Winter hard-shell windows for the garden: ideas for sunny and semi-awesome standards

Leaf chimneys for the garden Hosta ideas landscape

With their filigree browsers and attractive colors, Blattschmuckuden are real Eyecatcher. They embellish the garden structure and seal their effects in all ensembles, as well as soloists. Of course, many winter bones marked immense varieties such as the city bite Farbtupfer. We explain your winter heartbeat wallpapers for a problem and provide useful tips.

Bladtschmuckstauden voor de garten: Abelie "Kaleidoscope"

winter hearted leaves for the garden Abelion kaleidoscope rot orange garden gestalting ideas

No other thing fulfills the tasks of the search quests and the treasure in the ready-to-go better than the Abel. The perennial has fertile, shiny leaves with sharp ends. Our green color with lighter rooting allows the Abel's black "kaleidoscope" to a real glance in the garden. The flange pattern is immersed, engaging in an average width of 150 cm and a weight of 180 cm. Vom Ende June to Anfang September picture the fragrant white tufts, with which Vögel and Schmetterlinge in the garden anlocked.

Was the Pflege angeht ist the Abelie eher anspruchslos. They enjoy the sun and the half-skates, need a locker, lock-in and the most important items, and have to be washed regularly. From the start of May until the end of September, you will prepare for the second week every week.

The lottery is slow to cut, if you need to fit in one section, you have to go in the freezer for the lead time.

Bladtschmuckstauden for the garden: Abelie "Confetti"

Bladtschmuckstauden for the garden Confetti Abelie blingende Blickfang sunny weather Stand

The Abel of the Black "Confetti" has grindy, smaller and speckled leaves, which are mind-blowing in bright and dark green. In Herbst, the Blattwerk is rattlich-braun. As an optimum option, the standard in semi-treasures is up. Anson had similarly said who was the Abelah "Kaleidoscope".

The two flanges are flatworms and property so-called accent dwellers, can also be arranged as bubble flaps on the terrace. They can easily handle frost and snow, which can reduce temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius. This security can be used to protect the wings with stroke.

Bladtschmuckuden for the garden: Abendländischer Lebensbaum "Fire Chief"

Bladtschmuckstauden für Garten winterhart Lebensbaum Fire Chief Black

The everlasting "Lebensbaum" Fire Chief "Fire Chief" automatically looks at each other with its more attractive color. In fear, its disadvantages are in straightaway gold, in summer pictures are crowned with the perfect green background for luxuriant flowers and in the autumn, with its rotorange-colored disadvantages. The perennial flows through an angry human, like fragrance, the mule and its wings.

There is very little danger, so can in every case, in the sunbathing, as well as in the sun, normal flowered with PH-swings need 4.4 and 5.5 and still need to be cast. Winter protection is usually not usable.

Window cabinet doors for the garden: "Juliette" barrier

Leaf chimneys in the garden close to winter heart

The "Juliette" hatched glittering, elliptically shaped leaves. Our color varies from Hell- to dark green, they have a bright edge. If there is dust in the strong sun, the bleachers can get a nice rustic vegetation. A lightweight garden and sun terrace allow for the best conditions for a quick wait. Struggle must be washed every two weeks, in storage you can easily provide long-term storage. The color is immense, depicting only a few bleeds. It is best known as Akzent in Staudenbeet im Vorgarten, but can also be used as a Kübelpflan for some years. As a rule, stretching reaches a height of up to 3 meters.

Blade Sheets for Garden: Zimmeraralie "Spider Web"

Bladtschmuckuden im Garten Zimmeraralie Spider Web sunny standards

The Zimmeraralie "Spider web" is a fast-moving streak with filigree blades, which are often used as bedroom tiles, as well as Gartenstaude bestens. A rather standard and more readable, humoser bedding offers the best conditions for a quick wait. The evergreen perennial image does not bleed. They delay one form in the interview. In the summer months, you should regularly check if there are any bites. It should not be completely ousted, even in the autumn and winter monts, a gentle washbasin could be said to be useful.

Bladtschmuckuden for de Garten: Traubenmyrthe "Burning Love"

Leaflets for the garden Burning Love Traubenmyrthe Pflege sunny Standouts

The Trauben Myrtle "Burning Love" is a busier street, which enthusiastically encourages Blattschmuck. Im Frühling says there are new industrial buildings in a feeder rot, while the old blister is a shining green color. Zusätzlich pictured the immense pflanze in the Ante Mai whitening. The Blue Sea lasts for two months.

As best as possible, one stand, half the roof in the sun, and then - in treasure lies. The Staude needs a humus-rich, transparent and fun-filled food. In the summer, they should have been thoroughly washed, they should be avoided on each case. Stand cleaning can be used in building training and can be used temporarily. The winter heart stroke can slow down a form.

Bladtschmuckstauden voor de Garten: Winterharter Lavender "Meerlo"

Blattschmuckuden Garten winterhart Lavender Merlo Blätter

Der Lavendel der Sorte „Meerlo“ enjoys with its late marble, strong ei-cuten filigree Blättern. The immaculate banner is the only one more list that only deals with winter heart. They can easily withstand temperatures of up to -6 degrees Celsius, so they can stay dry in autumn. In the Winter Monts you should put them in the ward or garden house. The immense lavender requires a sunny stand and clear baths. You can prepare our special gifts for the children at their disposal. The perennial locks with his angry fragrance in the garden.

Winter-hearted leaf chucks for the garden: Sticky "Mojo"

Bladtschmuckstauden Garten winterhart Klebsame Mojo Black

The Cuddly Mojo is a Zierstrauch with marble blisters. The immense hours are among the best and absurd standards. They need a free to light sweep, funeral booths, a barrel of water and yard supplies, and needless protection.

Bladtschmuckuden for de garten: Reflection "Shining Sensation"

Bladtschmuckstauden im Garten Weigelie Pflege Standort Tipps

The "Shining Sensation" presents a thrilling color combination of intense colored pink blossoms and a thin laub. The Blue Sea begins in May and lasts for two months. Even so, the little girl is once an eyecatcher in the garden. A freshly-baked messenger and a semi-more attractive stand make for a good day-to-day rest.

Bladtschmuckuden in Garten Weigelie Shining Sensation rotbraun Blätter

Bladtschmuckuden for the Garten winterhart idea bed lay

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