Yoga tai chi for pain relief and body strength

A review by Florida Atlantic University researchers has shown that exercise-based exercises for body and mind such as Yoga Tai Chi are effective in treating back pain. People with lower back pain often resort to such treatments first, rather than medication.

Yoga tai chi for body and mind

strengthen your body and mind with tai chi exercises

The scientists evaluated the effectiveness of such exercises, which involve gentle body movements and extend along with mindfulness. For example, Qi Gong is a Chinese therapy through meditation. This mainly focuses on body awareness during slow and repetitive body movements.

Back pain is a major public health problem that often leads to emotional stress such as depression and anxiety, as well as sleep disorders and even social isolation. The researchers reviewed data to determine the effects of movement-based mind-body interventions on chronic back pain, psychological factors, coping strategies, and quality of life in people with back pain.

couple of qigong teachers practiced meditaion through body movements

They found that yoga tai chi effectively relieves lower back pain, relieves pain-related disabilities, improves functioning, and prevents depression or anxiety. Lower back pain is a major cause of absenteeism and the most common cause of work-related disability.

“Yoga Tai Chi and Qi Gong could be used as effective treatment alternatives to pain relievers, surgeries or injection treatments such as nerve blocks. These are associated with a high frequency of side effects in the treatment of lower back pain. “That's what the study author Ju Young Park said.

Possible therapies

Yoga tai chi exercises for back pain in the park

There are numerous reasons for back pain. In chronic conditions, the cause is often unknown, which makes the treatment options complex. Even if a particular anatomical problem can be repaired surgically, recovery is complicated and proper movement can help. Analgesics that also inhibit inflammation are also helpful.

The good treatment of back pain therefore requires careful consideration of the circumstances and close consultation with trustworthy health experts. The individual reactions to exactly the same therapies are very different, so general aspects according to which treatments can be effective are not too helpful. The hard part, according to the study, is figuring out what works for whom and how well.

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