Balcony inspiration – 30+ ideas and inspirations for your own oasis of wellbeing!

There is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful weather with a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner outside in the summer. Unfortunately, life in the city is too hectic and we don't have much time to relax. At one point or another, we all want to get away from the stress and have a few moments of calm and serenity. If your apartment has a balcony, you can count yourself really happy! Although this area is often forgotten, it is full of potential and is just waiting to be appropriately designed and decorated. Whether in boho look, with Scandinavian flair or lounge furniture small balcony – in this article we have put together many great ideas and suggestions for balcony inspiration!

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With a little planning and creativity, however, you can create your own oasis of wellbeing outdoors that feels both aesthetic and functional. The private balcony is the perfect solution for this and even the small areas can be set up wonderfully. Durable furniture, stylish decorations and textiles as well as a suitable and modern privacy screen create a homely atmosphere and give the balcony a personal touch.

Balcony inspiration examples and furnishing tips

Scandinavian balcony design furnishing trends 2020 balcony furniture ideas

It doesn't really take much to turn the balcony into a small haven. What matters most is of course your own taste. Therefore, choose a certain style and decorations that underline your personality and match the rest of the interior of the apartment. Think about what you want to use the area for and how much space you actually have. Space-saving folding furniture or small bistro sets are ideal for a small, narrow balcony. Outdoor textiles such as carpets and decorative pillows in chic patterns make the balcony more homely.

Fairy lights decoration ideas balcony furniture trends 2020

Even in summer it can sometimes get a bit chilly in the evening, so cozy blankets would not be a bad idea. They completely round off the furnishings and ensure a cozy and inviting atmosphere. If you would like to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors after work, then the right balcony lighting should not be missing either. Depending on whether an outlet is available, there are endless possibilities for this. Fairy lights, lanterns and lanterns conjure up a beautiful and romantic ambience. Recently, environmentally friendly, self-charging solar fairy lights have been particularly popular.

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Seating is an absolute must for a balcony. Both small bistro sets and comfortable lounge corners offer furniture. When choosing furniture, make sure that it is easy to care for and weatherproof. The best thing about designing the balcony is that you can develop your creativity and decorate the balcony as you wish. Plants are a wonderful way to refresh the area and give it a lively and happy touch.

How to decorate the balcony in boho style!

oriental balcony design home textiles outdoor boho chic ideas outdoor

Colorful, exotic and playful – the boho style is still very trendy and exudes a distinctive and cool holiday feeling. The amazingly bright style is inspired by the hippie era and gypsy culture. Carpets, blankets and pillows in colorful floral, ethnic or batik patterns create a cheerful atmosphere and appear calm. Furniture made of rattan or wood and a hammock go wonderfully with a boho style balcony. If you like, you can create a cozy, shady spot in the corner with a curtain. Colorful ceramics, brass bowls and vintage decorations complement the decor and create a good atmosphere. The style is incredibly versatile and is perfect for those who want to enjoy the moments of rest in a pleasant and stylish atmosphere.

Bring the living and dining room outside – modern balcony inspiration

Balcony Inspiration Dining area set up outside Living trends Scandinavian living style

The days when the balcony was only designed with a table and a few chairs are long gone. Depending on how much space you have available, you can even opt for a large dining area that replaces the living or dining room. Furniture in warm wood tones, lounge sets and subtle accessories create a holiday feeling and a fresh breeze. With the Balcony Inspiration modern, however, you should prefer to forego massive and heavy concrete furniture. A few planters on the wall or a pretty table decoration underline the simple and elegant flair.

Inspiration for balconies – the minimalist living style is very trendy this year

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Minimalism is all about concentrating only on the essentials in life. The lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular and is also being used more and more in balcony furnishing. Few furniture and accessories as well as strict and simple lines let air out and so we only have room for the most important thing – relaxation and rest under the open sky. Warm nuances such as beige, white, light gray or wood give the balcony a cozy and cozy touch.

Or how about a holiday on the balcony this year?

