According to statistics, death from flu & pneumonia five times as high as from coronavirus

New statistics show that almost five times as many people in England and Wales are currently dying from flu or pneumonia than from the coronavirus. The numbers were released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and reveal that 917 people died of flu or pneumonia in the last week of July, compared with 193 due to Covid-19. This is the seventh week in a row that the flu and pneumonia numbers have exceeded those of Corona.

Death from flu and pneumonia more likely than from Covid-19

Death from flu and pneumonia more common than from corona

Spread across the UK, the numbers again stand at 6,626 flu and pneumonia victims compared to 2,992 deaths from coronavirus. When the corona pandemic was at its peak, it was exactly the opposite. Death from flu or pneumonia was far less common than death from corona.

However, it must also be said that the official figures for flu and pneumonia deaths during the pandemic were probably so low because they succumbed to the coronavirus but would have died from the other two diseases under different circumstances. “Some of these deaths would likely have occurred during the year, but occurred earlier due to Covid-19,” the ONS said. “These earlier than expected deaths could result in deaths that are below the five-year average.” Most recently, the corona deaths in the week up to July 19 were more than those from flu.

Death from flu outweighs the numbers of deaths from Covid-19

That said, deaths from flu this year are below the average for that time of year. In fact, in the last 5 years the numbers have been 50% higher. This is “almost certainly a reflection of how effective social distancing has been in preventing flu deaths,” according to The Spectator.

A total of 56 842 deaths have been registered so far, in which Covid-19 is mentioned in the death certificates. This number also includes suspected cases. 51,770 of these were in England and Wales, 4208 in Scotland and 855 in Northern Ireland.

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