What is lip herpes and how can you tune? Effective home remedies, medications and preventative measures

Anyone who has ever had to fight with the lip herpes or the herpes virus in general, knows who is unpleasant. So tiny and seemingly the blisters on his lip also appear, they have it in themselves. Seeing and burning the sensitive skin in this area was even worse, as soon as the upper skin layer loosened and an open wound emerged.

Lip herpes and home remedy against herpes - Was helpful and who can protect yourself

No wonder, then, that you can get out of the cure at the fastest possible speed and prevent the Lipsherpes Virus from occurring. Aber was helpful against herpes, which home remedy against herpes really helps and was it possible to prevent it, as rarely as possible to lead to lip herpes?

The virus in lip herpes is highly contagious, which is why thorough hygiene is important

We do not explain to you today just where Herpes is, what herpes trigger it is and what you recognize, without giving your tips or tips, to reduce your suffering. Help yourself by using natural home remedies against herpes to fight the lip herpes. Then for all who are affected by this fate, the question "Was help against herpes?" Is one of the most important.

What is Herpes and Lip Herpes?

Fever blisters in lip herpes are infectious and need not be placed

Two types of viruses are responsible for herpes disease. This is the so-called one HSV1 (Herpes simplex virus 1) and there HSV2 (Herpes simplex virus 2). And though both virus species can trigger similar diseases, it is HSV1, which in most cases for the lip herpes (Herpes labialis) is responsible (either for herpes behind the ears, in the eyes or other faces in the face.) An infection caused by HSV2 leads to usually intimate, genital herpes (Herpes genitalis).

A total of 90% of the population is infected with the herpes virus, a small proportion of those who have not yet been infected. Since the virus is present in the organism, it does not necessarily mean that it also breaks out. This will be triggered by various causes, which we continue to include. One bad message gives it a go though: Once in the body, the virus stays alive for a long time.

At Lip Herpes, various home remedies and medication relief can work

The reason is that nothing is considered as a potential danger from the immune system. It doesn't touch the DNA of the virus. Thus, this DNA can conveniently hide in the nerves and, more precisely, in the nerve nodes, until the perfect conditions for the formation of new viruses are given. The first ignition with HSV1 is most readily accomplished in infancy (80% of German). However, this infection remains frequently unnoticed. Other herpes viruses can also provoke other ailments, such as wind pox (HHV3), whitefish thrush (HHV4), three-way fever (HHV6 / 7) and also shingles (HHV3).

First and foremost Herpes Symptoms and Herpes Cures

Be tuned to lip herpes - tips and info for the herpes virus

Where do you recognize Herpes? Who had once left, noticed already before the outbreak, was coming soon. Then give it the first sign. Who looks for lip herpes at the beginning stage? Lip herpes usually starts with a slight tingle on the lip. Lip herpes at the onset stage is sometimes also characterized by increased sensitivity. The places in which the leaves appeared were erected and spanned.

Simultaneous or short time can also add itching, rarely followed by pain. These are the worst Lip Herpes Symptoms. The light bumps can also be found at the beginning of herpes at the same time as burning or being burned at the same time. This is for herpes first signs.

Typical for lip herpes and other herpes types are the small blisters on the skin

What follows after the lip herpes and herpes attack?

Then the well-known herpes blisters, which are filled with liquid, arise and some more days. The open positions then crumble, traveling upright for the usual standing up, as the lips are constantly in motion. This is especially the case when herpes originates in the mouth. For this reason, herpes and lip will also accompany more or less constant pain, swelling and redness. A herpes infection does not announce itself at all. It can also lead directly to a fever bladder.

Why Do You Get Herpes?

A weak immune system provides best conditions for the outbreak of herpes

The herpes viruses in the body can easily rest for long periods of time, without breaking them. But was that the reason for herpes, then, was the herpes trigger? By and large, a weakened immune system is the most common herpes cause. Therefore, the lip balms are also often precursors to an emerging cold or other infections. But even with HIV, thus an immune deficiency disease, the risk is increased.

It gives rise to the emergence of herpes causes, which are not directly related to the immune system. So where did Herpes still arise? Herpes due to stress is not a rarity in today's dynamic society. Due to the stress hormones, the virus is favored. Furthermore, these hormones also weaken the immune system.

Furthermore, UV radiation can be triggered when transmitted with the sunbath. But also some medications (such as cortisone), injuries or hormonal changes can all be causes for lip and other types of herpes.

