Be grateful: sayings and quotes that touch deeply and encourage courage in corona times

Life in corona times is difficult. The dangerous virus and the economic crisis trigger fear and depression in many people. But as bad as the situation is at the moment: There are always stories that give courage and hope for a soon better future. And each of us certainly has something to be thankful for. We offer you 24 sayings and quotes that touch deeply, give strength and stimulate thought. You can send the beautiful pictures to your family and friends via WhatsApp. Thank your loved ones that they are always at your side with advice and action.

Be grateful: sayings and quotes to send

Thankful for partner sayings and quotes for love

Especially in times of crisis, most people look for meaning and support. The social structures we know are falling away one by one. Social isolation can trigger depression and anxiety. But the corona virus didn't just do bad things. Society shows solidarity, the era of individualism seems to be over for good. Instead, more and more value is placed on the community, the circle of friends and the family. Right now we are trying to get in touch with old friends again or to maintain a close relationship with relatives. So Covid-19 is not just a big challenge that we face as a society. With regard to the pandemic, we are increasingly asking ourselves existential questions. Everyone who has thought about it now knows: there are not only negative things, we have many reasons to be grateful.

Thank You Sayings: Say thank you to friends and family

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If you feel isolated and depressed, a simple exercise will help. Write on a piece of paper what you are thankful for. For all friends, for the family, for the dream job or for your curiosity, for the happiness of living in a beautiful city, for all experiences and all trips, for all wild parties and for all nice dinners for two with the partner. And sometimes we are thankful that we are doing well at the moment and that we can spend a lot more time with our loved ones. We are also grateful for any problems we don't have. And we are thankful that we have a chance for a better future.

Gratitude for life and friends show sayings and quotes that give courage

Now is the right time to send a “thank you” greeting card to family and friends. Thank you for simply being there and for standing by you. Because especially in times of crisis we learn how important our grandparents, siblings and cousins ​​are to us. They give us support and come to our aid when we need help.

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If you are grateful to a friend or family member for something, you can surprise them with a homemade gift for Easter. Print out one of our free pictures with quotes and sayings and make a greeting card to hang on the gift. Especially in corona times it is not possible to celebrate the festival with the whole family. But you can send the gift by post.

Thankful for friends sayings and quotes

Have you lost contact with the Freundeskreis? Now is the right time to cultivate the relationship. Tell your old friends how thankful you are for the friendship. You will surely appreciate the nice gesture. If you have a long-distance relationship and unfortunately rarely see the partner, then you can express your love with a beautiful greeting card.

Thank you sayings for roses and thorns

In the photo gallery below you will find further suggestions for pictures with quotations from famous people. You can send them to your loved ones free of charge and advise them on their joy.

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