Who can protect your children online? 4 tips for parents

Protect kids on the web by blocking websites and apps

Not only as a professional parent, you often ask, was the Child so thriving online. Providing the right child with the right protection is not much more possible in the online world, especially when playing a lot on the smartphone. While you, as a parent, have opportunities to access the computer and protect your child by creating profiles or locking pages, it is no longer as easy to customize on your child's smartphone or iPhone. It is important, however, that you make up your mind about the protection of your children and also speak to your children about it.

Find the conversation with your children

secure surfing the web for kids parents have to look up the conversation

Whether your child is 5 or 15, talk to your child and listen to it too. Give your child clear rules to explain to you, so that they can understand why it is not necessary or why you do not want your child to play this game or view their website. Of course, it is difficult for the children to understand why they may not need it, while the aftercare children already need it. But with clear and friendly communication plus the point of trusting your child and trusting your child as well as your own, at least important points can be clarified, as well as dealing with social media and the online world.

Protecting children online by blocking websites and apps

Dangers in the network for children

On the computer as well as on the smartphone, it is possible to block certain apps and websites. The so-called child protection allows you, your children, to release certain freedoms, since no particular sites were previously visited. Websites can be blocked in two types on the computer: the HOSTS method and the browser method. While the first method allows web pages to be blocked system-wide in Windows, specific add-ons in the browser can be blocked with add-ons and extensions. With extensions for Chrome or Add-ons for Firefox can often be provided with additional timers, if the site should be accessible again and, of course, various settings can be protected with a password, so unauthorized can not change the extension / add-on. The browser method is of course ideal if you can make sure that your child has no access to Youtube at certain times, but still needs to watch 18 hours of videos.

Protect Smartphone & iPhone

Children surf the net with your father

Of course, they can also customize both Android and Apple devices to better protect your child. So certain websites can also be blocked here as well as access to apps, music and videos in the respective stores.

In the stores of Google and Apple, the settings can be changed in such a way that certain apps, etc., are not called or downloaded. could be downloaded or even that simply could not be purchased. In order to effectively block websites on a smartphone or iPhone, here again you have to work with a third party provider, an external app. These must be configured appropriately on your child's cell phone and, above all, it is important that these settings must be protected with a password.

It also provides so-called child protection apps, which are explicitly installed on the child's mobile phone, to immediately review and block the child's websites, emails or messages (apps, websites, etc.). They can also indicate where your child is ranked or even maintained which websites, games and videos it has viewed. For example, read FamiSafe - Child Security App for Android and iPhone to better protect your child online.

Get rid of fun addiction

Computer games and online games offer a great danger to children

While we may protect our children from strangers, mobs, websites and certain videos, we will often overlook that sometimes we also have to protect the children from themselves. Computer games and online games offer a great feeling to develop into an addictive potential. Directly, when the games are played with a "character" and even possible communication with other players is possible, children can get into an addiction. Do you remember the play times / lengths of your child, who relates to your child, when it is not possible to play / can and does not neglect it, hobbies, friends and the school? Children's addiction can occur independently of gender and age.

Protecting Your Kids Online Can Install Child Security App

If you want to protect your children online, give many points to note. Of course, you also heard that you talked to your child about it, and also explained to you that you were empowered, why you were anxious and helped to help you. Also, your child can always come to you and talk to you every time, help both sides for a good relationship.

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