Zara Home 2020: Favorites from the new spring-summer collection in the online shop

Do you want your home to be warm and calm, where your senses combine with the energy of the materials? With this new spring-summer 2020 collection, “Zara Home” makes it difficult for us to choose favorites. This time, the designers of the Spanish company were inspired by California modernism and bring the warm California sun into our four walls. The style harmonizes perfectly with natural materials: wood, stone, jute, linen, earthenware and glass. These in turn tell the story of wild landscapes that inspired designers to create a collection in the spirit of California.

California modernity in the spring-summer 2020 collection by Zara Home

Zara Home 2020 collection inspired by California

For this new campaign, Zara Home is working again with Art Director Fabien Baron and is showing suggestions for a warm and quiet home in the “Stories” category of the online shop. Warm earth tones, natural materials and California modernity were photographed in the “golden hour”. Thanks to the colors and materials used, the interior gives the impression of an endless summer and an eternal sun, which will shine in our house regardless of the season. Here are some of the most exciting novelties from the latest Zara Home 2020 collection that can be ordered online right away!

Vases and glass candle holders in amber

Home accessories in amber glass vase, tealight holder and candle holder

Glass in amber is the focus of this new collection. The warm color emphasizes the desired effect of eternal sun. An example of this are this round vase, the elegant candlestick and the spherical tealight holder. These decorative accessories can already be purchased in the online shop. Price: spherical tealight holder € 9.99, round glass vase € 39.99 and candle holder made of recycled glass € 29.99.

Wooden bowls and plaited placemat

zara home food collection 2020 wooden bowl

Wood is a versatile material and also has a place of honor in the kitchen. This wooden tableware set looks even more attractive in combination with the round, plaited natural fiber table set. The medium sized wooden bowl costs € 22.99 and the placemat with two-tone geometric braiding pattern costs € 9.99.

Green earthenware

zara home 2020 spring summer green earthenware

If you enjoy color on the dining table, you have this other variant with green earthenware. Here you can put together a set consisting of a bowl (€ 6.99), a dessert plate (€ 7.99), a flat plate (€ 9.99) and a deep plate (€ 9.99). The black stainless steel cutlery is also available individually in the online shop (€ 5.99 – € 9.99).

Glasses with stripe and honeycomb pattern

zara home glasses spring 2020 collection

Here is another suggestion in amber from Zara Home's new 2020 spring collection. You can put together a set of glasses in the desired number. A water glass costs € 5.99 and a stemmed glass € 6.99. The stemmed glass can also be combined with a lemonade glass with a stripe relief (€ 3.99).

Upholstered velvet armchair in Burnt Orange

Zara Home Online Shop velvet armchair

This new, quilted velvet armchair in burnt orange by Zara Home is cozy and elegant. Perfect for a reading corner or to complete the living room. It measures 84 x 86.5 x 82 cm and costs € 279.

Zigzag cotton blanket

Zara zigzag cotton blanket in beige and teracotta from Zara Home

Another product that Zara Home is introducing this spring is this beautiful cotton blanket with fringes on the narrow sides. The geometric pattern has different colors such as cream, brown and orange. The price is € 59.99

Braided basket with wave pattern

Zara Home 2020 wave pattern basket

This basket made of 100% braided rattan becomes the perfect all-rounder for the whole house, because it is practical and decorative at the same time. For example, you can use it to store pillows, toys, magazines. The wicker basket is even ideal as a planter. It measures 37 x 40 x 37 cm and costs € 59.99.

Ceiling lamps made of rattan and metal

Rattan and metal ceiling lamps from Zara Home 2020

Pendant lights made of rattan create an atmospheric ambience everywhere. In this 2020 catalog by Zara Home there are a few pretty models, including these ceiling lights made of rattan and metal. These are not yet buried in the online shop, but maybe this month. If you like to drink tea at home and would like to have high-quality teaware, the stoneware teapot shown in the photo costs € 35.99. The sugar bowl costs € 15.99.


Zara Home Furniture Collection Spring Summer 2020 Folding Chair

This folding chair would look good in any room in your house. The combination of natural-colored braided pattern and black diamonds brings a nomadic feeling to the apartment, but still remains modern. It measures 80 x 72 x 66 cm and costs 199 €. Here you can see examples of how ethno style and modernity meet in the interior.

Original table lamp in black and gold

Zara Home Living Accessories 2020 in the online shop table lamp in black and gold

This table lamp has a base and shade made of two-tone metal in anthracite and gold, which gives it a very refined look. The recommended light bulb is 60 W. The metal lamp has the following dimensions 30 x 39.4 x 30 cm and costs € 89.99.

