Youth room in blue-gray for boys impresses with a modern ambience

If you are looking for ideas for a youth room for boys, you will almost fall in love with this breathtaking room. With its bright and friendly and at the same time modern colors and color combinations, it not only looks inviting, but also represents the perfect retreat for a teenager. Take a look at the impressive blue-gray youth room and collect inspiration for your own interior design.

Youth room in blue-gray emerges from a dark study

Youth room in blue-gray with bookshelf and integrated desk

The room was designed by Francis Dominguez from EFE Creative Lab. He was asked to redesign the dark and uninviting study. The difference is as big as day and night. The use of harmonious colors such as white, blue-gray and various shades of gray created a room that could not be more inviting. The neutral and cool colors stand in contrast to the warm wood colors of the floor, but form an impressive play of colors.

Youth room in blue-gray with work area and large wall mirror

The youth room in blue-gray has interesting elements and details that make the room what it is. This includes the blue-gray accent wall behind the bed, which not only visually separates the sleeping area from the work area, but is also a kind of extension of the headboard. The custom-made bookcase with ladder and integrated desk is made of the same color. The wood color of the floor has also been integrated into this piece of furniture. Right next to it, a large mirror decorates the wall.

Youth room in blue-gray with accent wall behind the bed

Not only the bed is used to relax and rest, but also a cozy lounge chair covered with modern faux fur. The living comfort is in turn complemented by the beautiful and large carpet that decorates a large part of the bedroom.

Lots of storage space and decorative accents

The bookshelf in the youth room in blue-gray is equipped with a wooden ladder for sliding

Not only does the shelf have plenty of storage space. The two closets, which are equipped with shelves and drawers, also offer enough space for clothes and other things. At the same time, the former doors were replaced by completely white ones that fuse with the wall. The youth room in blue-gray also has some subtle decorations and accents in black, which give the room a certain industrial flair. These include the curtain rod, the desk chair and the impressive ceiling lamp.

White closets in the youth room in blue-gray with shelves and drawers

Before and after picture – study becomes boy's room

Before and after picture of the study and bedroom for teenagers

The study was very dark before the renovation

Study room in dark colors becomes an inviting boy's room

Dark brown wood created an uncomfortable atmosphere

The room before renovation was dark and uncomfortable

Planning the room

The bed is next to the window and opposite the work area

Practical shelf with integrated desk specially made for the room

Project of the room before the redesign by the designer Francis Dominguez

3D floor plan

3D floor plan of the youth room for boys with furniture distribution

Designed by Francis Dominguez from EFE Creative Lab.

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