Build a grill yourself – ideas for DIY projects with natural stone or bricks

If you build an outdoor kitchen or grill yourself, you can easily adapt it to your needs and choose the materials according to your taste and budget. These cozy areas in the garden or in the courtyard are suitable for summer parties or barbecues, as well as for intimate dinners for two or with the family. If you use natural stone or old bricks for a barbecue, a DIY project for the garden can also save you a lot of money. But you can make the whole thing look exactly like the commercial grills that you get built by professionals.

Build the right grill yourself

design grill made of natural stone yourself in the backyard of the house

Above all, remember that you have to make a difficult decision before you start building. First of all, you have to determine the type of material from which you want to build a grill yourself. In addition to choosing the type of stone you want to use, you also need to choose the location in your outdoor area where you want to realize your own project. It is also a good idea to create the structure near the kitchen. At the same time, however, it must not be near plants, shrubs or fences. You should do this to avoid unnecessary accidents and fire hazards. So if there are some things in your outdoor area that can easily burn, it is best to keep them away from the grill.

outdoor fireplace grill build natural stone surrounded by forest

If you have a garden where you want to build your grill yourself, it is of course possible to buy a finished structure made of refractory stones that you can easily assemble. However, if you have decided on your own design, you can combine the masonry with different materials. Furthermore, you have to be guided by the functionality. However, it is desirable to find the harmony between materials, colors, shapes and other details. Because apart from the preparation of dishes, this should also be a place of well-being and aesthetics.

Follow simple steps as building instructions

Brick grill build bricks with grill grate and coal in the garden

At the beginning, lay the first layer of large flat stones or bricks on the floor and fill the spaces between the stones with the mortar mixture. Place more layers until you find the structure is high enough, and don't forget to fill the gaps in each layer with the mortar mixture. You can then place the natural stone on the outside of the grill and fill the rooms with mortar. However, make sure to remove excess mortar when laying the stone slabs. You can use a hammer if you think the stone needs to be shaped.

professional brick grill with black iron doors

You can then use metal clips for the last stone layer of the grill. However, make sure that you put them in the mortar and not on the stones to keep the grill stable. First put the grill on it after you have taken the first steps. Wait a few days for the mortar to dry. Then you can use the grill at any time. Remember that the dimensions and structure depend on your wishes. You can create the design as you like, as long as you build the whole thing sturdy and don't let it collapse. The number of things required for such a project can vary depending on how big the building is supposed to be.

Tips on the structure and maintenance of a grill

grill grate care use metal brush

The inner wall of the grill can be lined with fire bricks, which are called refractory bricks and are made of fireclay, for additional heat storage. Choose rustproof, coated cast iron or stainless steel as the grill grate. This can then be carried by angle iron or bricks. A 10 to 15 cm thick underlay made of fiber-reinforced concrete over an equally thick base made of stamped gravel ensures more stability. In addition, the whole should be surrounded by solid brick walls and stretcher bars. A sheet of full metal is suitable and also simplifies ash removal. Place this about 20 to 40 cm below the grillage.

Detached grill made of natural stone with chimney in the back yard

The higher back and side walls of a designed and built barbecue area reduce the risk of flying sparks. Thinner, elongated inner walls facilitate side access to the grids while cooking. Before building, determine the direction in which the prevailing winds are blowing and place the grill so that the smoke blows away from the cook and the dining area. If in doubt, stick small flags in the lawn and watch. For maintenance, brush the hot grill grate regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria. After cooling, spray with vegetable oil to avoid rusting. Dispose of cold ashes after each use to avoid excess smoke and unpleasant aromas.

brick hearth in the garden with lounger

So natural stone and brick are good choices because these materials retain heat well. As fire-resistant building materials, they also do not disintegrate easily when exposed to the heat. So if you have basic skills, a strong back, and some good friends, you should go for it. However, maybe you can hire a professional for intricate masonry.

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