. A black dress was made for the stated layer look. Simply put on the sweater over the dress and already have a beautiful mid-skirt from the dress.

So you can combine a black dress for the office

Office Outfits for Autumn Wool Coat with High Heels Fashion Trends

The black dress is a symbol of class, elegance and seriousness. All professional women who put a great deal of value on their look are best advised by the classic. Together with a narrow-cut, elegant blazer or coat and the matching high heels, the "little black" becomes a wonderful Business Basic. Bring a little color to the game by combining it with a beautiful scarf or leather case.

Put the black dress with the appropriate accessories in the scene

Autumn outfits Jersey dress boots made of wild leather in gray

Jewelry and various accessories such as scarves, hats or belts put on an elegant black dress that crowns and makes it a real hingucker. Whether a beautiful brooch or a striking statement necklace are perfect for applying and providing a unique and unique look.

Combining Black Dress - It's the Most Beautiful Autumn Outfits!

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