Which sports bra is the best for what kind of sport?

Provide sports bra with high support during workout

The right sports bra is of vital importance for effective and powerful training. It does not only make you feel comfortable moving, but also prevents the chest and pain region of the breast. Whether you buy a sports bra for the first time or an interchangeable cap that does not support more than enough, our counselor can support it, which size best suits your needs, no matter what level of support you are depending on the intensity of the sport or workout should choose.

Buying a Bra - Sport

Sport bra thin slow Pilates light intensity

Do you want to buy a sports bra, but do not know if the selected model is properly seated? The support of a sports bra comes from three elements: the carrier, the cups and the support band, including the side part. When testing, you should therefore consider the following:

  • Do a hip test to test the seat in motion.
  • See a bra bearer up front to test this stretch. Whether adjustable or not, the less you can claim to be the bearer, the better hold they offer.
  • Check to see if the bra on your breasts is sufficiently covered. They could even try to bend over to make sure they didn't get out of the cups. If the breast is quivering in the bra from too much, it means the missing support.
  • Test the underbrush. Slide your finger between the band between your breasts and pull it forward. If you want the band to move more than a centimeter of your breast, this is a sign that it is too loose and needs better support.

The best sports bra for intense workouts

Sports bra extra strong interval training with cups

Customize your sports bra and your activity. For intense sports or jogging for example, you need a model with the following features: extra strong stance, crisscrossed carriers (breathable rims) and breathable material that quickly removes moisture and heat from the skin.

Best sports bra for running / jogging

When purchasing a high support function, consider reducing breast movement. Additional support includes, for example, bristles, ergonomically shaped cups and / or targeted compression (usually with smaller body sizes).

Sport Bra with travel-resistant padded cups for running

The best sports bra for HIIT

When running, the sports bra should also give an extreme stop during high-intensity interval training (short HIIT), as this workout includes intense exercises such as Jumping Jacks, Jump Squats and Burpees.

Best sports bra for boxing

The last thing you might think about sparring is your breasts. Buy a sports bra with high support and supports that won't slip off when bumping.

Sports bra for workouts with light to medium intensity

Sports bra guys hold strength training in the gym

The best sports bra for your strength training

Do you find a bra made of a breathable fabric that effectively wipes the sweat and during kneecaps, crucifixes and all, was lying, dry and cool somewhere.

The right sports bra for cycling / cycling

Whether indoors or running, when exercising, you should best wear a sports bra that is highly breathable and moisturizing. If possible, decide on a model with ringer backs, as the carrier guarantees optimal freedom of movement of the arms and shoulders.

Best Sports Bras for Yoga

Choose no deep cut. The last thing you could do when you made the "recumbent dog" (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) is to worry that your breasts will slip out of the bra. If your yoga class is intensive (e.g., bikram or vinyasa yoga), make sure your sports bra offers moisture-wicking technology.

Sport bra with padded cups black

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