Whirlpool for the outdoor area: Turn the terrace into a wellness oasis

Romance for a second or relaxation for the whole family: A hot tub for the outdoor area provides a holiday feeling in our own garden and turns the terrace or balcony into a wellness oasis. So, regardless of the season and temperatures, enjoy the fresh air of a free-nature hydromassage. In order to pay the investment, you have to pay close attention to the design of the terrace and the purchase of a plant. We explain to you what options to choose and how to find the right fit for your living situation.

Whirlpool for the outdoor area provides a true spa experience

Whrilpool in the outdoor area enjoy modern spa facilities with splash water throughout the year

An outdoor spa area is a luxury that you can enjoy all year long. These modern whirlpools are not just points with functionality, but also add harmoniously to the purist living image thanks to their reduced form language. The high-end models are also very robust and provide the right care for many years of wellness fun in the outdoors. But where do you actually read the high quality and what should you consider when purchasing?

Luxury living with hot tub on the terrace or on the balcony

High-quality facilities are recognized in the high-quality materials, the branded parts, as well as the seating and lying concept.

The space concept and the seat landscape. Formerly, a private spa oasis was only achievable in a large garden. Nowadays, numerous variants also exist for people with a small external range to choose from. compact Models can easily be found on a balcony or on a roof terrace space and stand in the largest spa at night. So even the city's residents do not have to relish the charitable effect of a water massage. Whether with 2 or 20 seats, a whirlpool should offer the highest seating comfort, for a pleasant comfort and allow for relaxed communication.

Whirlpool with many features and built-in control

The Massage. Only the number of seats in the whirlpool should play a role when buying. Equally important is which massage options are offered and which jet nozzles the model is equipped with. The selection includes most of the following variants: neck, back, upper and lower leg, and foot massages. A compact whirlpool for 2 or 3 people has mostly a lounge for relaxed full body massage and two seats for Shiatsu massage. Larger models are equipped with additional jet packs that allow for convenient positioning by hand. They also have the so-called "cool seats", where you can refresh yourself in between.

The Technik. High-end equipment includes a filter system, an ozone generator and a UV-C system that keeps the water clean all year long. A robust construction made of water-resistant materials, good insulation and impact-resistant soil guarantee the average life of the plant.

The Features. Important features that add to a sense of wellbeing are the aromatherapy, the lighting and the music system. They let themselves be switched on and off independently, and controlled by remote control or by app.

Whirlpool for the outdoor area: When planning your own wellness oasis, you must

Fun in splash water kids in the modern whirlpool for three

If you want a wellness oasis on the terrace or on the balcony, you should pay attention to planning. Important prerequisites for a spa terrace include:

  • A possible ebony, slow-moving underground. It is best to own concrete or stone slabs or a wooden structure with a firmly compacted substructure.
  • A strong current close to the Whirlpools should be said beforehand. As an optimum, they find power lines which are additionally secured with a circuit breaker.
  • Many whirlpools require a cold water connection and the like. Wasserabfluss. Many models can be filled with the garden hose, respectively. are filled in and need no direct connection.
  • A whirlpool must be accessible from all four sides, this service or the like. Maintenance work could be carried out.
  • An autocrane is often needed for mounting.

The Whirlpools are water resistant and extremely robust. Proper assembly and good care guarantee many home-based bathing pleasure for many years.

Modern wellness facility with aromatherapy function for the outdoor area

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