How long does Lip Herpes last?

The average duration of lip herpes is 7 to 10 days

The duration of the lip herpes varies depending on the severity and can sometimes be different at any time, in the cut should be calculated in about a week. One important question that many ask themselves is but not "When does Herpes heal?". If you suffer from lip herpes, you should not be kissed anymore. We remember that the virus is highly contagious and can also transmit lip herpes dangerously quickly. But when is herpes cached, how does one recognize that no danger exists anymore?

How long herpes lasts depends on the type, strength and treatment

"Healed" is not actually the correct word, which if we are prepared to declare, the virus will never be released again. He is resting in the body until he breaks out again. The duration of the illness does not depend on whether or not she is being treated. Also, the health (including the stress level) affects the healing process. If the affected skin is not treated, lip herpes usually lasts up to 10 days.

With the right means, the duration can be reduced for a few days. If you ask yourself "Lip herpes, was it helpful?" You will find below a few answers.

Lip Herpes Infection - How Long Is Lip Herpes Infectious?

Those who are infectious are very high, must not be kissed and cutlery and dishes will not be shared

How long herpes is infectious depends on several factors as well. Even if herpes is infectious, it can already be answered more easily. And although it is the liquid found in the bladder that is highly contagious, as it is in your numerous virus particles. For this reason, there is increased inflammation danger from the insertion of the bladder.

The herpes virus stays alive for a long time in the body and cannot be cured

Therefore, a deliberate ascent of the blisters is prevented. To make sure, be careful with the appearance of the bladder cautiously and avoid any physical contact with cousins ​​(that is, on the diseased lip). These viruses should not come into contact with the mucous membranes of the health, which is the result of an infection and infection. Therefore, do not touch the affected parts with your hands and if you do, then wash your hands thoroughly. Do not share the cutlery with others, such as lipsticks, towels and other objects of this kind.

How dangerous is Herpes? The above-mentioned symptoms are, in principle, everything you had to know. There are no damages and there is no risk to the general health of the affected. As a result, the primary infection, so the very first infection can be more severe and can be accompanied by headaches, discomfort or even fever and nausea. Often, a recurrence is suspected, although one does not recognize a first-degree infection with herpes.

Kissing is prohibited from blistering and until cured to prevent an infection

At Herpes who was kissing a long niece?

We come to the big and many important question: "In the case of herpes when again kissing?" Kiss and also other bodily contact with the lip. The greatest danger of ignition exists, as mentioned, as soon as they open the blisters and open wounds. This phase until the formation of the crusts usually takes 6 to 8 days. Kissing is forbidden! Since the crusts can also be contagious, it is recommended to dispense after the initial phase and at best until the complete healing of the wounds.

Was helpful against Herpes?

Was helpful at Lip Herpes - Natural home remedies before and after the worst signs

Was tuna against Herpes? That's the big question! And there are different answers. Once it comes to which phase you can treat the herpes and others, whether for the herpes simplex treatment you can take proven drugs from the pharmacy or prefer to resort to natural remedies for herpes. We have compiled information on both variants. So, was help quick against herpes?

Was against herpes in the lip - home remedy against herpes

Home remedies for herpes for adults and children - Helps quickly and reliably

Home remedies are a great help to herpes. They lie to the fact that they can naturally trigger and sometimes no side effects. On the other hand, they were often prepared in the house, so that you have the lipstick of the home remedy for a quick respite immediately. Now there are also some myths about home remedies that allegedly help. If this is not the case or they will make the infection in the worst case even more pleasant and extend the duration for that. Aber was helpful against Lip Herpes? You will experience the following with our tips against herpes.

Honey against herpes

Honig against herpes as anti-inflammatory and insulating measures for wound healing

Honey is a good remedy for lip herpes and it comes from several foundations. For this one, a rapid response to herpes is prepared at the initial stage. Also, when the fibroblasts are flattened, it can be used again because it contains antimicrobial substances. These dead bacteria and viruses do not only settle for one size, but also prevent and multiply. With the honey, you can also close open wounds and reduce the risk of spreading to other places or infecting.

Especially recommended is the Manuka honey against herpes. Aber was in this Herpes Mittel power ihn zu etwas Especially? It is the ingredient methylglyoxal. This honey is only obtained in New Zealand, although from the blossoms of the South Sea myrtle and only sold in special stores and for sale in pharmacies.

