Vitamin D - Deficiency in childhood can favor the development of hypertension

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Is there a connection between a vitamin D deficiency in childhood and hypertension in adulthood? This should prove at least one recent study. They are conducted by researchers from John Hopkins University in collaboration with the American Federation of Patients with Hypertension.

Can A Vitamin D Deficiency In Childhood Lead To Hypertension Later In Life?

Scientists have investigated 775 children in Boston from birth up to their 10th year of life in regular evenings. All patients were born with a vitamin D deficiency. Around 60% of these children had hypertension between the ages of 6 and 18 years. In children whose bodies could not build up enough vitamin D after birth, the risk of an adult hypertension was twice as high as in children who had normal vitamin D values ​​in their blood. After evaluating the findings, the scientists concluded that a vitamin D deficiency in childhood could lead to a later hypertension later in life. In any case, further studies with larger test groups are necessary, but only then did researchers know with certainty whether vitamin D could be prescribed as a medicine for the prevention of hypertension.

Who develops a vitamin D deficiency in children

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Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is formed into the largest part by the UVB sun rays on the skin. Fewer than 10% of the necessary vitamin D - nutrient was absorbed by these foods. In the summer, at most, between 15 and 20 minutes of sunlight, it is directly on the face, which falls hands and feet. The winner needs the person approx. 30 minutes daily, then from the body that can recover the necessary Vitamin D - Menge. An important prerequisite therefore is to apply no sunscreen. Directly with grandchildren, this can prove to be problematic, because your body is almost completely covered with clothing and because the parents who protect the sensitive nursery often also in the winter months with sunscreen. The right balance can prove to be a difficult task.

For the study of the American Association for Hypertension

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