Which plants help fly in the interior and exterior area? An overview with plant species

Plants against flies - Welches vegetables, trees, flowers and herbs

Hardly is it done beautiful and warm, even appear the most annoying tormentors. Next to mosquitoes and pleasant wasps, most of all, these are the flies and therefore, we are not only flying stubs, but also fruit flies. And even if they fly and are not really dangerous, they can just grab the last nerve. But was it possible to fly? Sure it gives the fly traps for pushing and buying, but they also do not really look beautiful. For this reason, we can direct your attention to natural means of flying and that is the plants. Both in the holidays, as well as in the interior areas, fly or wander away miraculously. Which plants against flying effect say, we could explain together in this article in summary. So you will soon have your rest!

Plants against flies

Plant plants against flies and set the last pest

They sit comfortably on the terrace and it is already loose - the flies crawl on their nerve and nerve. No less pleasant is also the evening meal on the terrace or balcony, if you are constantly disturbed by the insects. So was there any flying? Fortunately, nature offers so many opportunities that can help you and transform you in the garden. According to plant species, you can use different plants against flies:

Trees, helping

Walnut tree as the perfect shade donor and fly switch in the garden near the seating areas

There is a very practical tree that does not fly Walnussbaum (Juglans regia). Not often found in parks near the seat benches. In the summer, they spend wonderful treasures and their essential oils not only flying, but also moths and even wands. So they hit even more flies with a bang! In late summer and autumn you were still provided with walnuts.

The camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) sheds flies and other insects in the garden

Since the leaves are abundantly available in the oils, you can also use the leaves of the plants against flies and mosquitoes. Simply crush a leaf to release the oil and then rub your arms, legs and other uncovered bodies. You already have a little rest! Oh well Rosskastanie (Castanea) is a helper. More on this below. It Kampferbaum (Cinnamomum camphora) you can grow again in the kube, as well as plants in the garden, by protecting them from flying.

Fighting flies and green plant flies

Geranie in Rosa (Pelargonium) and Rosengeranie in battle against annoying flying insects

On the balcony you use as plants against flies and many other insects like mosquitoes and brakes at their best Geranien (Pelargonium). Especially pretty here is the Rosengeranie (Pelargonium graveolens). Also with the pretty Petunia (Petunia), who are very much in love with balcony plants, have successfully fought against flying insects.

Plants go flying for the outside area - Allium with beautiful purple flowers

In the garden it turns out Studentenblume (Tagetes) as super helper against flying. It can also be said that these were snuffed out, as they are very much in love with them. This is also the reason why they are often planted near vegetable plants. Then the student flowers pull them away from Gemüse. It is therefore a good example of how to use a negative property positively.

Plants go flying on balconies and gardens with student blooms, Geranie and Petunie

Moreover, property is there Rainfarn (Tanacetum vulgare) and die Ringelblume (Calendula officinalis) as plants against flies. Lets even see useful hummingbirds and bees. There Lorbeer (Laurus nobilis) again possesses essential oils that are repellent to flies and other insects. It can also grow in a cubicle and decorate a terrace or balcony. A very space-saving, but pretty flower that you can plant in the garden and also in the flower plant when you can fly, if you can fly Pfingstnelken (Dianthus gratianopolitanus). Also, they emit a fragrant smell for the insects and become 15 cm high. Sie magen Chrysanthema (Chrysanthemum)? Then plant them in your terrace too!

Herbs as a means of flying

Herbs for flying control - Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Minze

That herbs are very effective against insects, you are probably familiar with them. However, not all specimens that distribute sting mules have the same effect on stub and other species of fly. The following herbs and spice plants can help fight them.

lavender (Lavandula)

With lavender, you are not only able to find insects or gut, but they are the perfect food source for bees and butterflies, but also fly to many plants at the same time. A sunny location is necessarily necessary for the lavender.

basil (Ocimum basil)

Basil is the perfect plant against flies and in common with various flies. Conveniently, these spice plants can thrive in beets, as well as in pot, so that they can also easily see on the balcony or window sill. Because of this, there are good quantities of essential oils that are present in the plant.

Cream-colored hoodies with orange leaves for insect control

Kapuzinerkresse (Tropaeolum majus)

The Kapuzinerkes can be used nowadays and also suitable for any location, so you can plant them seamlessly near the terrace, whether it is cute or sunny. Kapuzinerkressen is not just the perfect plants against flies, without even scraping off.

