Where is Chiune Sugihara and warum has Google Doodle today

Chiune Sugihara japanischer Schindler Google Doodle Travel Passport

In the morning of July 29, Google celebrates the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara with an international Doodle. In the second World War, he had thousands of people flirting with the Leben people. From this ground, he will be identified as a "Japanese Schindler". His history can also be read on the Google Blog.

Chiune Sugihara hated 6,000 Jew

Chiune Sugihara japanischer Schindler Leben yelled

Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese government official, who was close in 1939 as Vizekonsul in the Japanese Consulate in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the second World War half Sugihara around 6,000 Jews in flight from Europe to Japan, they even unveiled their Transit visa. He has never told Job, he still puts his life on family play.

Those refugees were refugees from the German occupations of Western Poles and the Soviet Union occupied Ostpoles, some of them more obedient Lithuanian.

It ignored the ihm of Tokyo-ordered prefabrications and began on July 29, 1940, leaving one visa set. Easily set up to 20 hours per day over 300 handwritten visas, until their finger cramps and jams.

Chiune Sugihara with the title of Gerechter under the Völkern sold out

Even after Rückkehr to Japan, Sugihara paid the price for non-compliance with orders. Seine mispronounced Career in Auslandsdienst went to Ende. There is considerable recognition for the past, until one of the most trusted men ever found an Israeli diplomat, born in 1968. Umm to one another is planted in the Holocaust Mahnmal at Jerusalem, and Chiune Sugihara is named with the title of "Judge of the Volcano". Commemorative monuments in Lithuania and Yaotsu, Japan, suing Sugihara and their heroic gestures, which have hated unhealthy lives. He is the only Japanese state citizen to be heard.

Was it the Google Doodle by Chiune Sugihara?

In that day, in 1939, Sugihara, Transitvisa began to sell thousands of more fluid refugees, and became involved in direct instructions later on, helping the refugees flee to Japan. "I softened the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying it was a question of humanity," he recalled our age. "Either we were, even though I lost my job."

The hot Google Doodle is created by Doodler Matthew Cruickshank. The Criticism says Sugihara Pass, with a bleach pencil.

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