Bone-forming cells could help with osteoporosis

A group of researchers have discovered new bone-forming cells that could play an important role in the fight against osteoporosis. You have the ability to create new bones. It is a group of stem cells that scientists at the UConn School of Dental Medicine have rediscovered. They published the study in the journal Stem Cells.

Bone-forming cells against bone loss

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The lead researchers are Ivo Kalajzic, professor of reconstruction science, postdocs Sierra Root and Natalie Wee, and collaborators from Harvard, the Maine Medical Research Center, and the University of Auckland. They present a new population of cells that are located along the vascular channels. These extend over the bone and connect the inner and outer part of the bone.

“This is a new discovery of perivascular cells that are in the bone itself. Accordingly, they can create new bone-forming cells, “said Kalajzic. “These cells are likely to regulate bone formation or help maintain and repair bone mass.”

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Scientists have long believed that stem cells for bones are present in the bone marrow and on the outer surface of the bone. However, these serve primarily as reserve cells that constantly form new bones or participate in bone repair. Recent studies have described the existence of a network of vascular channels that have helped to distribute blood cells from the bone marrow. However, no research has demonstrated the existence of cells in these channels that have the ability to form new bones.

New study results

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In this study, Kalajzic and his team were the first to report the existence of these precursors of cells in the cortical bone. So these can create new bone-forming cells, or so-called osteoblasts. In addition, medicine can use this to remodel a bone.

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers observed the stem cells within a model of bone grafting. These cells then migrated out of the graft and began to reconstruct the cavities in the bone marrow and form new bones.

While this study shows that there is a population of cells that can help support bone formation, more research needs to be done to determine the potential of the cells to regulate bone formation and resorption.

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