What you still need for your perfect water sports vacation – wetsuits

Rushing waves, the wide ocean and bright sunshine … what could be nicer than jumping on the board and pursuing one of the best hobbies you can find on the planet: surfing. We'll tell you what you need for your perfect water sports holiday in the article. We also give you an overview of the different variants for wetsuits.

Planning the perfect water sports vacation: what you need for surfing

Surfboard and wetsuit for the perfect surfing experience

First of all – that's clear – you need a surfboard to surf. There are many different models here and the selection of designs is large. So everyone can find the right board for their taste. But a board alone is not enough. Good surfing equipment also includes the following things:

Neoprene shoes different models what to look for when buying

● Boardshorts or a surf bikini
● A high quality wetsuit
● Surf boots or neoprene shoes
● A board bag.

With this basic equipment you are already well equipped for your next surfing adventure. Even as a pure beginner, you have everything you need to experience freedom on the waves.

The essentials for your water sports vacation: Why a wetsuit?

Watersports styles and clothing for surfers wetsuits

Surely the most beautiful surfing experience is this, where you can only feel the waves directly wearing board shorts or a surf bikini. However, if you are not planning your next surf trip in tropical regions with appropriate water temperatures, you should rather put on a suitable wetsuit.

This offers you and your body protection against cooling off during long stays in the water. Otherwise, the fun of surfing can quickly be over or an illness can spoil your surf vacation afterwards. Even in supposedly warm countries, such as the surfers' paradise Portugal, the sea is usually not warm enough to only venture onto the board in shorts or bikini. So this assumes that you get good advice from a reputable surf shop. You can find a large selection of wetsuits in the online shop of Surfer-World.com, for example. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, there is something for everyone!

What to look for in a wetsuit

Wetsuit for water sports vacation on the beach and sea

First and foremost, your new wetsuit has to fit as well as possible so as not to disturb you while surfing or to restrict your freedom of movement. An appropriate thickness of the wetsuit is also important to be able to withstand low water temperatures.

When choosing your wetsuit, you should pay particular attention to the quality of the material and workmanship. The main focus is on:

● The seams
● The zipper.

● It all depends on the seams

A wetsuit is not “cast” from one part. Therefore, the seams of the individual parts can represent weak points and should be sealed accordingly. There are different types of seam sealing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common types are:

● Flatlock seams
○ The individual parts are sewn overlapping with each other
○ Offers high flexibility
○ Disadvantage: high permeability of water and air
○ Less suitable for cooler water temperatures.

● Glued and Blind-Stichted – Seams (GBS)
○ After the individual parts have been glued, they are sewn from the inside
○ Low permeability to water and air
○ Especially recommended in colder waters.

● Taped seams
○ The seams are additionally taped from the inside with elastic bands
○ Less water and air permeability
○ High elasticity of the suit for optimal freedom of movement.

● Sealed seams
○ The seams are additionally sealed with sealant
○ Maximum resistance to water and air penetration
○ Wetsuit can also be used in colder seasons.

Wetsuits: The zipper is also important

Wetsuits for surfers and other water sports

In addition to the seams of the wetsuit, the zipper is also an important part of the wetsuit. The following applies: a short zipper increases flexibility when worn, but makes it difficult to put on and take off. The types of zippers of a wetsuit are divided as follows:

● The front zip
○ Zipper is attached to the front of the suit
○ Very easy to put on and take off
○ Mostly found in suits for warmer waters.

● The back zip
○ Zipper is attached to the back of the suit
○ A line on the zipper makes putting on and taking off easier
○ Due to the relatively long zipper, the suit is highly water and air permeable
○ Less flexibility, but no annoying zipper when lying on the board.

Wetsuit for women what to look for when buying

● The chest zip
○ Zipper attached along the chest makes it difficult to put on and take off
○ High flexibility and freedom of movement
○ Low air and water permeability
○ Particularly suitable for thick wetsuits for colder waters.

● Zip free
○ wetsuit without zipper
○ Difficult to put on and take off
○ Maximum comfort, especially for longer surf adventures
○ High thermal insulation, as there is no wind and water permeability.

The first time surfing on a water sports holiday: Would you rather rent a wetsuit than buy it?

Surf by the sea water sports vacation organize tips

For the very first “trial surf session”, a rental suit is certainly the best choice. But if you have a taste for it and want to develop surfing into a real hobby, you should consider buying your own wetsuit. You should clarify the following questions for yourself beforehand:

● How often do you want to go surfing in the future?
● Do you want to surf in remote places?

The financial aspect naturally plays an important role here. While wetsuits are available on the tourist beaches for around 15-20 euros per day, you should plan around 200-300 euros for your own wetsuit. So your own wetsuit pays off pretty quickly, at least if you want to go surfing more often. In addition to the financial aspect, you also benefit from the following advantages:

● The wetsuit fits you perfectly
● Rental suits are often damaged due to frequent use
● The hygienic aspect should also be taken into account.

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