Was tun at Lip Herpes - Tea Tree Oil at Herpes

Tea tree oil is disinfectant and can be dipped on a lipstick on the lips

They can fight with tea tree oil herpes, which is one of the best essential oils. It is an Australian plant that has an antimicrobial and disinfectant effect and is therefore needed before the invention of antibiotics. This is also due to the fact that she is closely related to the Manuka honey (see above). For a quick help with herpes, you should use tea tree oil at the initial stage and then ideally tapping the affected stems. Ein earstabchen possesses great for this purpose.

Oil absorbed from the skin, this home remedy against lip herpes is great for stopping a virus from spreading and contributing to a faster cure for the disease. You should know that the tea tree oil can be diluted undiluted as well as skin irritations. Therefore, consult your pharmacist best with your pharmacist.

You Can Make Against Herpes - Mythos Toothpaste on Herpes

Is toothpaste a helper in herpes healing a myth or niece

Even though she had never left the lip blisters before, she had already heard of this herpes home remedy, which was to be used and supposedly to help against all the lip herpes. But does toothpaste really help herpes? It's just about a very controversial home remedy against herpes. Some claim, at least, that they would at least weaken the infection.

Others are of the opinion that this is the case only when contained in the toothpaste zinc (for rapid wound healing) and that it is nowhere near all kinds of case. Add to this that you expose your skin to extra irritants when you use toothpaste against herpes. So if you could get herpes out, you would rather grab the zinc ointment, then get it, was actually helpful, just without the traveling additives in the paste for the teeth.

Garlic against herpes

Garlic acts antiviral, inhibits virus reproduction and strengthens the immune system

The honey is all, Tea tree oil you do not have at home and toothpaste is not recommended ... What other household remedy against herpes is effective? But garlic is destined to be found in your kitchen! It is used in various health problems and is also known to be an immunostimulant food. Aber was helpful against lip herpes when using garlic, so what ingredients are really effective?

Cut garlic into slices and work on the herpes

Although it does not possess any antibacterial, but also antiviral properties, which are due to the antioxidant Allicin. Perfect for the fight against herpes viruses (but only with lip herpes!). All you had to do, if you could use this home remedy against herpes in the lip, is to peel a garlic, cut into slices and place one of these slices on the affected areas.

They should work for 10 to 15 minutes, then cleanse the skin. Use the garlic as soon as you dispense the first signs of herpes and at least five times a day. They will soon find an improvement.

Was used against herpes - lemon balm oil as a wonderful remedy

Lemon balm in the form of oil is easily absorbed and a strong helper against lip herpes

They can also fight with lemon balm herpes and get you probably one of the best home remedies for herpes. To put it simply, in the form of oil you can relieve and heal faster with this home remedy lip herpes. But special ointments or creams can be used in the pharmacy for this purpose. Whichever means you choose, it is important that you wear the lemon balm several times daily (oil with cotton swab, cream and ointment with your fingers, but then wash your hands!).

Many who suffer from lip herpes confirm that some improvement is ready for few days, while others speak even of hours. This wonderful healing plant prevents the viruses from penetrating into the Körper cells. No propagation and propagation is stopped. So do you ever ask "was there help against herpes in the lip?", You probably get that answer. And by suffering from lip herpes, you can even see the lemon balm yourself.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Herpes

Hydrogen peroxide should not be applied to sensitive skin and tested

Who would it be if you were fighting hydrogen peroxide herpes? Before you seize herpes remedies for this home remedy, you should know that not every hydrogen peroxide is tolerated, especially in people with dry or sensitive skin. For this reason, you test the effect once and for all other sites that show no infection. Hydrogen peroxide is best applied to the most severe symptoms and can be absorbed into blisters.

Treat the lip herpes with this home remedy against herpes by simply watering a cotton swab. You stay on the affected seats for about a minute. If a quicker effect is guaranteed, this should be repeated at least 5 times a day, but at best even 10 times. Even high alcohol and vinegar were rarely used to dispel the herpes virus's disinfectant. Do you ever think that these on open wounds burn strongly.

Cooling lip herpes

Cooling lip herpes at the initial stage can prevent or even prevent the infection and symptoms

As long as the herpes and lip are at the initial stage, you can and should cool the onset herpes. If you feel the herpes swelling, you can picture the virus outbreak. With a bit of luck, the cold against herpes can even completely prevent the outbreak. If you exceed the initial stage, read the outbreak of herpesvirus for usually not more.

Place an ice cube in a kitchen towel and keep it longer in the affected skin. Also, an ice pad is suitable for you to develop as well. Never hold ice directly into the skin. This could lead to freezes.

