Click vinyl in wood look – with white and gray to become a trendsetter

A particularly popular variant for the design of the floor is the wooden floor. The sensitive material harbors some disadvantages that you can skilfully avoid without having to forego its natural look. With a high quality Click vinyl in wood look create as well harmonious surfaceswhich also have a lot to offer technically. You are particularly stylish on the go with wood decors in gray and white Turn your premises into unique highlights.

The all-time favorite – timeless living with click vinyl in wood look

Click vinyl flooring as an alternative to laminate, durable and long-lasting

When choosing a floor, one thing is usually clear: it must be a wood-look covering. The shapely planks with different grain and tones can be installed in almost all rooms and are always representative of one harmonious and comfortable interior design. Neutral beige tones give even small rooms a feeling of spaciousness and friendliness, while dark surfaces give a charming and stylish appearance. Wood designs can do much more than classic brown and moderately grained. If you want to give your rooms a high-quality look that can be used with almost any furnishing style, you will need to do the next renovation Wood looks in gray and white!

Wooden surfaces with technical advantages – click vinyl as a practical floor solution

Click vinyl as flooring in the bedroom in Scandinavian style

Would you also like to follow the timeless trend and buy a floor covering with a wood look in gray or white? Then we have good news for you! You do not have to use expensive parquet flooring for the stylish design of your floor. A click vinyl floor doesn't just offer you one cheaper alternative, at the same time the design flooring also has some technical advantages.

In contrast to the soft surface of a parquet floor Click vinyl is particularly robust and stable. Depending on the utility class, a vinyl floor can even be used in heavily used industrial areas. Therefore click vinyl also offers you the possibility to provide your restaurant or office with a durable wood look. In addition, the vinyl floor is pronounced resistant to stains, abrasion, scratches and water, so that even after years of intensive use, you benefit from an even and new surface.

Furnishing in white and gray Gray vinyl flooring

Visually, a vinyl floor cannot compete with real wood? Not correct! When producing a click vinyl nowadays state-of-the-art digital printing and embossing processes applied so that they cannot be distinguished from their natural models with the naked eye. Vinyl floors are now even available in different phases, which give you an even more authentic flooring. Some click vinyl floors are precisely embossed, making the finest grains even haptic.

More freedom of design – click vinyl in gray

Choose flooring for living room in gray and white

You will receive a floor that provides a very fresh and changeable feeling of living Click vinyl in gray. Designer flooring with a wood look in delicate gray is not only a trend at the moment, it will also be able to be combined with a wide variety of living styles in the future. While most people think of monotony and boredom when it comes to gray, the exact opposite is true of the interior: the color Gray gives surfaces a constant calm and balance.

Click vinyl is available in numerous shades of gray and grain, with a clever mix of decors for more liveliness and variety can worry. Lay the elastic planks, for example, in a light and a dark gray and achieve exciting floor images and unique effects.

Countless possible combinations – gray wood reproductions from click vinyl flooring

Click vinyl in the bedroom is sustainable, inexpensive and durable

With a click vinyl in gray wood look you can operate a variety of furnishing styles. Due to its structured surface, for example, it harmonises particularly well with elegant furnishings in high-contrast colors. White furniture lends a touch of elegance to the medium shade of gray, thanks to the choice of colorful decorative elements visually refreshed can be.

Laying gray vinyl flooring Tips for furnishing

Click vinyl in gray is also suitable for the implementation of the popular shabby chic. The delicate, mostly matt furnishings are gently grounded on the floor by a gray wood look. In addition, a gray click vinyl gives the soft pastel tones a suitable stage even more radiant and romantic showcase. The design flooring in combination with a wallpaper with a floral print provides the necessary vintage flair that takes you back in time in a modern way.

Modern appearance in every room – click vinyl in white

Vinyl flooring for children's rooms modern flooring

Have you not yet considered equipping yourself with white flooring? The time has come! With Click vinyl in white you do not have to worry about the sensitivity or stain resistance of your floor and can enjoy the visual characteristics of a white wood decor to the fullest. Not only does a white design floor give your surfaces a pronounced look noble and high quality character Your room also appears modern and distinguished regardless of the chosen furnishings.

Click vinyl as flooring for living areas in a puristic style in white and gray

A white click vinyl floor goes with almost every furnishing style and acts like a blank canvas as a stage for your creative spatial ideas. As a result, you are not only free to choose your interior, future redesigns do not require the renovation of your flooring.

Imitation wood in white – individual room design with designer floor

Light gray vinyl floor for Scandinavian style living room

As with gray click vinyl flooring, numerous living styles can be implemented with a white wood look. An imitation wood looks much friendlier and warmer than white tiles and gives your rooms a certain amount of cosiness despite their futuristic design. You can give your living or sleeping area the Nordic coolness of a completely white interior. The all-white look isn't just that noble and tasteful, the use of different materials and fabrics makes the room both cozy and homely.

Vinyl flooring is a trendy floor covering for heavily used rooms

As you will see with a design covering, white is not always white. The bright decor gets a delicate gray shimmer due to a distinctive grain, which goes particularly well with the romantic country house style. Marzipan and snow-white click vinyl can astaged in different ways and make your premises shine regardless of their size.

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