Waldbrand zerstört 800 Hektar Land in Sardinia, evacuating thousands of minds

Waldbrand on Sardinia campgrounds and beach evacuates

The enhancer has identified the possible causes for the favorite feeds, which were broken out in the mornings and the coast of Orr on Sardinia. The burns, which tourists and residents evacuate, went from one Zitronenhain to the one Bauer Travel. The food carries about 20 houses, which have been equipped with two hotels and a campsite. A total of 5,000 people have been evacuated. The raw urge also lies in the beach, and those who are traveling tourists are there. Der Waldbrand also destroyed about 600 hectares of land around Tortola.

"We identified the outlaws of the fever, there in the area of ​​San Salvatore, in the municipality Tortolinde in the morning morning broke out.", Soft Antonio Casula, Commander of the Forst and Circuitry. "The area is in the vicinity of the beaches and is needed for agricultural densities. The burn was burned by a zitronene hain, in the one man on the same land. While Katastrophe thinks there is no intention, one unmistakable, frivolous action shows. "

The Commandant pointed out that these were still confirmed by facts and saints. "The hermits are in full swing. Then lie down in the justice, with justified crawling ".

Casula also made a sad comment: “Despite the ever-standing campaign, you will still be unaware of the burn of travel and a windy roof. One point, and those that work with one another '.

In the sixth newspaper, read also the Worte des Stadtrats Gianni Lampis, who came to us: "Wherever those responsible find, they were directed."

Waldbrand ruins 800 hectares of land in Sardinia Italy

Do not miss out on fighting with burns. After entering the newspaper "La Nuova Sardegna" burnt a total of 41 resorts on Sardinia. A sold lie is found out of the fire, besides the Waldbrand, one area in the neighboring Costa Brada, Gallipoli, in the province of Lecce, has been dissolved. The Person died possibly, promoted everything.

The two Canadair helicopters, coming from Naples and Trapani, still had to interrupt the sunset and the feathers began to lag behind. Due to the explosion of gas bottles, several country houses and houses have also been destroyed.

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