Were Specific Health Apps in Zukunft von der Krankenkasse paid for?

Health Apps Patients Chronic Illness Affected

A new law enforcement program states that certain healthcare applications were paid by the Krankenkasse from 2020 onwards. Important advance statement is that an app has been disrupted. Especially useful are the apps for patients with chronic disorders, which are hardly any medications. In the future, sixteen people could also offer video speech times and report those patients. The Bundesministerium, which works closely with the profession, is relieved by this point. Is the new tendency in healthcare and the benefits that those apps bring?

Health Apps for Chronic Patients were scared from 2020 by 2020

The law goes back to Kraft by 2020, abruptly dismantling severely defined healthcare applications for chronically ill patients. The apps can remind one of the patients that they must have their medications, while others are a peculiar tag. So all the single rooms were taken and our Nebenwirkungen worked. Wirkung ins Tagebuch vom Patienten eetetragen. On this point, the tip can be pinpointed, whether the dose is corrected or the drug has to be challenged for another. Extra features such as scanned packaging boards can be more important information. The Health Apps can reliably identify people with disabilities as freeware. Also patients with blood pressure or diabetic, who are very comfortable with their Zuckerbzw. Checking printouts checking mice, benefit from the free apps.

Health Apps as the first thing to digitize the health needs

Health Apps to check pulse Bluthochdruck

The new law is the first step in digitizing the health system. The soul is that in the future a database of patient acts is created, so that all pharmacies and ancestors have become successful. The critic is privileged to be able to use Hacker's personal data whenever he gets caught. For this purpose, efforts are also being made to see a secure Internet access. It remains the question, which these electronic patient acts were lawfully regulated, at that time they were able to do so without any changes.

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