Ikea balcony inspiration balcony furniture made of rattan decorative ideas outdoor

For one reason or another, circumstances sometimes don't allow for a great summer vacation. So why not save some money this year and spend your vacation on the balcony? With the right tips and a positive attitude, it can actually be just as nice at home! Whether you want to take a few days off or just relax over the weekend, the possibilities are many. Just like on a normal vacation, working in this case is also taboo – i.e. no emails and messages related to your job, check or answer. Have you always wanted to learn to paint or try a new hobby? A vacation on the balcony is the perfect time for it! A private balcony bar, where you can prepare your favorite cocktail at any time, creates an unforgettable holiday feeling. If you have a few more square feet available, how about a small pool?

The matching decorations give the balcony a unique and personal character

Balcony inspiration boho chic home decor ideas outdoor furniture trends

Choosing the right decorations and accessories makes the balcony cozy and underlines your own style and character. Tealights, fairy lights, cozy textiles and flowers in hanging pots create an inviting and happy atmosphere. Colors such as orange, pink and red form a great contrast to light wooden furniture and brighten up our mood. Don't be afraid to play with colors and patterns when decorating your balcony – anything you like is allowed!

Balcony inspiration – further examples and ideas to imitate

Balcony inspiration balcony furniture space-saving living trends

Colorful lanterns, pillows and accessories in bright colors are simply essential for the boho style balcony

Balcony inspiration balcony trends 2020 oriental balcony furniture outdoor carpets

Fairy lights conjure up a warm light and are a great way to give the balcony a romantic and cozy touch.

Balcony inspiration boho chic decorations living trends 2020 outdoors

Modern Ikea balcony inspiration is perfect for those who want to make the outdoor area cozy with little money.

Balcony inspiration Ikea balcony furniture trends 2020 deco ideas outdoor

Warm wooden walls give your balcony that certain something

Balcony inspiration small narrow space-saving furniture outdoor area outdoor carpet ideas

A beautiful parasol creates a certain level of comfort and makes it possible to enjoy the hottest summer days outside.

Balcony inspiration Ikea balcony furniture trends living trends 2020

Sometimes a balcony inspiration takes nothing more than modern lounge furniture

Balcony inspiration small lounge corner outdoor furniture trends 2020

Vintage bistro sets transform even the smallest balcony into a real oasis of wellbeing in the middle of the city

Balcony Inspiration Pinterest Outdoor decorating ideas Home textiles Trends

Trendy planters are the best way to add some green to the decor

Modernizing the balcony Scandinavian style of living Accessories Outdoor area

White and warm wooden furniture give the balcony a unique Scandinavian flair

Modernizing the balcony Scandinavian living style Outdoor furniture trends 2020

Balcony inspiration in boho chic – get brave and don't be afraid to play with colors and patterns

Balcony furniture from pallets Living trends 2020 balcony inspiration

Numerous plants and motley cushions radiate exoticism and sophistication.

Boho chic balcony inspiration living trends 2020 balcony furniture trends

Is there no space at home for your own home office? Then just set up your little work corner on the balcony!

Set up home office on the balcony Living trends 2020

Outdoor textiles in warm, muted colors and fairy lights radiate a cozy and homely atmosphere

Inspiration for small balcony furniture from pallets upcycling ideas

If you want maximum comfort, then this idea for balcony inspiration in a rustic living style is just the thing for you

Inspiraation balcony outdoor furniture trends outdoor design tips

There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious dinner in the open air in summer

Inspiration Designing a modern balcony Living trends Outdoor furniture trend

Do you love plants but don't have a lot of space? Then outside shelves are the perfect option for you!

small balcony design ideas furnishing tips balcony furniture trends

Beautiful music, a comfortable lying area and romantic fairy lights – it doesn't take much to create your own little retreat.

small narrow balcony design fairy lights decor ideas outdoor furniture trends

A comfortable deck chair is the perfect addition to a small balcony. Hanging planters are a great option to liven up the area without taking up much space.

small balcony inspiration sun lounger for outdoor outdoor furniture trend

Light colors such as yellow, orange and green give the balcony an exotic touch and provide an unmistakable holiday feeling

design small balcony ideas privacy balcony living trends boho chic living style

Small balcony inspiration – seating that also offers storage space is a cool and space-saving idea

Scandinavian balcony design furnishing trends 2020 balcony furniture ideas

Using a curtain as a privacy screen immediately makes the balcony much more intimate and cozy

Space-saving balcony furniture living trends 2020 small balcony inspiration

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