Bedroom with desk – 30+ furnishing tips and ideas to imitate!

For many of us, the bedroom is our personal oasis and is considered the most important and cozy room in our home. However, most modern city apartments are sometimes too small nowadays and for this reason it is very important to make all areas as optimal and space-saving as possible. Whether for your own home office to reply to emails, pay bills or for something else – a small work area should not be missing. Even if the bedroom is seen more as a space to relax and at first glance it might not be the best option for a work corner, more and more people are looking for ideas for a bedroom with a desk. You can find out what you should look for in the furnishing as well as many great inspirations to imitate without impairing the relaxing ambience of the room in our article.

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Many people believe that every room in the home should perform a strictly defined function: the kitchen – for cooking, the living room – for meeting friends, the bedroom – for sleeping, etc. However, this way of thinking is a bit outdated and well thought out You can not only optimally design every room, but also give it an additional touch of comfort and originality. And as working from home is becoming increasingly popular, a small work corner in the bedroom with a desk is definitely very practical.

Furnish bedroom with desk

Apartment modern furnishing tips bedroom ideas with desk

Wouldn't it be nice if your morning commute was to just wake up and take a few steps around the room? Now with the many bedroom ideas with a desk, this is absolutely possible! Whether you choose a completely separate area or just place a small desk and chair somewhere in the corner depends on the one hand on the available space and on the other hand – on your own taste. So that the room does not appear to be overloaded and to create a uniform, cozy atmosphere, it is important that the area harmonizes with the rest of the furniture.

The work corner in the large bedroom

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If there is enough space, there are countless possibilities to furnish the bedroom with a desk. How about, for example, if you place the desk directly in front of the window and enjoy the beautiful view while working? In this case, do not choose a desk that is too large and do not overload it with unnecessary objects in order not to impair natural light.

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Another very simple and creative solution is to separate the desk from the sleeping area with sliding doors, an accent wall or an open shelf. This will help you make a boundary between work and personal life and is a wonderful way to make this desolate empty corner in the bedroom practical, yet stylish. So that everything looks nice and neat, you should provide storage space. These could be small wall shelves or you can simply choose a model with multiple drawers and compartments. And although the area is visually separated, it should still be coordinated with the rest of the furnishings and the style of the bedroom.

And what if you have little space left?

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Lack of space is often the main reason why many people choose a bedroom with a desk. If you have little space, sometimes there is only a small corner left to work. Choose trendy multifunctional furniture that is adapted to the size of the room. The best and perhaps easiest way to get around this problem is to replace the trendy dessert in the bedroom with a nice desk. This is not only practical, it also gives the room a unique and modern touch. We recommend that you attach the reading lamp to the inside edge of the desk so that it is accessible for both working and reading in bed at night.

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If you want to set up a small bedroom with a desk, make sure you have enough space to walk around. Large and robust pieces of furniture like you would be advised against, as they quickly make the room appear crowded. A really space-saving and chic solution are the hinged models. Or why not just place the desk at the foot of the bed? To create more freedom, choose a small and comfortable chair that you can stow under the table or bring into the living room after work. Floating wall shelves provide style and functionality. Small and decorative storage containers or boxes ensure that you always have all important utensils and documents at hand. Decorations, personal photos or plants on the desk give the bedroom a personal touch.

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The key to setting up a small bedroom with a desk is to find the right balance between functionality and design. And this is where corner desks come into play. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, these models always produce amazing results. You will be surprised how much space you have left without the bedroom feeling cramped and cluttered.

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No matter how much space you have – you don't have to compromise on aesthetics because of its functionality. From rustic farmhouse living styles to timeless, Scandinavian chic – with a little creativity everything works for a bedroom with a desk. Perhaps a small work area right next to the bed is just what you need to add the finishing touch to the room.

Set up children's room with desk

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All parents know this – a children's room can be overfilled with all kinds of things and toys pretty quickly. However, there is no doubt that your child also needs a suitable job to do the homework. Since natural daylight is easy on the eyes and promotes concentration, the space directly under the window is the most popular place for a children's or bedroom with a desk. If this is unfortunately not possible, you should ensure that there is enough light through reading lamps. An open wall shelf above the office space offers enough space to store all school utensils such as textbooks and exercise books.

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Do you have a teenager who wants his old child's room to feel a little mature and modern? Then the cool idea like in the photo would be just right for you! The empty space under the bunk bed is wonderful for a small desk and gives the room a cool and chic touch.

Bedroom with desk – more cool and trendy ideas to imitate

If you have enough space, a small accent wall is the best option to separate the work and sleeping areas

Furnish home office in the bedroom Living trends Bedroom furniture modern

Natural daylight and the view from the window immediately make work much more pleasant

Home office furnishing bedroom with desk living trends

With the right room planning for the bedroom with a desk, you create a harmonious and comfortable feeling

Home office set up small bedroom ideas

The free arrangement of the furniture and fine color accents ensure a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere

Set up work corner in bedroom ideas for space-saving furniture

Sometimes you just need a plain white desk and a modern chair for the work corner in the bedroom

Home office set up tips small bedroom with desk ideas modern

The glass table harmonises wonderfully with the furnishings and makes the room look brighter and airier

small bedroom ideas with desk apartment furnishing trends

Choose furniture and decorations that match the style of the room and your own taste

Rustic living style bedroom furniture trends bedroom with desk

Blooming flowers and plants encourage our creativity

small bedroom with desk furnishings tips home trends

A long and narrow desk is a wonderful space-saving and elegant option for smaller rooms

Bedroom ideas with desk furnishing trends to furnish small apartment

Small color accents or a beautiful picture wall brighten the mood

Bedroom ideas with desk set up small apartment tips

Practical and unique – replace the bedside table with a modern desk

Bedroom ideas with desk wall color gray furnishing ideas

Simple and contemporary bedroom ideas with a desk

Bedroom with desk ideas home office design tips

Accessories and decorative pillows in pink give the bedroom a touch of elegance

Bedroom with desk furnishing ideas children's room modern

Choose a visually appealing yet comfortable chair for the work corner

Bedroom with desk furnish small apartment Tips Scandinavian style of living trend

The small desk complements the room in a subtle way

Bedroom with desk wall design ideas apartment modern furnishing tips

If you thought that dark furniture was unsuitable for the bedroom, you were completely wrong

Vintage home style bedroom with desk ideas

A narrow desk is less intrusive, but still offers enough space for the computer and other necessary items

Scandinavian style bedroom with desk ideas

Make sure there are clear boundaries between the sleeping and working areas and hide the desk behind a trendy glass or mirror door

Bedroom furniture trends Scandinavian living style bedroom with desk

The nicest thing about the bedroom with the desk is that you can easily do all the important tasks from home

Apartment set up modern bedroom with desk furnishing ideas

Timeless and incredibly elegant – hide the desk behind a cape

Apartment set up modern bedroom with desk

Another great way to make this little unused corner useful

Apartment minimalist style Tips bedroom with desk

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