5g frequencies have few health effects

Fifth generation wireless technology or 5G frequencies, which have been in use worldwide since 2019, offer faster connectivity. This also enables more bandwidth, which means higher download speeds. Because 5G technology is so new, little is known about the possible health effects of high-frequency radiation. This is higher than the current 4G industry standard. In a new study, researchers looked at this topic to suggest the possible risks.

Are 5G frequencies harmful?

new technologies enable faster download speed through 5g network

Based on the study results, the scientists do not believe that 5G radiation is so harmful. The review of the data has therefore predominantly produced benign results. They carried out the research with embryonic zebra fish. This is a model organism with which researchers often discover interactions between environmental stressors and biological systems. Zebrafish and humans have similar development processes and are similar at the genomic level. In addition, this means that science can easily apply such experiments to humans. In the study, researchers exposed embryonic zebrafish to 3.5 GHz high-frequency radiation for two days, which is normally used by 5G cell phones. They found no significant effects on mortality, the formation of the embryos or the behavioral response of the embryos to light. However, there was a modest impact on a test that measures the embryos’ response to a sudden noise, which the researchers will further investigate.

Health effects of 5g frequencies on zebrafish in a new study

The general aim of the study was to determine the modulation of gene expression by environmental factors with a particular focus on bone formation. For this reason, the specific treatment period between 5 and 6 days after fertilization was chosen when bone formation and calcification take place. Embryos were placed at 5 dpf in a large diameter centrifuge and subjected to a gravitational force of 3G or 5G for 24 hours. It was shown that this treatment causes a significant increase in bone formation, as illustrated by the coloring of the skull skeleton of the bone matrix by Alizarin Red, by morphometric analysis of the resulting images and by gene expression of selected genes. An entire genome microarray experiment was therefore performed to identify genes that may be involved in the observed effect on bone formation.

Future perspectives

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Future research will investigate the effects of 5G frequencies on the same zebrafish used in the gene-level study. Researchers will also examine how fish develop from embryos to adults. However, you also want to explore the effects of higher 5G frequencies with higher exposure to zebrafish. This would be a step that people can be better informed of when changing the cell phone industry.

research experiment with zebrafish in a box made of copper for testing 5g frequencies

In future research, the scientists will use the same standardized experimental setup that they used in this study. It is a box made of copper. The researchers use the zebra fish embryos on special surfaces that are in this box. The radiation then enters the box through an antenna and the copper holds it in the box.

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