Bathroom sink height – the optimal height depends on these factors!

Ergonomics are particularly important in the bathroom – just like in the kitchen. The individual sanitary facilities must be at the right height to ensure comfortable and safe conditions for daily hygiene. Particular attention should be paid to the sink, which we use at least several times a day. How high should the wash basin be? What is the recommended mounting height for countertop basins? Is there a standard size for assembly? You can find out in the following sections.

Wash basin height according to DIN

recommended sink installation height adults

The standard height of wash basins is based on DIN standard 68935, which provides for a height of 85 to 95 centimeters. Here, measurements are always made from the finished floor to the top edge of the washbasin. This DIN standard is convenient for most people and is often used as a benchmark for vanities in public spaces and rental apartments.

Adjust the sink height to your height

adjust the height of the sink to your height

When setting up a private bathroom or a guest toilet, not only general recommendations, but also the height of the people in the household should be taken into account. It is best to place the sink at a height where adults can wash their hands in an upright position – without having to bend over the basin. At the same time, the sink must not sit too high. Otherwise, washing your hands or face will cause discomfort.

wash basin height for countertop wash basin

When choosing the right sink height for your height, you should consider the following guidelines:

height recommended installation height for the sink
160 cm 80 cm
175 cm 85 cm
180 cm 90 cm
190 cm 95 cm

If all members of the household are the same size, the choice would be easy. But what if there are very large and very small people living under one roof who have very different needs? The sink should then be hung as a compromise at a standard height of 85 to 90 cm so that it can be used by any adult family member without any problems. For children, climbing aids for normal sink heights are the best solution.

Ideal height for countertop washbasins

standardized sink height in the bathroom

The above parameters apply to all types of sinks. With the suspended, undercounter and built-in washbasins, installation is easy. The situation with countertop sinks is likely to be a little more complicated. After all, sinks that are mounted on a worktop have extremely different heights. If it is an extra deep countertop washbasin, there is a risk that with a standard installation height the worktop will be placed too deep under the sink.

And how do you determine the ideal height? If the height of your washbasin is 85 cm (measured from the floor to the top edge), subtract the height of the countertop washbasin and the thickness of the vanity top. The result is the distance from the bottom edge of the plate to the floor. If you are planning a vanity top with a base cabinet or drawers, you should mount the countertop washbasin a few centimeters higher.

Water connection and drain

sink installation height in the bathroom

How high should I place the sink drain? The height of the wash basin requires a specific arrangement of the hot and cold water connections and the drain opening. Assuming the sink is installed at a standard height of 85 to 90 cm, the drain should be approximately 55 cm above the floor. Water connections with valves should be placed somewhat higher – at a height of approx. 55 – 65 cm. This arrangement of the elements enables the free connection of the tap hoses to the valves and the connection of the sink drain to the waste water hole with the siphon.

The optimal sink height for children

sink height for children

Because of the dizzying pace at which children grow up, it is definitely pointless to design a bathroom for the little ones. Instead of mounting the sink just above the floor, it is better to place it at a standard height and buy a special non-slip step stool or a learning tower that makes it easier for toddlers to take care of their own hygiene.

sink height kindergarten

The situation is very different for crèches, kindergartens and primary schools. In schools and public institutions, every educational institution must ensure that students have access to adequate hygienic and sanitary conditions. However, the guidelines do not specify the amount of sanitary facilities that should be installed for each age group. In the case of wash basins, the following standards were applied:

Age height recommended installation height of sink
up to 3 years <90 cm 50 cm
3-6 years 90-120 cm 55-65 cm
7-11 years 120-150 cm 65-75 cm
12-15 years 150-170 cm 75-85 cm

Wash basin height for the disabled

washbasin height for handicapped accessible bathroom

The currently applicable regulations for handicapped accessible bathrooms are DIN 18024 Part 2 and DIN 18025. In the private sector, DIN 18025 must be taken into account. The document contains very general guidelines for the selection and arrangement of sanitary facilities. With regard to sinks, it simply means that the unit needs to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

sink height handicapped accessible handicapped toilet

The European standard DIN 18024-2 specifies detailed guidelines for the height of a washbasin suitable for the disabled. According to the recommendations, the top edge of the sink should be no more than 80 cm above the floor. At the same time, there must be sufficient knee and foot space below the washbasin – with a minimum depth of 30 cm and a height of 67 cm. In practice, this means that the basin and bathroom cabinets should be avoided when designing the washbasin zone.

washbasin height with countertop washbasin

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