Was helpful at Lip Herpes - Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Gel cools the wounds, relieves the swelling and disinfects

If you can fight herpes, you can do it with Aloe Vera. And from here you can immediately take the gel from your plant. Simply create it from the leaf, take a few things with a cotton swab and dip it on the lip herpes. Dort should now dry the gel. In the next few hours, the ingredients can now work. Only then should you repeat the process over several days, after washing the previous gel with lukewarm water.

Aloe is therefore a full helper, but it was helpful to herpes in the mouth how to use such properties. For one, aloe gel is antibacterial and antiviral. This means that it has a disinfectant property. In addition, it also helps reduce inflammation and also reduce pain. At the same time, the gel has a cooling effect.

Turmeric against herpes in the lip as a home remedy

Cut the Superfood Turmeric into slices for lip herpes

Similarly, garlic also works as the superfood turmeric, which is also known as yellow root. Here is the ingredient Curcumin, which inhibits the herpes virus. Use this spice as well as the garlic to fight against lip herpes (see description above).

Herpes Medication

Pharmacy medicine is an alternative to home remedies against herpes simplex

Since home remedies are not herpes for you, you can also use various medications from the pharmacy to treat your lip herpes. The selection is not any less great. But was help quick against herpes?

Ointments and creams against herpes - Was it helpful?

Creams and ointments from the pharmacy in battle against lip herpes reduce the duration of the disease

For one thing, then, the creams. Die Ointment against herpes is therefore a possibility to fight the lip herpes. This is effective only in the last 5 days, can be used at the first sign and should stop the virus expansion.

And with my ointment we are nicht die Zinc ointment against herpes. This is actually drying and is effective against the sneezing blisters, even though they are flattened. Zinc helps with wound healing and is anti-inflammatory to relieve symptoms. In the fight against viruses, this ointment is not necessary, since it is effective against bacteria only. Zinc against herpes can therefore be applied when the open wounds are created.

Works in a similar way Bepanthene against herpes. She is a toll-free medium, if needed to heal small wounds. The wound and healing ointment is simply applied regularly to the wound.

Patches against lip herpes

Herpes patches isolate the lip herpes and reduce the risk of an infection

If you can, you can too Herpespflaster take from the pharmacy. These have no antiviral effect, however, but to the extent that leaves can be prevented, thus an expansion and infection. On the other, they are equipped with a special gel, which stores moisture under the patch and thus promotes wound healing. A ready open wound covers the plastic again and protects it from dirt.

When you think of plastics now, you do not imagine the classic color models today. This patch for lip herpes is transparent and can even be flushed, without it, because the makeup products and the cosmetic accessories come in contact with the virus.

Antiviral Tablets

The dosage of tablets against herpes should be ascertained by your doctor or pharmacist

Could you still have been to Herpes while visiting the pharmacy? Allerdings! You can also get special antivirals as well Tablets against herpes erwerben. It helps contain the medicines containing Amciclovir, Valaciclovir or Aciclovir against herpes. The advantage of ointments is that these tablets were only taken up to twice daily, while creams and even the mentioned home remedies against herpes were often carried.

The tablets are good. However, people with renal impairment should consider a lower dosage and should consult with their physician or pharmacist accordingly. The herpes tablets shorten the duration of the herpes infection for usually only one day and are taken up to 7 days after treatment and dosage. Most tablets are prescriptive. If you can get prescription-free herpes tablets, ask in the pharmacy.


Globuli is a homeopathic drug that can help with herpes disease

Globuli is a homeopathic drug that is used among others in lip herpes. Specifically suitable for lip herpes are among others the Mittel Sepia, Arsenicum album, Dulcamara, Graphites, Sodium muriaticum, Hepar sulfuris and others. Since the dosage of Globuli is dependent on herpes and the exact remedies of type, swearing and the course of lip herpes, they should be ascertained by a specialist.

Lysine against herpes

L-Lysine is an amino acid that works in herpes simplex wonder

Lysine and quite simply said L-Lysine is a great remedy for lip herpes that you can get in the pharmacy. It is about an amino acid that cannot be produced by the body itself, but must be absorbed in the diet. L-Lysine stops the virus from spreading, as it is the counterpart to the so-called L-Arginine, an amino acid, which again provides the best preconditions for the herpes virus virus. Not only for a quick cure is this remedy good, but also for pre-treatment.

