Cervical cancer vaccination could soon eliminate the disease

Cervical cancer vaccination could help address the health problem worldwide within the next century. This is the result of two studies by an international scientific consortium. This took place under the direction of Professor Marc Brisson from the Medical Faculty of Laval University. It took place together with the research center of the CHU de Québec University Laval. Researchers are even more optimistic about North America, stating that the disease could be almost completely eradicated by 2040.

Cervical cancer vaccination as a countermeasure

Prevent cervical cancer countermeasures

The study used the goals defined in the World Health Organization's strategy development for the elimination of cervical cancer for a vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) and the examination of the cervix. The plan provides for 90% of girls to be vaccinated against HPV by 2030. Doctors also plan to have 70% of women screened for cervical cancer once or twice in their lives. 90% of women with precancerous cases will receive appropriate treatment.

cervical cancer vaccination against human papillomavirus HPV

The researchers' analyzes show, above all, that cervical cancer vaccination alone will reduce the number of cases in the worst affected countries by 89% and prevent 60 million cancer cases within a century. By complementing the two aptitude tests and treating precancerous lesions, cervical cancer will decrease by 97% and 72 million will be averted over the next century. In addition, the expansion of appropriate cancer therapy can avert medicine from 62 million cervical cancer deaths.

Medical perspectives

new medical perspectives Treat women with cervical cancer

“For the first time, we estimated how many cases of cervical cancer we could avert if the WHO strategy was implemented and if it could be eliminated,” says Marc Brisson, high vaccination rate and high levels of early detection and treatment, especially in countries with the highest disease burden. “

The researchers used the results to support the development of the WHO strategy to eliminate cervical cancer. This will be presented to the assembly for adoption in May 2020. If WHO adopts and implements the strategy, Member States could soon eliminate cervical cancer.

This can start with countries where income is high. Around 2040 and within the next century, the process will continue around the world. That would be a phenomenal victory for women's health, ”says Professor Brisson in the study. “However, we can only achieve this with considerable financial and political commitment to improve prevention and treatment. “

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