What are the colors of 2020 in fashion for the fall / winter season – Pantone announces them!

The Pantone Color Institute has announced the fashion trend colors for the coming fall / winter season. In your report you show the 10 top colors that will soon determine the fashion world and should not be missing in any wardrobe of fashion-conscious people. But in addition to these trend colors for autumn and winter 2020/21, there are also four neutral color classics that the designers will present on the catwalks. Find out below which are the most important colors in 2020!

Colors 2020 in fashion – striking and timeless start into autumn and winter

Colors 2020 in fashion in autumn and winter - it can be upbeat and neutral

Classics are exactly what the name suggests: timeless and always trendy. So it is no wonder that the fashion world in the coming autumn / winter season will be shaped by such colors with a touch of personality. The trend colors not only reflect timelessness and versatility, but also convey a certain functionality and create unique, striking color statements.

Consumers nowadays prefer longevity. That is why it is also the classic colors that shape fashion in 2020. It should survive the season and also be stylish, trendy and up-to-date in the future. Creativity and pragmatism are therefore two keywords that best describe the autumn and winter trend colors this year.

Colors 2020 in fashion for autumn and winter - timeless and elegant

“The color palette for autumn / winter 2020/2021 offers a rich story and underlines our desire for versatile, timeless colors. Our color palette has been reduced as it becomes less and less important to consumers who prioritize value and functionality, ”said Leatrice Eiseman, General Manager of the Pantone Color Institute. “The colors for Fall / Winter 2020/2021 are full of strength and personality and encourage our ongoing desire for unique self-expression through creative and unusual visual statements that stand out.”

Colors of fashion autumn / winter 2020/21

Amberglow – Pantone 16-1350

Colors 2020 in fashion - Amberglow is an autumnal shade of orange

Amberglow is a bright, autumnal orange that exudes self-confidence and represents self-expression.

Colors 2020 in fashion - Amberglow for a warm outfit

Samba – Pantone 19-1662

Colors 2020 in fashion - Samba is a passionate red

Samba is a spirited and sensual red that brings lively energy to your outfit.

Samba red for a dress and a pair of pants - striking and trendy

Sandstone – Pantone 16-1328

Colors 2020 in fashion fall and winter - sandstone is earthy and warm

Sandstone is a natural and earthy color. The color reflects the rustic nature.

Shiny Sandstone jacket with checked midi skirt

Classic Blue – Pantone 19-4052

Classic Blue has been named Color of the Year by Pantone

Classic Blue has already been crowned color of the year and should therefore not be missing in the color palette for autumn and winter 2020/2021. The color is reminiscent of the blue, boundless evening sky, which opens a world full of possibilities.

Luminous colors 2020 and 2021 in fashion - Classic Blue for the winter season

Colors 2020 in fashion – Green Sheen – Pantone 13-0648

Colors 2020 in fashion - Green Sheen for bold outfits or as a striking accent

A yellow-green shade that is more yellow and strongly reminiscent of the upbeat neon colors is Green Sheen. The color is rebellious and therefore always striking – a real eye-catcher in every outfit that attracts everyone’s attention!

Wearing fashion in green sheen - extravagant and tasteful at the same time for trendsetters

Rose Tan – Pantone 16-1511

Feminine and delicate rose tan color with a gray undertone

A more delicate shade is rose tan. It is a dusky shade of pink that exudes serenity and calm. This old pink looks elegant and modern at the same time.

Colors 2020 in fashion - Rose Tan is a romantic old pink

Colors 2020 in fashion – Ultramarine Green – Pantone 18-5338

Ultramarine Green is a beautiful blue-green that accentuates every outfit with color

This blue-green has a cool undertone and exudes self-confidence and balance. Perfect for fall 2020 fashion.

Colors 2020 in the fashion of Pantone - Ultramarine Green

Fired Brick – Pantone 19-1337

Fired Brick from Pantone for the Fall and Winter 2020-2021 season

In contrast to Samba, Fired Brick is darker, but also very autumnal. The red-brown shade is sturdy and strong, and adds some weight to the outfit.

Fired Brick for men and women fashion - autumn colors

Colors 2020 in fashion – Peach Nougat – Pantone 14-1220

Peach nougat is a mix of pink, orange, brown and gray

Peach nougat is also very tender. The beautiful peach color is characterized by a warm and inviting effect and is very feminine, but also neutral.

Peach nougat dress for feminine outfits reminds of the warm days in the dull autumn

Magenta Purple – Pantone 19-2428

Magenta purple is a romantic shade that brings pep into your outfit

This purple shade is mesmerizing and interesting. He adds a fascinating touch to any outfit.

Magenta Purple for a dress with a floral pattern and a matching handbag

Colors 2020 in fashion – the classics among the trend colors

Almond Oil – Pantone 12-0713

Almond Oil cream color for chic and timeless outfits

The cream-colored Almond Oil is tasty, smooth and subtle. Perfect for neutral outfits in everyday life and for the office.

Almond Oil for the fashion world 2020 - A classic color is always in trend

Blue Depths – Pantone 19-3940

Blue Depths is classic and is reminiscent of the evening sky

Blue Depths has a mysterious charisma. The hue suggests the unknown.

Blue Depths outfit with timeless elegance for women and men

Sleet – Pantone 16-3916

Sleet is a medium-light and elegant shade that never goes out of style

The timeless gray is reliable, solid and everlasting and underlines our desire for longevity.

Sleet color for sweaters and dark gray pants

Military Olive – Pantone 19-0622

The neutral color military olive can be combined with other colors

This classic shade of green is strong and stable and can be combined with stronger colors for more pep in the outfit. It is very similar to the popular khaki.

Military olive and khaki knitwear - sweaters and knitted skirt

For fashion, these are the autumn 2020 colors that can be expected soon. Dress stylishly and elegantly and enjoy even the dreary autumn and winter days!

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