Herpes in Children

Was helpful with herpes in children and was the symptoms

Not infrequently infected with herpes as Kleinkind or im late childhood. An adult infection is already quite severe in adults with respect to the symptoms. For children if they are even more. The herpes simplex in children feels extremely unwell and most often get high fever. The condition is strongly reminiscent of a flu or at least a strong arousal. It is also for this reason that herpes infection is often not recognized as such. In subsequent outbreaks, the symptoms are similar to those of adults.

Was tuna against lip herpes in children? If you treat herpes in children, you can take one of the mentioned home remedies for herpes. But even with homeopathic remedies, children are often infected with the virus in children. Rhus toxicodendron or Sulfur are two such agents, about which dosage you should contact a doctor or pharmacist. Swelling in the lip you can cool again. Sick children should drink a lot.

Baby and Herpes - Was tun?

Herpes in baby is life-threatening for the first 6 weeks and can lead to brain inflammation

Herpes at Baby one should not take the light shoulder. Being harmless to adults can be life-threatening for the little ones. Threatening is the disease for the first 6 weeks. There is a risk that these viruses will infect organs or even cerebral inflammation. So if you are suffering from an infection and have a baby at home, basic hygiene duty and kissing are absolutely taboo!

First of all, if a baby is in the house, you have to wash your hands

Wash yourself as often as possible with your hands, especially when you have treated and touched the lip herpes (or other herpes). Let them touch your fingers! Do not use the same utensils and cutlery as your baby and do not test the heat of the milk, the bread or the drink before you try it yourself. If you suspect an infection in your baby, seek out a physician immediately.

Lip herpes in pregnancy

Herpes during pregnancy is dangerous before birth

Whether during the pregnancy herpes presents a danger to the baby, it depends primarily on if the first infection took place. If this is done before pregnancy and during pregnancy it is possible to have another outbreak, the risk for the unborn baby is extremely low. And was power man against herpes in pregnancy? Treat yourself simply as you used to, if you use home remedies for herpes or use a pharmacy-appropriate remedy for pregnancy.

Should you become the first mother to catch up shortly before birth, the risk is clearly higher. This is particularly the case when dealing with genital herpes. The herpes transmission on the baby on the baby is then tracked over the birth canal. If herpes infection is recognized at this stage, it is therefore recovered on a caesarean section. Also, another outbreak just before birth can be problematic.

Herpes and pregnancy are therefore not a great combination at all and should be observed by a physician, at best at any time during pregnancy. One should rather be cautious than act late.

Was helping against herpes prone?

Preventing herpes with our tips and helpful measures for everyday life

Home remedies go against herpes and also the products from the pharmacy can be told, but even better is it, if it does not come to a herpes outbreak, do you? If you can prevent herpes, simply keep the following tips against herpes. Sure they are no guarantee, but in any case the risk of a herpes infection will be reduced. So, where can you go for herpes tuna? What precautionary measures are recommended?

If you strengthen the immune system, you also reduce the risk of a herpes infection

It is very important that you fight against herpes Immune system strengthens. Since a weak immune system provides the best precondition for the emergence and multiplication of viruses, it therefore recommends a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins if you are able to prevent herpes. The immune system also strengthens your movement and fresh air. Walking or sports are a great idea! You can also stimulate your immune system with a change of shower and a walk in the sauna. The latter are not recommended from the very first signs for lip herpes and other herpes types.

By reducing stress, you also strengthen body obstruction and prevent herpes viruses

Very often, stress is the cause of the outbreak of lip herpes. Logically, it follows that for the prevention of herpes Avoid stress should be. Since this is often hardly conceivable in everyday life and work, you simply try to go for a break and rest in your body. Stress-reducing activities such as walking, sports, yoga or a relaxing tea on the sofa, a beautiful movie, a pleasant evening out with the loved one - all these things help to reduce the stress at least.

UV protection for lips and body is a herbal remedy for herpes simplex

Often, herpes is transmitted by sun and, more precisely, by UV rays. The Gang Ins Solarium is therefore also included. So was helpful in the best case of herpes in this situation? Really, sunscreen with a sufficient light protection factor! Therefore, do not protect only the skin and the face from the rays, but also think in the lips, to prevent lip herpes. Since sunscreen is suitable, on the mouth but rather pleasant and unappetizing, we have one tip: they can make the lips to protect against UV rays, indem Sie einen speziellen Lippenbalsam mit Lichtschutzfaktor auftragen.

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