Zitronengras (Cymbopogon citratus)

Maybe you know that citrus scents can be successfully used in combat against flies and insects. The fragrance of lemongrass makes no exception. This aromatic spice plant has a large number of toll-free ingredients that helped it, stub and fly, as well as other representatives. Alternatively or additionally to the lemongrass, also reads the lemon compound.

Schnittlauch (Allium)

Do you taste and smell the scent? Now, those flies are not there! So use the delicious spice to prepare delicious dishes and snacks and at the same time to taste the pest. Essential oils help you get there and you can also catch a fly adjoining plants, with which you can decorate the kitchen or the garden.

Plant Against Flies - Help mints and your essential oils

Minze as a plant against flies

Mint tastes good and smells good, but then there are the flies and also the mosquitoes of other opinion. This is especially true for the cat scene (Nepeta cataria). Remember, though, that these plants could be seen by cats for this purpose, as opposed to the insects mentioned in the plant. If you can't, decide instead for the peppermint (Mentha x piperita). Do you harvest them regularly or tear the leaves, so that the aromas evaporate and the plants can work against flies.

Further helpful spices, which you should always see in awakening, are Oregano (Origanum vulgare), Thymian (thymus), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Garlic (Allium sativum), Sommer-Bohnenkraut (Satureja hortensis) and sage (Salvia).

Get rid of mixed flies

Tomatoes and bean plants do not smell scents from flying insects

If you also have a small vegetable plant, you will need to add some plants to fly. Then Tomaten (Solanum lycopersicum) is not missing from the vegetable leg, you will be pleased to hear that flies do not go to plant. And another far-reaching message is that you can even see them on the balcony or on the terrace in a cube and flower boxes, if you choose the right varieties. With tomatoes you can also successfully fight mosquitoes.

Also the scent of it Bohnenpflanzen (Phaseolus vulgaris) is great if you can get rid of stub fly and other flying species. And was it better than a plant against flies, which you expect even a delicious harvest?

Plants go flying in the apartment

Blumensträuße went to fly as a decoration for the apartment

And was it helpful to fly in the apartment? Also, plants are the best home remedy against flies. Basically, you have all the necessary herbs mentioned, as you can see these great on the top and on the windowsill. In cubes and flower openings or boxes, you can also see the laurel and the nails, where at least in the warmer months a place of freedom is preferred. Many ornamental plants from the garden can also be used as a flower ostrich to deter flies. The Rainfarn, the Nelken and the student flowers are well suited for this.

Chestnuts in the orchard shed fruit flies and grits

Nothing less helpful for the apartment is too Rosskastanie (Castanea) and, quite accurately, say your fruits, which fly and do not fly very much. You may not have a chestnut garden or even a garden. Then you can easily collect one for a walk. Then you put them in the fruit bowl and you already get rid of those nasty insects. You can also use the fruits of these plants against flies by laying them near the biomill.

Meat-eating plants against flies

The Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) is not effective against stubble fly and other

Especially carnivorous plants are very interesting. This is especially true for those Venusfliegenfalle (Dionaea muscipula) that you can even see when you snap. Anyway, the name is misleading, but they actually own it for smaller insects for mosquitoes. Large insects have a long digestive effect, so the plants die in a nutrient surplus.

Can plants (Nepenthes) and Sun Rope (Drosera) as carnivorous plants for indoors and outdoors

Better suited are carnivorous plants with pitfalls, to those who Kannenpflanzen (Nepenthes) heard, even with sticky cases, who was there Sonnentau (Drosera). More severe hollow, mostly tubular plant parts, in which the insects fall, while the second variant possesses sticky parts, in which the insects remain adherent. Especially cane plants with their hanging "canes" are very pretty to see, as hanging plants are well suited and can be grown quite well in the pot on the windowsill. Regardless of which variant you decide, you should consider that a far-reaching fight with these plants is not possible against flies and insects. However, in any case, they are looking to buy a beautiful addition to your plant and garden plants.

Good locations for plants against flies

Good locations for flowers and plants against flying insects

For successful flight absenteeism, you should also make the right locations to use. So if you want to have your peace in the open, you can plant plant cubes and flower boxes with the respective plant species in immediate proximity to the terrace and seating areas or frame your balcony with them. Because these nasty bugs will never come into your home, you put them in the entrance or patio door and flush the window boards with plants when you have no insect grating. On the windowsill, both flies can stand as well as worn plants against flies.

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