A wooden chair that hugs

Zara Home Furniture 2020 chair in ash wood

This solid wood chair impresses with its dynamic design and natural wood grain. The ash wood is obtained from sustainably managed forests (with SFC certificate). Thanks to the felt pads on the feet, scratches on the floor can be avoided. It measures 57 x 78 x 45 cm and costs € 149.

Cotton seat cushion

Zara Home seat cushion for the reading corner collection 2020

Another idea for your reading corner or this in the children's room! This seat cushion has a practical bag and a handle that makes it easy and convenient to carry. It is also available in gray and blue, measures 80 x 78 x 97 cm and costs € 99.99.

Reversible quilt and matching pillow case

Bedroom quilt pillow cases by Zara Home

In spring it can be a bit cold at night, so a quilt blanket will keep you cozy and warm. The one in the picture with the turning side costs 169 €. To complete the look, you can order a matching cushion cover in terracotta (€ 22.99). The linen top and pillowcases can also be ordered online from Zara Home.

Lamp with jute base

zara live table lamp nature

With a handcrafted look and rounded shapes, this lamp with jute base and cream-colored fabric shade is perfect to give your home a warm touch. It measures 35 x 50 x 35 cm and costs € 79.99. The recommended light bulb is max. 60 W.

Rustic wooden coffee table

Order Zara Home Furniture 2020 coffee table online

This robust coffee table from Zara Home conveys a rustic holiday flair and is the perfect addition to any living room. It convinces with its natural and clear design made of suar wood, still known as Thai oak. The wood has an antique look finish that creates a rustic look. The wooden pins on the base secure the structure and ensure good stability. The table has the dimensions 120 x 42 x 80 cm and costs 339 €.

Rustic stool

Rustic stool made of suar wood Zara Home 2020

This rustic stool is the perfect companion to the coffee table shown above. It is made from the same antique-look rainforest and also has wooden pins at the base. The stool has the dimensions 40 x 42 x 28 cm and costs € 89.99.

Round rattan table

zara home furniture 2020 rattan

This braided table is very light and convinces with an original look. You can place it alone or place two of them side by side. The rattan table would also be perfect for an outdoor living room, e.g. on your terrace or balcony. It measures 77 x 31 x 77 cm and costs € 99.99.

Wooden bench with handles and paper weave pattern

Zara Home Furniture online shop Bench in two sizes

Another example of how wood and weave fit together perfectly. This wooden bench with handles is available in two sizes. The double bench in the dimensions 100 x 50 x 45 cm costs € 169.00 and the price for the smaller version, 55 x 50 x 40 cm, is € 99.99.

Small side table with marble top

Side table with marble top and shark spin legs in gold

With a marble top and interlocking gold hairpin table legs, this side table would add a touch of elegance to your living room. Light and modern, it is also perfect for small spaces. The side table has the dimensions 33 x 40 x 33 cm and costs € 69.99.

Glass table with black metal frame

round side table with glass top and metal frame by Zara Home

This side table fascinates with the imperfection of the glass top. Just look at how the light falls through the glass and conjures up a beautiful play of light and shadow on the carpet. The table is so compact that the black legs can be folded up. The large glass table has the dimensions 50 x 42 x 50 cm and costs € 89.99. The small version with the dimensions 38 x 46 x 38 cm costs € 69.99.

Wood and jute for a cozy living room

Zara Home Furniture Living Room Collection Spring Summer 2020

Zara Home shows another way to combine furniture and home accessories in the living room to create a warm and calm ambience in the style of California modernism. A jute rug with a geometric, brick-red print (€ 279) forms an inviting landscape with wooden tables, one with a hexagonal shape (€ 49.99) and one with an octagonal shape (€ 89.99).

Round bamboo table with gold-colored tray

table with gold-colored tablet from zara home

Another table that fits perfectly with the tribal chic style. The round frame consists of bamboo and gold-colored metal and conveys a feeling of lightness and transparency. The tray is ideal as a storage space for various things or for glasses, vases, etc. The larger version has the dimensions 61 x 36.5 x 61 cm and costs € 149.00. The small table, however, has the dimensions 40 x 39 x 40 cm and costs € 89.99.

Gold-colored flowerpot stand made of natural fiber

golden flower pot stand from zara home 2020

Give your plants a state-of-the-art home! Whether in the corner of your living room or in the entrance area, this flower pot stand is a real eye-catcher. The stand is made of natural fiber, while the pot shines in gold. An interesting mix of materials that causes an exciting sensation. The flower pot stand is available in two sizes: 21 x 46 x 21 cm and 30 x 60 x 30 cm. The big one costs € 79.99 and the small one € 59.99.

Flowerpot stand in gold by Zara Home 2020

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