Which shaving machine suits me? How to find the right razor model!

For many men, shaving has become an inseparable part of the morning grooming routine. One likes to shave wet to get a close shave, another prefers electric shavers. These make the shave precise and effective. But which shaving machine, which model suits you? Some tests on the Internet compare many devices over weeks and mostly come to a statement: Cheaper doesn't always mean better. The selection is large, as is the price range. There should be something for everyone.

Which shaving machine? Men's razors in the test

Wet shave or dry shave which is better in comparison

It is clear that those who shave dry cannot expect completely smooth skin. But a dry shave causes significantly less irritation and saves time in the morning because it does not have to be prepared with shaving gel for long. For most men, the thoroughness of the result is particularly important anyway. Ultimately, every razor has its advantages and disadvantages. The Braun Shaver Test has tested several models and summarized surprising results.

Which model is the right one?

Which model shaving machine suits skin tips for men

Before buying a razor, you should be clear about what you value. What should the future razor be able to do? For example, is it important that the “new” has a swiveling shaving head? Three of the five Braun shavers do this. Four models have movable scissor parts. A long hair trimmer is integrated in all models and they are waterproof. The charging time for all models is also 60 minutes.

Which shaving machine? Gentle shave thanks to integrated vibration

Which shaving machine for healthy skin without irritation

Anyone who chooses an electric razor knows that the fine facial skin never becomes as smooth as with a wet razor, but it also irritates it much less and therefore treats it more gently. Some of the Braun dry shavers have a massage-like vibration due to Sonic technology, which relaxes the skin when shaving.

Important aspects when buying a dry shaver

Which shaving machine choose tips for dry shaving

The blade plays a major role when buying a new razor. Modern electric shavers have up to five blades, which ensure that the whiskers are shaved one after the other. This protects the skin and prevents irritation.

In other devices, shaving heads are installed instead of blades. It all depends on the needs of the skin and the ideas of the user. There are devices with wide shaving heads or several small ones. The most important thing, however, is the shaving foil that lies on the blades. Ultimately, it ensures the cutting result.

Which dry shavers choose buying tips for men's shavers

Some models are ergonomically shaped, which means a plus for the handiness. This makes shaving comfortable and effortless. After all, the device is operated almost every day.

It must also be decided whether a device with a battery or a cable is more ideal for the user. If the battery offers the necessary freedom here not to shave locally, it has to be charged somewhere and at some point. If you like shaving in your own bathroom in the morning, you may prefer to use the power adapter. However, waterproof shavers are mostly devices without mains operation.

Cleaning is also dependent on the type. The blades and shaving heads can be easily cleaned with a brush, but most devices include a cleaning station when they are purchased. This has the advantage that it cleans the shaver independently until the next shave. If you want to do without a cleaning station, it is advisable to purchase a replacement shaving head. The omission of the cleaning station makes the purchase a little cheaper, of course.

Which shaving machine for beard care and trimmers quick and easy shave

The price-performance ratio ultimately also plays a major role. What do I get for my money and what do I expect for it? The selection on the market is huge. The more unusual the technology and the design, the higher the price. There are already cheap products from € 30 – € 50 and high-end products that break the € 300 brand.

The market offers an endless number of products that differ in terms of technology, price and design. Before buying, you should definitely be clear where the priorities are and what you place particular value on. Some tests on the Internet are certainly useful for this.

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