A cold shower strengthens the immune system: 5 reasons why ice bathing should be part of the daily routine

Taking a cold shower makes us healthier and should therefore be part of the morning routine. Ice bathing quickly wakes you up, promotes concentration and keeps your muscles fit. Whoever takes a cold shower starts the day in a good mood. Ice bathing has a particularly positive effect on children and adolescents because it hardens and sharpens the immune system in the fight against pathogens. We take a close look at the 5 reasons why ice bathing should be part of your morning routine.

Take a cold shower: this is how you strengthen your immune system

Taking a cold shower can relieve pain

If you are susceptible to viruses, it is worth strengthening your immune system. There is now even a method that you can use to train your body and at least to some extent counteract the viruses. However, it is only suitable for healthy people, patients with chronic diseases. Take a cold shower every morning for 3-4 minutes. The right breathing technique helps to get the body used to the cold water more quickly. Take a deep breath first and then hold your breath as long as you can. Repeat the breathing exercise 2-3 more times while showering. Anyone who takes a cold shower for at least 2 weeks can then enjoy the first positive results.

Showering cold can relieve pain

A cold shower strengthens the immune system is part of the morning routine

Taking a cold shower not only strengthens the immune system, but can also relieve pain. This is because blood vessels constrict when you bathe in ice. This is why a cold shower has an anesthetic effect and can relieve muscle and joint pain. People with arthritis should speak to their doctor first. Because sometimes inflammation can get worse when bathing in cold water.

Showering cold: further advantages

Cold showers health benefits women

However, taking a cold shower has three other advantages: Ice bathing quickly wakes us up in the morning. This is because our skin is equipped with a large number of cold receptors. When you take a cold shower, you activate the receptors that send signals to our brain. This promotes the release of endorphins. That is why after a cold shower you not only feel refreshed, but also happy. So the shower with cold water can replace the morning coffee. Ice bathing also promotes concentration and can thus increase performance at work.

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