While baking, you can prepare delicious snacks from your own - 5 ideas

Bake bread and serve otherwise in the form of pizza, sweet or dip

Bread is delicious, that's no question! And whether you enjoy them purely, with a believable surface such as Obatzda or but free with butter, no role is played. However, although softwood bibs are also perfect without our load, we can offer you some delicious ideas today, with which you can serve and enjoy the brew otherwise. For example, do you combine the beloved pizza with the equally beloved truffle or who would it be if they prepared it last time? Are you curious? Then read on, we tell you these and some other ideas with which you can bake and prepare otherwise. Surprise your children or your guests at the Oktoberfest party with these treats.

Baking bread

Bake bread with or without a lid and further process for original snacks

If you are able to pursue the following ideas, you will naturally need brass. There are three variants to choose from. The fastest and easiest way is to use retractable braces that you can get frozen. Even better are those snacks monkeys, when you self-bake the snacks. Here you can choose the "real" recipe with low or if you have the alternative variant with household soda. You decide for yourself!

Bake bread and turn it into a pizza

Baking pizza with pepper and pepperoni and mozzarella

  • Brezeln
  • Mini Pepperoni
  • shaved Mozzarella
  • optional: Parmesan and parsley
  • beloved Marinara

They should be prepared in advance before baking, whether cold or homemade, they must be processed in the still hot state. So, take the ready-made dumplings from the oven and sprinkle them with the cheese. Wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt. Then you still add the Pepperonis. These stays also stick, it is important to start with the cheese, which takes the task of a sticker.

Bake bread and coat a pizza with favorite ingredients like olives or paprika

Now set the brazil pizzas for another 2 minutes in the oven. Finally, you can still spray it with Parmesan and parsley. Serve the marinara again separately in a bowl to dip. Of course, you can also use other products for coating. Olives, hams, peppers, spices and corn are some of the few possibilities.

Sweet pumpkin cinnamon brew in white chocolate

Bake bread, dip in white chocolate and coat with cinnamon with cinnamon

  • 6 Brezeln
  • 115 g unsweetened pumpkin seeds
  • painted cinnamon
  • 175 g white chocolate pieces
  • colorful streusel (best without dyes)

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and strike the frozen buns with the pumpkin powder. If you use homemade tiles, you can also back it up and then set it apart. Then sprinkle cinnamon over it. Next, you have to bake the buns, and then let them cool sufficiently to hold them with your hands. In the interim, you can melt chocolate in the water bath.

Prepare sweet pumpkin spices with cinnamon flavor with this recipe

Then take a spoon and dip it in the chocolate. Lie them on the backing paper and sprinkle them with colorful lace. Repeat with all the other frets and set them close for a while in the refrigerator, which can make chocolate hard. Only children will love this simple Brezel recipe.

Bake onion and prepare peanut butter sandwiches

Instead of peanut butter and marmalade on toast, try on a hazelnut

  • Brezeln
  • Erdnussbutter
  • marmelade

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Lay out a sheet of backing paper and distribute it by spreading it over, half of which is left on top and the other half should still be visible. Moisturize and salt your eyebrows, which now tops the top. Next, those brewers have to bake. Slide them here first for 4 minutes in the oven. Turn on the grill function and bake for a further 2 minutes (alternatively increase the heat).

Combine peanut butter and marmalade on two skewers for a delicious sandwich

Take the sheet out of the oven and press the eyebrows with a pan. If you have prepared the buns yourself, so use tiles, you can prepare them for baking. Frozen mushrooms instead became soft once in the oven. Don't let the onion buns cool down a bit, so the peanut butter and marmalade won't melt and slurp evenly.

On the unsalted brussels, distribute only the peanut butter and cautiously the marmalade. Now lie on the salted brussels with butter and marmalade and already have delicious sandwiches. If you bake such bread, you can serve it to your children for breakfast. Dazu also tastes good milk.

Bake bread and serve with peanut butter dip

Peanut butter dip with honey or agave juice and Greek yogurt

  • 150 g Greek yogurt
  • 1 EL Peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp honey or agave juice

First you have to bake the buns. What kind of brewing you use, does not play any role, but is tasteless. In the interim, you can prepare the dip by simply mixing all three ingredients together. You can now use the dip either for dipping or as an upright, even if you have been careful to cut the buns like bread. This snack is perfect for children and for hunger meantime.

Cardiac dip with goat's cheese and onion

Cardiac dip with goat cheese, onion and basil baked in the oven

  • 170 g goat cheese
  • 3 EL beaten fresh cheese
  • chopped parsley
  • chopped onion
  • 5 basil leaves
  • 1 small Knoblauchzehe

Do not turn off the oven while you are baking the bread. Mix all ingredients in one blender. Use the mixture in a fire-proof bowl or in a deep baking dish and bake at grill function for about 5 minutes. You can also use this dip for the snack and serve the children as an afternoon snack after school. It is guaranteed to arrive well!

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