Combine antioxidant foods for Alzheimer’s disease

New research from Australia has shown that antioxidant foods in combination with other nutrients prevent the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. This type of healthy eating could even reverse some aging processes. The published study found that taking a combination of increasing doses of antioxidants to prevent debilitating disease is more beneficial than any other treatment currently available.

Antioxidant foods for Alzheimer’s

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Once you reach middle age, chronic and degenerative diseases become the greatest threat to your health and longevity. In fact, these diseases are linked to over 70 percent of deaths worldwide. That is, they are the reason why most people in the world can die prematurely. Many of these diseases have strong links to oxidative stress. So this is a condition that occurs when free radicals and antioxidants in your body are out of balance.

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Chronic degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s are also attributed to more than 70 percent of deaths worldwide. Oxidative stress, chronic ametabolic acidosis and free radicals in the body also play a key role in the aging process. The study results above all showed that antioxidant foods react with free radicals in the body to render them harmless. Dr. Gerald Veurink carried out the research while working at UWA Medical School and examined a number of antioxidants to find out which ones best protect the neurons in the body’s nervous system.

Study results

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The research team found that complex phenolic carotenoid and antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E in high concentrations were the most effective in lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A nutritious diet helped to stabilize the pH in the body. The simultaneous addition of an antioxidant combination was most effective in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. This combination of antioxidants in high enough, personalized doses and a nutritious, low-carbohydrate diet seems to have the greatest impact on Alzheimer’s patients. These are exciting study results from an extremely important group of researchers and another small step towards a possible intervention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. He also found a combination of antioxidants instead of a single antioxidant that helped fight oxidative stress. This is a holistic approach to health care. The individual nutritional needs can thus be optimized. The whole thing is necessary to delay and prevent these chronic diseases.

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