Will Donald Trump leave protected forests in Alaska red?

Donald Trump to lift Alaska forest protection

Severe forest fires in Amazon and could not be solved for several weeks. Siberia has also been fighting firefighters for weeks with military, volunteers and firefighters. In this difficult situation, only the rainforests in Alaska, which are among the world's largest forested areas, were spared disaster. Now they can also disappear soon. Media in the United States reports that US President Donald Trump wants to wipe out protected forests in Alaska.

Will Donald Trump oppose the abolition ban?

For over 20 years, Bill Clinton had worked with a ban on protecting rainforests in Alaska. The National Forest extends to an area of ​​approx. 7 million acres and is the world's largest rainforest in a temperate climate zone. But that should change soon, with President Donald Trump instructing US Secretary of Agriculture with the task of removing protection. The US media relies on reports from witnesses who have experienced about the plans of the Alaska governor. The American government, the president and the Alaska governor have not expressed themselves.

Donald Trump is alleged to be promoting the forestry business in Alaska

Donald Trump Alaskan forests red root

If the status of the forests is withdrawn, then only forest forests could benefit. At this time, road construction is prohibited in the protected areas, but if the ban is lifted, then mining and the energy economy are also promoted. Thus, new jobs were also created in these industries.

Whether such a measure will be rewarded in the end remains questionable. The sector, which provides more than 15% of jobs in the federal state, is tourism. And industry experts suggest that large industrial and infrastructure projects are affecting nature. Even the fishing industry would be negatively affected by such a decision, as the trees cast cooling shadows on the streams and could then regulate the temperatures in the waters.

Environmental protection organizations suggest that no more accommodation could be found through the abolition of the rainforest's many animal species.

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